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The Maria Regina Series No. I 

The Kingship of Christ 


The Conversion of the Jewish Nation 


REV. DENIS FAHEY, C.S.Sp., D.D., D.Ph., B.A., 

Professor of Philosophy, 

Holy Ghost Missionary College, Kimmage, Dublin 




Imprimi Potest : 


Praep. Prov. Hib. 

Nihil Obstat : 


Censor Deputatus. 

Imprimatur : 


Episcopus Fernensis. 

die 26 Januarii 1953 




Chapter I : 

Chapter II : 
Chapter III : 

Chapter IV : 

Chapter V : 

Chapter VI : 
Chapter VII : 


* * * ••• • • • >• « 5 

The Programme of Christ and the Plans of Satan ; 9 

(i) Church and State ; 

(ii) The Indirect Power of the Church; 

(iii) Marriage ; 

(iv) Education ; 

(v) Private Property ; 

(vi) Monetary Sj^stem ; 

(vii) Submission to the Blessed Trinity with 
Christ in Holy Mass. 

The Kingship of Christ in its Integrity : the 
Divine Plan for Ordered Social Life ... 31 

An Outline of the Theology of History : 
Acceptance of Christ the King and Subsequent 
Rejection — Some National Reactions. Spain, 

Portugal, Ireland, Germany ... ... 35 

The Struggle of the Jewish Nation against the 
True Messias : Jewish Naturalism — The 

Opposition of Jewish Naturalism to our Super- 
natural Well-being ... ... ... 4g 

The Dual Citizenship of the Jews in Modern 
Times : Modern Progress as the Growth of 
Naturalism — Freemasonry has contributed to 
the Advance of Naturalism — The Significance of 
the Balfour Declaration — The Primary Alleg- 
iance of the Jews — The Jewish State — Jewish 
Naturalism and the Duty of Catholics ... 59 

The Catholic Church and Anti-Semitism : Mean- 
ing of Anti-Semitism — Attitude of the Church 
in this Matter — Explanation of Persistence of 
Opposition to the Jews ... ... ... 78 

The Conversion of the Jewish Nation : The 
Talmudic Formation and the Conversion of 
the Jews — The Jewish Law — The Schulchan 
Aruch — The Talmud and Jewish Messianism — • 
Certitude of the Conversion of the Jews — An 
Outstanding Jewish Convert — Supplementary 
Explanation of National Apostasy ... ... 86 


Chapter VIII : Contemporary Jewish Aims: The Divine Plan 
for Order in the World — Twofold Opposition 
to Order on the Part of the Jewish Nation — 
Anti-Semitism in the Jewish Sense — Effects on 
the Jewish People of their Opposition to the 
True Supernatural Messias — Materialism of 
Zionist Plans — Outline of the Conquest — Non- 
Jews Turned Back — The Final Stage — The 
Arab Refugees — Israel, the United States, 

Russia and the World — UNESCO — The Jews, 

Lenin and the Russians — Marxism and Jewish 
Nationalism — Return to Membership of Christ 120 

Appendix : Members of the Jewish Nation in United Nations 

Organization ... ... ... ... 169 

Chapter IX : The Coming of Antichrist : The Sovereign 
Pontiffs and Apostasy — Antichrist in Scripture 
and Tradition — The Date of the Coming of 
Antichrist— Decree of the Fifth Lateran Council 176 

Appendix : Programme of Christ the King and Programme 

of the Jewish Nation since Calvary ... ... 191 


The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jewish Nation 


The annual celebration of the Feast of Christ the King is 
meant to lead men “ to reflect on the Last Judgement, in which 
Christ, who has been cast out of public life, despised, neglected 
and ignored, will severely avenge such insults/’ 1 Our Lord 
Jesus Christ came down to proclaim His Father’s programme 
for the restoration of ordered life in the world and died, pro- 
claiming it. After Pope Pius IX in the Syllabus had catalogued 
modem errors against the order of society demanded by the 
infinite dignity of the Life of Sanctifying Grace, restored through 
the foundation of the Mystical Body on Calvary, Popes Leo 
XIII, Pius X, Benedict XV, Pius XI and Pius XII have set 
forth in their Encyclicals the positive programme for order 
enjoined upon us by Christ Our Head, Priest and King. In 
this series of books I am endeavouring to make known that 
positive programme to as many as possible, so that they may 
have a thorough knowledge of the order of the world they should 
stand for as members of Christ. The series is placed under 
the patronage of St. Joan of Arc. At the beatification of that 
lovely saint in 1908, Blessed Pius X sadly reminded members 
of Christ that : “ All the strength of Satan's reign is due to the 
easy-going weakness of Catholics.” 

As I was not able to bring out this book when it was originally 
written, it has been laid aside for years. In the meantime, 
the need for setting forth the full doctrine of the Kingship of 
Christ has been forcibly brought home to me by the confusion 
created in minds owing to the use of the term " Anti-Semitism.” 
The Hitlerite naturalistic or anti-supernatural regime in Germany 
gave to the world the odious spectacle of a display of Anti- 
Semitism, that is, of hatred of the Jewish Nation. Yet all 
the propaganda about that display of Anti-Semitism should 
not have made Catholics forget the existence of age-long Jewish 
Naturalism or Anti-Supematuralism. Forgetfulness of the 
disorder of Jewish Naturalistic opposition to Christ the King 

1 Pius XI, Encyclical Letter, Quas Primas , On the Kingship of Christ . 


The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jewish Nation 

is keeping Catholics blind to the danger that is arising from the 
clever extension of the term “ Anti-Semitism,” with all its 
war-connotation in the minds of the unthinking, to include any 
form of opposition to the Jewish Nation's naturalistic aims. For 
the leaders of the Jewish Nation, to stand for the rights 
of Christ the King is logically to be ” anti-Semitic.” 

In March, 1917, Pope Benedict XV wrote to the Archbishop 
of Tours : " In the midst of the present upheavals, it is important 
to repeat to men that by her divine institution the Catholic 
Church is the only ark of salvation for the human race . . . . 

Accordingly, it is more seasonable than ever to teach 

that the truth which liberates, not only individuals, but societies, 
is supernatural truth in all its fulness and in all its purity, with- 
out attenuation, diminution or compromise : in a word, exactly as 
Our Lord Jesus Christ delivered it to the world.” 1 These 
sublime words of the Vicar of Christ have nerved me to do all 
in my power to set forth the opposition of every form of Natural- 
ism, including Jewish Naturalism, to the supernatural Reign of 
Christ the King. In addition, for over twenty years I have 
been offering the Hojy Sacrifice of the Mass every year, on the 
Feasts of the Resurrection, Corpus Christi, SS. Peter and Paul 
and the Assumption of Our Blessed Mother, for the acceptance 
by the Jewish Nation of the Divine Plan for order. Thus I 
have been striving to follow the example of our Divine Master. 
Blessed Pius X insists that “ though Jesus was kind to those 
who had gone astray, and to sinners. He did not respect their 
erroneous convictions, however sincere they appeared to be.” 2 
The need of combining firmness in the proclamation of the in- 
tegral truth with loving charity towards those in error is in- 
sisted on, even more emphatically, by Pope Pius XI : " Com- 
prehending and merciful charity towards the erring,” he writes, 
“ and even towards the contemptuous, does not mean and can 
not mean that you renounce in any way the proclaiming of, 
the insisting on, and the courageous defence of the truth and 
its free and unhindered application to the realities about you. 
The first and obvious duty the priest owes to the world about 

1 Translated from the original as published in the Editions de la Bonne 
Presse. Italics mine. 

* Letter of Blessed Pius X on Le Sillon, August 25, 1910. (Irish 
C.T.S. Translation). 


The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jezoish Nation 

him is service to the truth, the whole truth, the unmasking and 
refutation of error in whatever form or disguise it conceals 
itself.” 1 

A day will come when the Jewish Nation will cease to oppose 
order and will turn in sorrow and repentance to Him Whom 
they rejected before Pilate. That will be a glorious triumph 
for the Immaculate Heart of Our Blessed Mother. Until that 
day dawns, however, their naturalistic opposition to the True 
Supernatural Order of the world must be exposed and combated. 

Denis Fahey, c.s.sp. 

Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, June 20 , 1952. 

1 Encyclical Letter On the Condition of the Church in Germany . March 
14th, 1937. 



P. 71 Ninth line from top, read “ catastrophes ” for “ catastrophies.” 

P. 79 Footnote 3, read “ pp. 43-47 ” for “ pp. 43-44.” 

P. 90 Ninth line from top, read ,c Union ” for “ union.” 

Tenth line from top, read “Orthodox” for “orthodox.” 

P. 93 Footnote 3, first line, read “ La Question du Messie ” for “ Le 
Question du Messie .” 

P. 95 Footnote 3, fifth line, read “ Reorganization ” for 
“ Re-Organization .” 

P. 97 Twenty -first line from top, delete “ in.” 

P. 142 First line, first word, read “ Though ” for “ Through.” 

P. 178 Line 27, read " pretension ” for " pretention.” 





Our Lord’s Programme for Order 
may be outlined as follows : 


Our Lord’s Mystical Body 
the Catholic Church, Super- 
natural and Supranational, 
which all States and Nations 
are called upon to acknowledge, 
has been established by God as 
the One Way for the ordered 
return of human beings to Him. 
Into it all men of all nations 
are called to enter as His 
members. <c Men living to- 
gether in society are under 
the power of God no less than 
individuals are, and society, 
not less than individuals, owes 
gratitude to God, who gave it 
being and maintains it, and 
whose ever-bounteous goodness 
enriches it with countless bless- 
ings. Since, then, no one is 
allowed to be remiss in the 
service due to God . . . . we 
are bound absolutely to worship 
God in that way which He has 

shown to be His will 

It cannot be difficult to find 
out which is the true religion. 

Satan’s Plans for Disorder may 
be outlined as follows : 


Satan aims at preventing the 
acknowledgement by States 
and Nations of the Catholic 
Church as the One Way estab- 
lished by God for ordered 
return to Him. When this 
acknowledgement has been 
brought about in spite of his 
efforts and those of his .satellites, 
he strives to get it undone 
and to induce the State to 
persecute the Catholic Church. 
The first step towards this is 
to get all religions, including 
the Jewish religion, put on the 
same level as the Catholic 
Church. The granting of full 
citizenship to the Jews, who 
as a nation are engaged in 
preparing for the Natural 
Messiah, tends in the same 
direction. This putting of all 
religious on the same level is 
usually called in the newspapers 
separation of Church and State . 
(Cf. Accounts of Revolutions 
from the French Revolution of 


The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jewish Nation 

(Our Lord”* Programme) 

if only it be sought with an 
earnest and unbiased mind ; 
for proofs are abundant and 

striking . . f From all 

these [proofs] it is evident that 
the only true religion is the 
one established by Jesus Christ 
Himself, and which He com- 
mitted to His Church to pro- 
tect and propagate ” (Leo XIII 
Encyclical Letter, Irnmortale Dei , 
On the Christian Constitution 
of States.). 

” Justice therefore forbids, 
and reason itself forbids, the 
State to be godless ; or to 
adopt a line of action which 
would end in godlessness — 
namely, to treat the various 
religions (as they call them) 
alike, and to bestow upon them 
promiscuously equal rights and 
privileges . Since, then, the pro- 
fession of one religion is neces- 
sary in the State, that religion 
must be professed which alone 
i» true, and which can be 
recognized without difficulty, 
especially in Catholic States, 
because the marks of truth are, 
as it were, engraven upon it ” 
(Leo XIII, Encyclical Letter, 
Liber t as 3 On Human Liberty ). 

” By degrees the religion of 
Christ was put on the same 
level with false religions and 
placed ignominiously in the 

(Satan's Aims) 

1789 to the Spanish Revolution 
of 1931). 

Satan spreads perplexity and 
disorder in minds by confusing 
the false tolerance of Liberalism , 
by which equal rights are 
granted to truth and error, 
with the true tolerance of the 
Catholic Church. “ As to toler- 
ance,^ writes Leo XIII (Encyc- 
lical Letter, Libertas , On Human 
Liberty ), “it is surprising how 
far removed from the equity 
and prudence of the Church 
are those who profess what is 
called Liberalism. For, in allow- 
ing that boundless licence of 
which we have spoken, they 
exceed all limits and end at 
last by making no apparent 
distinction between truth and 
error, honesty and dishonesty 
...... it is contrary to reason 

that error and truth should have 

equal rights For right 

is a moral power which it is 
absurd to suppose that nature 
has accorded indifferently to 
truth and falsehood, justice and 

“ The Church,” writes the 
same learned Pontiff (Encyclical 
Letter, Irnmortale Dei, On the 
Christian Constitution of States), 
“ deems it unlawful to place 
the various forms of divine 
worship on the same footing 


The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jewish Nation 

(Our Lord’s Programme) 

same category with them ” 
(Pius XI, Encyclical Letter, 
Quas PrimaSy On the Kingship 
of Christ ). 

Pope Pius XI condemned 
separation of Church and State 
more than once. In the En- 
cyclical On Christian Marriage y 
he praised the Italian Matri- 
monial Law and the solemn 
Convention entered into be- 
tween the Holy See and the 
Kingdom of Italy and then 
added : “ This might well be 
a striking example to all of how, 
even in this our own day (in 
which sad to say, the absolute 
separation of the civil power 
from the Church, and indeed 
from every religion, is so often 
taught), the one supreme 
authority can be united and 
associated with the other with- 
out detriment to the rights 
and supreme power of either, 
thus protecting Christian parents 
from pernicious evils and men- 
acing ruin.” 

Again the same Pontiff writes 
as follows : c< It is assuredly 
with no small grief We learn 
that the legislators have openly 
declared that the State has no 
religion, and that they have 
accordingly confirmed and rati- 
fied what the Constitution of 
the Spanish Government has 
already unjustly laid down, 
namely, the separation of Civil 
Society from the Church. To 
avoid dwelling too long on 
this matter. We do not wish 
to point out at too great length 

(Satan’s Aims) 

as the true religion, but does 
not on that account, condemn 
those rulers, who for the sake 
of securing some great good 
or of hindering some great evil, 
patiently allow custom or usage 
to be a kind of sanction for 
each kind of religion having 
its place in the State. And, in 
fact, the Church is wont to 
take earnest heed that no one 
shall be forced to embrace the 
Catholic Faith against his will.” 
Satan also spreads perplexity 
and disorder in minds by intro- 
ducing confusion between Anti- 
Semitism, which is the detest- 
able hatred of the Jews as a 
race, and the duty incumbent 
upon Catholics of combating 
valiantly for the integral rights 
of Christ the King and opposing 
Jewish Naturalism. We see this 
clearly in the following quota- 
tion from the Jewish writer 
Bernard Lazare : “ The Jew is 
the living testimony of the 
disappearance of the State based 
on theological principles, that 
state which the Anti-Semites 
hope to restore. From the day 
a Jew first occupied a public 
position, the Christian State 
was in danger. That is per- 
fectly accurate and the Anti- 
Semites who say that the Jews 
have destroyed the correct idea 


The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jewish Nation 

(Our Lord’s Programme) 

what a grievous error they com- 
mit who hold that such a separa- 
tion is licit and worthy of approval , 
especially since it is a question 
of a nation almost all of whose 
citizens glory in the name of 
Catholic. Indeed, if the matter 
is examined closely, this ini- 
quitous separation, as we have 
more than once indicated, is 
the necessary consequence of 
the theories of the Laicists ” 
(Encyclical Letter, On the Per- 
secution of the Church in Spain), 
Pope Leo XIII stressed the 
same divine principle. “ The 
main factor in bringing thin gs 
to this happy state were the 
ordinances and decrees of your 
synods, especially of those which 
in more recent times were con- 
vened and confirmed by the 
authority of the Apostolic See. 
But, moreover (a fact which it 
gives pleasure to acknowledge), 
thanks are due to the equity of 
the laws which obtain in America 
and to the customs of your well- 
ordered Republic. For the 
Church amongst you, unopposed 
by the Constitution and govern- 
ment of your nation, fettered by 
no hostile legislation, protected 
against violence by the common 
laws and the impartiality of the 
tribunals, is free to live and act 
without hindrance. Yet, though 
all this is true, it would be very 
erroneous to draw the conclusion 
that in America is to be sought 
the type of the most desirable 
status of the Church, or that it 
would be universally lawful or 
expedient for State and Church 
to be, as in America separated and 
divorced.” (Encyclical Letter, 
Longinque Oceans, On Catholicity 
in the United States), 

(Satan’s Aims) 

of the State could more justly 
assert that the entrance of the 
Jews into Christian Society has 
symbolized the destruction of 
the State, I mean, of course, 
the Christian State ” ( VAntisi - 
mitisme, p. 361). 

Satan wants us to forget that 
there is one True Religion, the 
Supernatural Religion estab- 
lished by Our Lord Jesus 
Christ, True God and True 
Man. He wants us also to lose 
sight of the fact that there are 
organized forces working for the 
advent of the Natural Messias. 

“By the fact that the indis- 
criminate freedom of all forms of 
worship is proclaimed , truth is 
confused with error, and the 
Holy and Immaculate Spouse of 
Christ is placed on the same 
level as heretical sects and 
even as Jewish perfidy” (Pius 
VII, Letter, Post tam diutumas). 

Satan has not left us in 
doubt about his enthusiasm for 
the Declaration of the “rights 
of man” and the principles of 
the French Revolution of 1789. 
“Long live Liberty, Equality, 
Fraternity 1 That is the favour- 
able time for us ” are amongst 
the expressions used by the 
possessed children of Illfurt, 
Alsace. (Cf. The Devil, his words 
and actions in the possessed 
children cf Illfurt , from the 
official documents). 


The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jewish Nation 

(Our Lord’s Programmo) 

and as a consequence. States and 
Nations are called upon to ack- 
nowledge the right of the 
Catholic Church by the voice 
of the Pope and Bishops to 
decide what favours or hinders 
our most real life, namely, our 
life as members of Christ, This 
right of the Catholic Church is 
known as the Indirect Power. It 
belongs to the Catholic Church 
as the sole divinely-appointed 
Guardian of the whole Moral 
Law, natural and revealed, 

“ The Church of Christ is the 
true and sole teacher of virtue 
and guardian of morals 35 (Leo 
XIII, Encyclical Letter, Immor- 
tale Dei , On the Christian Con- 
stitution of States ). 

“ The Lord Jesus reigns in 

civil society when the 

Church holds that position of 
dignity which was allotted to her 
by her Divine Author, that of a 
perfect society, mistress and 
gui4 e of all other societies ” 
(Pope Pius XI, Encyclical Letter, 
Ubi Arcano , On the Peace of 
Christ in the Kingdom of Christ). 

“ If the natural law enjoins 
upon us to love devotedly and 
to defend the country that gave 
us birth, and in which we were 
brought up, so that every good 
citizen hesitates not to face 

(Satan’s Aims) 

Satan aims at getting States and 
Nations to treat with contempt 
the Indirect Power of the 
Catholic Church and at setting 
up the State or the Race as the 
authority to decide all moral 
questions. He knows that this 
means the abrogation of the 
moral law and that it leads to 

“To create this atmosphere 
of lasting peace, neither peace 
treaties nor the most solemn 
pacts, nor international meetings 
or conferences, nor eveif the 
noblest and most disinterested 
efforts of any statesman will be 
enough, unless in the first place 
are recognised the sacred rights 
of natural and divine law. No 
leader in public economy, no 
power of organisation will ever 
be able to bring social con- 
ditions to a peaceful solution, 
unless the moral law based 
on God and conscience first 
triumphs in the field of econ- 
omics itself. This is the under- 
lying value of, every value in 
the political life as well as in 
the economic life of nations 99 
(Pius XI, Encyclical Letter, 
Caritate Christi Compulsi , On 
the Troubles of Our Time). 

“ He who takes the race, or 
the people, or the State, or the 


The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jewish Nation 

(Our Lord’s Programme) 

death for his native land, very 
much more is it the urgent duty 
of Christians to be ever animated 
by like sentiments towards the 
Church, For the Church is the 
Holy City of the Living God, 
bom of God Himself, and by 
Him built up and established. 
Therefore we are bound to love 
dearly the country whence we 
have received the means of 
enjoyment this mortal life 
affords, but we have a much 
more urgent obligation to love, 
with ardent love, the Church to 
which we owe the life of the 
soul, a life that will endure for- 
ever ” (Leo XIII, Encyclical 
Letter, Sapiential Christian ae, On 
the Chief Duties of Christians as 
Citizens). u Christ instituted in 
the Church a living, authoritative 
and permanent Teaching Author- 
ity, which He strengthened by 
His own power, taught by the 
Spirit of Truth, and confirmed 
by miracles. He willed and 
ordered, under the gravest pen- 
alties, that its teachings should 
be received as if they were His 
own ” (Leo XIII, Encyclical 
Letter, Satis Cognitum , On the 
Unity of the Church .) 

“ In defining the limits of the 
obedience owed to the pastors 
of souls,” writes Pope Leo XIII, 
“ but most of all to the authority 
of the Roman Pontiff, it must 
not be supposed that it is only 
to be yielded in relation to 
dogmas of which the obstinate 
denial cannot be disjoined from 
the crime of heresy. Nay 
further, it is not enough sin- 
cerely and firmly to assent to 

(Satan’s Aims) 

form of Government, the bearers 
of the power of the State or 
other fundamental elements of 
human society — which in the 
temporal order of things have 
an essential and honourable 
place — out of the system of their 
earthly valuation and makes 
them the ultimate norm of all, 
even of religious values, and 
deifies them with an idolatrous 
worship, perverts and falsifies 
the order of things created and 
commanded by God ” (Pius XI, 
The Persecution of the Church in 

Lured on by Satan, men talk 
of restoring order in the world 
in defiance of or without the 
help of Christ and His Church. 
This will only lead to greater 
chaos : “ No human institution 
exists which can impose upon 
the nations an international 
code, adapted to the present 
time, similar to the one which 
in the Middle Ages, ruled that 
society of nations which was 

known as Christendom 

But there is a divine institution, 
which can guarantee the sanc- 
tity of the law of nations, an 
institution which embracing all 
nations and transcending them, 
is endowed with supreme 
authority and evokes veneration 
through its plenary powers of 

The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jewish Nation 

(Our Lord’s Programme) 

doctrines which, though not 
defined by any solemn pro- 
nouncement of the Church, are 
by her proposed to belief, as 
divinely revealed in her common 
and universal teaching and 
which the Vatican Council de- 
clared are to be believed with 
Catholic and divine faith. 

“ But this likewise must be 
reckoned amongst the duties of 
Christians, that they allow them- 
selves to be ruled and directed 
by the authority and leadership 
of bishops, and above all of the 
Apostolic See Where- 

fore it belongs to the Pope to 
judge authoritatively what things 
the sacred oracles contain, as 
well as what doctrines are in 
harmony, and what in dis- 
agreement, with them ; and also 
for the same reason to show 
forth what things are to be 
accepted as right, and what to 
be rejected as worthless ; what 
it is necessary to do and what 
to avoid doing, in order to 
attain eternal salvation. For 
otherwise, there would . be no 
sure interpreter of the com- 
mands of God, nor would there 
be any safe guide showing man 

the way he should live 

From God has the duty been 
assigned to the Church not only 
to interpose resistance, if at 
times the State rule should run 
counter to religion, but, further, 
to make a strong endeavour that 
the power of the Gospel may 
pervade the law and institutions 
of the nations. And inasmuch as 
the destiny of the State depends 
mainly on the disposition of 
those who are at the head of 

(Satan’s Aims) 

rule — the Church of Christ ” 
(Pius XI, Encyclical Letter, 
Ubi Arcanoy On the Peace of 
Christ in the Kingdom of Christ ). 

Satan tries to persuade young 
people that the Church is 
opposed to the form of civil 
government they prefer. This is 
not true. “ Of the various 
governments, the Church does 
not reject any that are fitted to 
procure the welfare of the 
subject ; she wishes only — and 
this nature itself requires — 
that they should be constituted 
without involving wrong to any- 
one and especially without viola- 
ting the rights of the Church ” 
(Leo XIII, Encyclical Letter, 
Liber fas. On Human Liberty). 

He tries to persuade them 
also that the Catholic Church is 
opposed to all efforts for a 
country’s independence. This 
also is false. “ Neither does the 
Church condemn those who, if 
it can be done without violation 
of justice, wish to make their 
country independent of any 
foreign or despotic power. Nor 
does she blame those who wish 
to secure to the State the power 
of self-government, and to its 
citizens the greatest possible 
measure of prosperity ” (Leo 
XIII, Encyclical Letter, Libertas 3 
On Human Liberty ). 


The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jewish Nation 

(Our Lord’s Programme) 

affairs, it follows that the Church 
cannot give countenance or 
favour to those whom she knows 
to be imbued with a spirit of 
hostility to her, who refuse 
openly to respect her rights ; 
who make it their aim and pur- 
pose to tear asunder the alliance 
that should, by the very nature 
of things, connect the interests 
of religion with those of the 
State. On the contrary, she is 
(as she is bound to be) the 
upholder of those who are 
themselves imbued with the 
right way of thinking as to the 
relations between Church and 
State, and who strive to make 
them work in perfect accord for 
the common good. These pre- 
cepts contain the abiding prin- 
ciple by which every Catholic 
should shape his conduct in 
regard to public life ” (Leo XIII, 
Encyclical Letter, Sapiential 
Christiana, On the Chief Duties 
of Christians as Citizens ). 


the Unity and Indissolubility 
of Christian Marriage symbolize 
the union of Christ and His 
Mystical Body. This is the 
foundation of the Christian 
Family. Our Lord wants His 
members to cultivate purity and 
honour virginity, under the 
guidance of His Immaculate 

If we wish with all reverence 
to inquire into the intimate 

(Satan’s Aims) 

The Church of course, con- 
demns all secret societies which 
are Satan’s happy hunting 
grounds : “ As Our Predecessors 
have many times repeated, let 
no man think that he may for 
any reason whatsoever join the 
Masonic sect , if he values his 
Catholic name and his eternal 
salvation as he ought to value 
them. Let no one be deceived 
by a pretence of honesty. It 
may seem to some that Free- 
masons demand nothing that is 
openly contrary to religion and 
morality ; but, as the whole 
principle and object of the sect 
lies in what is vicious and 
criminal, to join with these men 
or in any way to help them 
cannot be lawful ” (Leo XIII, 
Encyclical Letter, Humanum 
Genus , On Freemasonry).- 


Satan aims at tmdermining 
Christian family life, directly by 
the introduction of divorce and 
indirectly by the propagation of 
immorality. The attack on the 
moral law may be launched under 
the pretext of the interests of the 
race. Satan hates the pure, 
especially the Immaculate Queen 
of Heaven. 

“ Oh ! if only your country 
[the United States] had come 


The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jewish Nation 

(Our Ldrd’s Programme) 

reason of the divine decree [of 
the indissolubility of marriage], 
we shall easily see it in the 
mystical significance of Chris- 
tian Marriage For, as 

the Apostle says in his Epistle 
to the Ephesians (V. 32), the 
marriage of Christians recalls 
that most perfect union which 
exists between Christ and the 
Church, which union, as long 
as Christ shall live and the 
Church through Him, can never 
be dissolved by any separation 

“ God wishes men to be bom 
not only that they may live 
and fill the earth, but much 
more that they may be worship- 
pers of God, that they may 
know Him and love Him and 
finally enjoy Him for ever in 
heaven ; and this end, since 
man is raised by God in a 
marvellous way to the super- 
natural order, surpasses all that 
eye hath seen, and ear heard, 
and all that hath entered into 
the heart of man. From which 
it is easily seen how great a gift 
of divine goodness and how 
remarkable a fruit of marriage 
are children bom by the omni- 
potent power of God through 
the co-operation of those bound 
in wedlock. 

“ But Christian parents must 

(Satan’s Aims) 

to know from the experiences 
of others rather than from 
examples at home, of the accu- 
mulation of ills which derive 
from the plague of divorce 1 

The consequences of 

this evil have been thus de- 
scribed by Pope Leo XIII in 
words whose truth cannot be 
gainsaid : c Because of divorce 
the nuptial contract becomes 
subject to fickle whim; affec- 
tion is weakened ; pernicious 
incentives are given to conjugal 
infidelity; the care and educa- 
tion of offspring are harmed; 
the seeds of discord are sown 
among families, the dignity of 
woman is lessened and brought 
down, and she runs the risk of 
being deserted after she has 
served her husband as an 
instrument of pleasure. And 
since it is true that for the ruin 
of the family and the under- 
mining of the State, nothing is 
so powerful as the corruption of 
morals, it is easy to see that 
divorce is most injurious to the 
prosperity of families and of 
States * (Encyclical Letter, 

Arcanum) Marriages, 

in which one or the other party 
does not accept the Catholic 
teaching or has not been bap- 
tised, as is clear to you from 
wide experience, are rarely 


The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jewish Nation 

(Our Lord’s Programme) 

also understand that they are 
destined not only to propagate 
and preserve the human race on 
earth, indeed not only to educate 
any kind of worshippers of the 
true God, but children who are 
to become members of the 
Church of Christ, to raise up 
fellow-citizens of the Saints, 
and members of God’s house- 
hold that the worshippers of 
God and Our Saviour may daily 

increase It is theirs to 

offer their offspring to the 
Church in order that by this 
most fruitful Mother of the 
children of God they may be 
regenerated through the laver 
of Baptism unto supernatural 
justice and finally be made 
living members of Christ, par- 
takers of imm ortal life, and 
heirs of that eternal glory to 
which we all aspire from our 

inmost heart 

“ All these things, however. 
Venerable Brethren, depend in 
large measure on the due pre- 
paration, remote and proximate, 
of the parties for marriage. For 
it cannot be denied that the 
basis of a happy wedlock, and 
the ruin of an unhappy one, is 
prepared and set in the souls of 
boys and girls during the period 
of childhood and adolescence. 
There is danger that those who 

(Satan’s Aims) 

happy and usually occasion 
grave loss to the Catholic 
Church ” (Pius XII, Encyclical 
Letter to the American Hier- 
archy, 1939). 

u The Naturalists and Free- 
masons having no faith in those 
things which we have learned 
by the revelation of God, deny 
that our first parents sinned, 
and consequently think that 
free will is not at all weakened 

and inclined to evil 

Wherefore we see that men 
are publicly tempted by the 
many allurements of pleasure; 
that there are journals and 
pamphlets with neither modera- 
tion nor shame ; that stage- 
plays are remarkable for licence ; 
that designs for works of art 
are shamelessly sought in the 
laws of so-called realism ; that 
the contrivances for a soft and 
delicate life are most carefully 
devised ; and that all the allure- 
ments of pleasure by which 
virtue may be lulled to sleep are 
diligently brought into play ” 
(Leo XIII, Encyclical Letter, 
Humanism Genus y On Free- 

Satan rejoices at efforts to 
encourage illegitimacy, on the 
plea of the needs of the race, 
and at efforts to corrupt the 
young. “ Every use of the 


The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jewish Nation 

(Our Lord’s Programme) 

before marriage sought in all 
things what is theirs* who 
indulged even their impure 
desires* will be in the married 
state what they were before, 
that they will reap that which 
they have sown ; indeed within 
the home there will be sadness* 
lamentation* mutual contempt* 
strifes* estrangements* weariness 
of common life and, worst of 
all, such parties will find them- 
selves left alone with their own 
unconquered passions. Let, 
then* those who are about to 
enter on married life approach 
that state well disposed and 
well prepared, so that they will 
be able as far as they can to 
help each other in sustaining 
the vicissitudes of life, and yet 
more in attending to their 
eternal salvation and in forming 
the inner man unto the fullness 

of the age of Christ 

The religious character of mar- 
riage* its sublime signification of 
grace and the union between 
- Christ and the Church, evidently 
requires that those about to 
marry should show a holy 
reverence towards it* and zeal- 
ously endeavour to make their 
marriage approach as nearly as 
possible to the archetype of 
Christ and the Church. They, 
therefore, who rashly and heed- 
lessly contract mixed marriages* 

Satan’s Aims) 

faculty given by God for the 
procreation of new life is the 
right and the privilege of the 
marriage state alone, by the 
law of God and of nature* and 
must be confined absolutely 
within the sacred limits of that 

state For now* alas* 

not secretly nor under cover, but 
openly* with all sense of shame 
put aside* now by word, again 
by writings, by theatrical pro- 
ductions of every kind* by 
romantic fiction* by amorous and 
frivolous novels* by cinemato- 
graphs portraying in vivid scene* 
in addresses broadcast on the 
radio* in short* by all the 
inventions of modem science, 
the sanctity of marriage is 
trampled upon and derided ; 
divorce, adultery* all the basest 
vices either are extolled or at 
least are depicted in such colours 
as to appear to be free of all 
reproach and infamy. Books 

are not lacking which 

to the number of antiquated 
opinions relegate the traditional 
doctrine of Christian marriage. 
These thoughts are instilled into 
men of every class* rich and 
poor* masters and workers. 


The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jewish Nation 

(Our Lord’s Programme) 

from which the maternal love 
and providence of the Church 
dissuades her children for very 
sound reasons, fail conspic- 
uously in this respect, some- 
times with danger to their 
eternal salvation ” (Pius XI, 
Encyclical Letter, Casti Con- 
nubiU On Christian Marriage ). 


Our Lord wants children edu- 
cated as Members of His 
Mystical Body, so that they 
may be able to look at every- 
thing, nationality included, from 
that standpoint, and observe 
the order following therefrom 
in relation to God, themselves 
and others. Thus is true per- 
sonality developed. 

“ For the mere fact that a 
school gives some religious in- 
struction (often extremely stin- 
ted), does not bring it into 
accord with the rights of the 
Church and of the Christian 
family, or make it a fit place 
for Catholic Students. To be 
this, it is necessary that all the 
teaching and the whole organ- 
ization of the school and its 
teachers, syllabus and text-books 
in every branch, be regulated by 
the Christian spirit, under the 
direction and maternal super- 
vision of the Church ; so that 
Religion may be in very truth 
the foundation and crown of 

(Satan’s Aims) 

lettered and unlettered, married 
and single, the godly and the 
godless, old and young, but for 
these last, as easiest prey, the 
worst snares are laid ” (Pius XI, 
Encyclical Letter, Casti Con- 
nubiiy On Christian Marriage ). 


Satan aims at impeding, or if 
possible, preventing altogether, 
the education of young people 
of both sexes as Members of 
Christ. He will favour the 
Lutheran sectioning off of the 
Christian from the Citizen (or 
National) and will endeavour to 
get educators to strive for 
success in examinations or in 
games, irrespective of the ordered 
formation of Christ’s Members. 
He will endeavour to get 
Catholics thus badly educated 
into Secret Societies such as 
Freemasonry, in order to give 
them a naturalistic formation 
and induce them to turn against 
the Religious Orders of the 
Catholic Church and against 
Catholic Education generally. 

Satan uses every effort to 
lower the ideals of future priests 
and educators and to corrupt 
the future mothers of families : 
“ Let us spread vice broadcast 
among the multitude. Let them 
breathe it through their five 


The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jewish Nation 

(Our Lord's Programme) 

the youth’s entire training ; and 
this in every grade of school* 
not only the elementary* but 
the intermediate and higher 
institutions of learning as well. 
To use the words of Leo XIII : 
‘It is necessary not only that 
religious instruction be given 
to the young at fixed times, but 
also that every other subject 
taught* be permeated with Chris- 
tian piety. If this is wanting, if 
this sacred atmosphere does not 
pervade and warm the hearts 
of masters and scholars alike* 
little good can be expected 
from any kind of learning* and 
considerable harm will often 
be the consequence . . . ’ 

(Encyclical Letter* Militantis 
Bcdesi as, Aug. I, 1897) 35 (Pope 
Pius XI* Encyclical Letter* 
Divird illius Magistri 9 On the 
Christian Education of Youth). 
“ When one thinks of the havoc 
wrought in the souls of youth 
and of childhood* of the loss of 
innocence so often suffered in 
the motion picture theatres, 
there comes to mind the terrible 
condemnation pronounced by 
Our Lord upon the corrupters 
of little ones : ‘ Whosoever shall 
scandalize one of these little 
ones who *believe in Me* it 
were better for him that a 
millstone be hanged about his 
.neck and that he be drowned 
in the depths of the sea ’ 

(Satan's Aims) 

senses* let them drink it in and 

become saturated with it 

Make men’s hearts corrupt and 
vicious and you will have no 
more Catholics. Draw away 
priests from their work, from 
the altar and from the practice 
of virtue. Strive skilfully to fill 
their minds and occupy their 
time with other matters .... 
Recently one of our friends* 
laughing at our projects, said to 
us : ‘ To overcome the Catholic 
Church, you must begin by 
suppressing the female sex.' 
There is a certain sense in 
which the words are true; but 
since we cannot suppress woman, 
let us corrupt her along with the 

Church The best 

poniard with which to wound 
the Church mortally is cor- 
ruption ” (Instructions of the 
Italian Masonic Alta Vendita 
in VEglise Romaine en face de 
la Revolution , by Cr^tineau- 
Joly, Vol. II, pp. 128-129). 

“ Everyone knows what 
damage is done to the soul 
by bad motion pictures. They 
are occasions of sin* they seduce 
young people along the ways 
of evil by glorifying the passions ; 
they show life under a false 
light ; they cloud ideals ; they 
destroy pure love, respect for 
marriage, affection for the 


The Kingship of Christ a nd the Conversion of the Jewish Nation 

(Our Lord’s Programme) 

(St. Matth, XVIII, 6) 

From time to time, the Bishops 
will do well to remind the 
motion picture industry that, 
amid the cares of their pastoral 
ministry, they are under obliga- 
tion to interest themselves in 
every form of decent and healthy 
recreation, because they are 
responsible before God for the 
moral welfare of their people 
even during their time of leisure 

Above all, all pastors 

of souls will undertake to obtain 
each year from their people a 
pledge similar to the one already 
alluded to, which is given by 
their American brothers and in 
which they promise to stay 
away from motion pictures 
which are offensive to truth 
and to Christian morality. The 
most efficacious manner of ob- 
taining these pledges or promises 
is through the parish church or 
school ” (Pius XI, Encyclical 
Letter, Vigilantt Cura , On the 
Motion Pictures ). 

<c The proper and immediate 
end of Christian education is 
to co-operate with divine grace 
in forming the true and perfect 
Christian that is to form Christ 
Himself in those regenerated by 

Baptism For the true 

Christian must live a super- 
natural life in Christ 

and display it in all his actions 
Hence the true Chris- 
tian, product of Christian educa- 
tion, is the supernatural man 
who thinks, judges and acts 
constantly and consistently in 
accordance with right reason 
illuminated by the supernatural 
light of the example and teach- 
ing of Christ; in other words. 

(Satan’s Aims) 

family The power of 

the motion picture consists in 
this, that it speaks by means 
of vivid and concrete imagery 
which the mind takes in with 
enjoyment and without fatigue 
.... This power is still greater 
in the talking picture for the 
reason that interpretation be- 
comes even easier and the charm 
of music is added to the action 

of the drama It is 

therefore one of the supreme 
necessities of our times to 
watch and to labour to the end 
that the motion picture be no 
longer a school of corruption 
but that it be transformed into 
an effectual instrument for the 
education and the elevation of 

mankind This is an 

obligation which binds not only 
the Bishops but also the faithful 
and all decent men who are 
solicitous for the well-being and 
moral health of the family, of 
the nation, and of h uman society 
in general ?> (Pius XI, Encyclical 
Letter, Vigilanti Cura , On the 
Motion Pictures ). 

“ And repeatedly, as occasion 
offered, the Supreme Pontiff has 
disapproved of and most strongly 
condemned the immodest fash- 
ions in dress which have be- 
come customary in our times, 
even among Catholic women and 
girls. These fashions are not 
only gravely opposed to womanly 
dignity and adornment but tend 
most unhappily both to the 
temporal disgrace of such women, 
and what is worse, to their 
eternal ruin and that of others 
as well n {Instruction on Modesty 
in Women's Dress , issued by the 
Sacred Congregation of the 


The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jewish Nation 

(Our Lord’s Programme) 

to use the current term, the true 
and finished man of character. 
For, it is not every kind of con- 
sistency and firmness of con- 
duct based on subjective prin- 
ciples, that makes true char- 
acter, but only constancy in 
following the eternal principles 

of justice . . . . ” (Pius XI, 
Encyclical Letter, Divim Illius 
Magistriy On the Christian Educa- 
tion of Youth ). 


The Divine Plan for order calls 
for wide diffusion of owner- 
ship of property, in order to 
facilitate families in procuring 
the sufficiency of material goods 
required for the virtuous life of 
their members as human per- 
sons, and for Unions of owners 
and workers in Guilds or Cor- 
porations reflecting the soli- 
darity of the Mystical Body in 
economic organization. 

“ The law therefore should 
favour ownership, and its policy 
should be to induce as many as 
possible to become owners ” (Leo 
XIII, Encyclical Letter, Rerum 
Novarumy On the Condition of 
the Working Classes), 
w As in the conflict of interests 
and most of all in the struggle 
against unjust forces, a man’s 
virtue does not always suffice 

(8atan v s Aims) 

Council, 12th Jan., 1903). 

“ Do not think that any pre- 
caution can be great enough in 
keeping the young from masters 
and schools whence the pestilent 
breath of the Masonic Society 
is to be feared. Under your 
guidance, let parents, religious 
instructors, and priests having 
the care of souls, use every 
opportunity , in their Christian 
teaching, of warning their chil- 
dren and pupils of die infamous 
nature of these societies ” (Leo 
XIII, Encyclical Letter, Hu- 
manurn Genus , On Freemasonry ). 


Satan aims at the concentration 
of property in the hands of a 
few, either nominally in those 
of the State, that is, in those of 
the party in power, or in those 
of the money-manipulators. He 
knows that, given fallen human 
nature, this will lead to the 
subordination of men to pro- 
duction of material goods and to 
the treatment of all those not in 
power as mere individuals , not 
as persons. For this he favoured 
Liberalism or Individualism and 
now favours the reaction against 
Individualism — Collectivism and 

Satan saw with pleasure the 
ruin of souls resulting from un- 
bridled Individualism. “ Even 
on Sundays and Holydays, labour 
shifts were given no time to 


The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jewish Nation 

(Our Lord’s Programme) 

to assure him his daily bread, 
and as the social machinery 
ought to be so organized as by 
its natural action to paralyse 
the efforts of the wicked, and 
to render accessible to every 
man of goodwill his legitimate 
share of temporal happiness, We 
earnestly desire that you should 
take an active share in organizing 

society for that purpose 

The Church has no need to 
disown her past; it is enough 
for her, with the co-operation of 
the real workmen of social 
organization, to take up again 
the organizations shattered by 
the Revolution [the Guilds] and 
in the same Christian spirit 
which inspired them, to adapt 
them to the new environment 
created by the material evolu- 
tion of contemporary society, 
for the true friends of the 
people are neither revolution- 
aries, nor innovators, but men 
of tradition ” (Pius X, Letter, 
On the Subject of the Sillon). 

“ Agriculture is the first and 
most important of all arts ; so 
it is also the first and true riches 
of States To render 

onerous the conditions of the 
tiller of the soil tends to restrict 
his activities and to cripple rural 
industry ” (Pius VII, Motu 
Proprio , Sept. 15, 1802). 

“ Because sociability is one of 
man’s natural requirements and 
since it is legitimate to promote, 
by common effort, decent live- 
lihood, it is not possible with- 
out injustice, to deny or to limit 
either to the producers or to the 
labouring and farming classes 
the free faculty of uniting in 

(Satan’s Aims) 

attend to their essential religious 
duties. No one thought of 
building churches within con- 
venient distances of factories or 
of facilitating the work of the 
priest. On the contrary, laicism 
was actively and persistently 
promoted, with the result that 
we are now reaping the fruits 
of the errors so often de- 
nounced by Our Predecessors 
and by Ourselves. It can 
surprise no one that the Com- 
munistic fallacy should be 
spreading in a world already to 
a large extent estranged from 
Christianity ” (Pius XI, En- 
cyclical Letter, Divini Redemp - 
toriS) On Atheistic Communism). 

“ Very many employers 
treated their workmen as mere 
tools, without any concern for 
the welfare of their souls, in- 
deed without the slightest 
thought of higher interests. The 
mind shudders if we consider 
the frightful perils to which the 
morals of workers (of boys and 
young men particularly), the 
virtue of girls and women, are 
exposed in modem factories ; 
if we recall how the present 
economic regime and, above all, 
the disagreeable housing con- 
ditions prove obstacles to the 
family tie and family life ; if we 
remember the insuperable diffi- 


The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jewish Nation 

(Our Lord’s Programme) 

associations, by means of which 
they may defend their proper 
rights ana secure the betterment 
of the goods of soul and body, 
as well as the honest comforts 
of life. But to unions of this 
kind, which in past centuries 
have procured immortal glory 
for Christianity and for the 
professions an untamishable 
splendour, one cannot every- 
where impose an identical dis- 
cipline and structure, which 
therefore can be varied to meet 
the different temperament of 
the people and the diverse 
circumstances of time. But let 
the unions in question draw 
their vital force from principles 
of wholesome liberty, let them 
take their form from the lofty 
rules of justice and of honesty 
and conforming themselves to 
those norms let them act in 
such a manner that in their 
care for the interests of their 
class they violate no one’s 
rights, let them continue to 
strive for harmony and respect 
the common weal of civil 
society” (Pius XII, Letter to 
the American Hierarchy, Nov. i, 
I 939)« 

“ If private resources do not 
suffice, it is the duty of the 
public authority to supply for 
the insufficient forces of indivi- 
dual effort, particularly in a 
matter which is of such impor- 
tance to the common weal, 
namely, the maintanance of the 
family and married people. If 
families, particularly those in 
which there are many children 
have not suitable dwellings ; if 
the husband cannot find employ- 

(Satan's Aims) 

culties placed in the way of a 
proper observance of Holydays 

Dead matter leaves the 

factory ennobled and trans- 
formed, while human beings are 
corrupted and degraded ” (Pius 
XI, Encyclical Letter, Quad - 
ragesimo Anno , On the Social 

On the other hand, Satan 
fans the flames of the Com- 
munist reaction and urges on 
the revolt against God, Our 
Loving Father. “ In the begin- 
ning Communism showed it- 
self for what it was in all its 
perversity : but very soon it 
realised that it was thus alienat- 
ing the people. It has therefore 
changed its tactics, and strives 
to entice the multitudes by 

trickery of various forms 

Thus, aware of the universal 
desire for peace, the leaders of 
Communism pretend to be the 
most zealous promoters and 
propagandists of the movement 
for world amity. Yet at the same 
time they stir up a class warfare 
which causes rivers of blood to 
flow, and realising that their 
system offers no internal guar- 
antee of peace, they have re- 
course to unlimited armaments 

They try perfidiously to 

worm their way even into pro- 
fessedly Catholic and religious 


The Ktngship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jezvisk Nation 

(Our Lord’s Programme) 

ment and means of livelihood ; 
if the necessities of life cannot be 
purchased except at exorbitant 
prices ; if even the mother of 
the family, to the great harm 
of the home, is compelled to go 
forth and seek a living by her 
own labour; if she, too, in the 
ordinary or even extraordinary 
labours of childbirth is deprived 
of proper food, medicine, and 
the assistance of a skilled 
physician, it is patent to all to 
what an extent married people 
may lose heart, and how home 
life and the observance of God’s 
commands are rendered diffi- 
cult for them; indeed, it is 
obvious how great a peril can 
arise to the public security and 
to the welfare and very life of 
civil society itself when such 
men are reduced to that condi- 
tion of desperation that, having 
nothing which they fear to lose, 
they are emboldened to hope for 
chance advantage from the up- 
heaval of the State and of 
established order ” (Pope Pius 
XI, Encyclical Letter, Casti 
Connubtt 3 On Christian Marriage ). 


The Divine Plan for order calls 
for a monetary system so ar- 
ranged as to facilitate the pro- 
duction and exchange of material 
goods in view of the virtuous 
life of the Members of Christ 
in contented families. 

“ The ancient workingmen’s 
guilds were abolished in the 

(Satan’s Alms) 

organizations See to it. 

Venerable Brethren, that the 
Faithful do not allow themselves 
to be deceived ! Communism is 
intrinsically wrongs and no one 
who would save Christian civilisa- 
tion may give it assistance in any 
undertaking whatsoever w (Pius 
XI, Encyclical Letter, Divini 
Redemptorisy On Atheistic Com- 
munism ). 

“ They [the Communists] 
carry out the diabolical pro- 
gramme of wresting from the 
hearts of all, even of children, 

all religious sentiment 

Thus we see to-day, what was 
never before seen in history, 
the satanical banners of war 
against God and against religion 
brazenly unfurled to the winds 
in the midst of all peoples and 
in all parts of the earth ” 
(Pius XI, Caritate Christi Com- 
pulsiy On the Troubles of Our 


Satan aims at a monetary 
system, by which human per- 
sons will be subordinated to the 
production of material goods 
and the production, distribu- 
tion and exchange of material 
goods will be subordinated to 
the making of money and the 
growth of power in the hands 


The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jewish Nation 

(Our Lord’s Programme) 

last frSrh] century, and no other 
organisation took their place. 
Public institutions and the laws 
themselves have set aside the 
ancestral religion. Hence by 
degrees it has come to pass that 
workingmen have been surren- 
dered, all isolated and helpless, 
to the hard-heartedness of em- 
ployers and the greed of un- 
bridled competition. The evil 
has been increased by rapacious 
usury, which, although more 
than once condemned by the 
Church, is nevertheless under a 
different guise but with the 
like injustice, still practised by 
covetous and grasping men. To 
this must be added the uprise 
of powerful monopolies, con- 
trolling enterprises worked by 
contract and all branches of 
commerce ; so that a very small 
number of very rich men have 
been able to lay upon the 
teeming masses of the prole- 
tariat a yoke little better than 
that of slavery itself ” (Leo XIII, 
Encyclical Letter, Return Nov- 
arum. On the Condition of the 
Working Classes). 

“ It is patent that in our 
days not alone is wealth accumu- 
lated, but immense power and 
despotic economic domination 
are concentrated in the hands 

of a few This domination 

is most powerfully exercised by 
those who, because they hold 
and control money, also govern 
credit and determine its allot- 
ment, for that reason supplying, 
so to speak, the life-blood to the 
entire economic body and grasp- 

(Satan’s Aims) 

of the financiers. He is pleased 
that money is employed as an 
instrument for the elimination 
of the Divine Flan and for the 
installation of Naturalism. 

Satan favours birth-preven- 
tion. “ And now. Venerable 
Brethren, we shall explain in 
detail the evils opposed to each 
of the benefits of matrimony. 
First consideration is due to the 
offspring, which many have the 
boldness to call the disagreeable 
burden of matrimony, and which, 
they say, is to be carefully 
avoided by married people, not 
through virtuous continence 
(which Christian law permits in 
matrimony when both parties 
consent), but by frustrating the 
marriage act. Some justify this 
criminal abuse on the ground 
that they are weary of children 
and wish to gratify their desires 
without the consequent burden. 

“ Others say that they cannot 
on the one hand remain con- 
tinent nor on the other can 
they have children because of 
the difficulties on the part of 
the mother or on the part of 
family circumstances. But no 
reason, however grave, may be 
put ^ forward by which anything 
intrinsically against nature may 
become conformable to nature 
and morally good. Since, there- 
fore, the conjugal act is destined 
primarily by nature for the 
begetting of children, those who, 
in exercising it, deliberately 
frustrate its natural power and 
purpose, sin against nature and 
commit a deed which is shame- 


The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jewish Nation 

(Our Lord's Programme) 

ing in their hands, as it were, 
the very soul of production, so 
that no one dare breathe against 

their will At the time 

when the new social order was 
beginning, the doctrines of 
rationalism had already taken 
firm hold of large numbers, and 
an economic science alien to 
the true moral law had quickly 
arisen, whence it followed that 
free rein was given to human 
avarice” (Pius XI, Encyclical 
Letter, Quadragesimo Anno , On 
the Social Order). 

The Catholic Church con- 
demns the sin of birth- 
prevention : £< Within these 

sacred precincts [of the Chris- 
tian family], children are con- 
sidered not heavy burdens but 
sweet pledges of love : no re- 
prehensible motive of conven- 
ience, no seeking after sterile 
pleasure bring about the frus- 
tration of the gift of life, nor 
cause to fall into disuse the 
sweet names of brother and 
sister ” (Pius XII, Letter to the 
American Hierarchy, Nov. i, 


But the Catholic Church in- 
sists also that social organization 
must aid married people to fulfil 
their sacred obligations. “ Since 
it is no rare thing to find that 
the perfect observance of God’s 

(Satan’s Aims) 

ful and intrinsically vicious 

“ Since, therefore, openly de- 
parting from the uninterrupted 
Christian tradition, some re- 
cently have judged it possible 
to declare solemnly another 
doctrine regarding the question, 
the Catholic Church, to whom 
God has entrusted the defence 
of the integrity and purity of 

morals raises her voice 

in token of her divine ambassa- 
dorship and through our mouth 
proclaims anew : any use what- 
soever of matrimony exercised 
in such a way that the act is 
deliberately frustrated in its 
natural power to generate life is 
an offence against the law of 
God and of nature, and those 
who indulge in such are branded 
with the guilt of a grave sin . . . 
No difficulty can arise that 
justifies putting aside the 
law of God which forbids all 
acts intrinsically evil ” (Pius X, 
Encyclical Letter, Gasti Con- 
nubii , On Christian Marriage ). 

“ The poorer section of the 
population have outrun the 

demand for manual labour 

they must learn to regulate the 
expansion of their families as the 
middle and upper classes have 
long been doing ” (Letter to the 
London Times quoted by Jeffrey 
Mark, in The Modem Idolatry , 
P* 35)* 

“ Houses for slum dwellers in 
England cannot be built be- 
cause the working classes do 
not have enough money to pay 
the interest and redemption 
charges on the loans which are 
needed to build them. Recent 


The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jewish Nation 

(Our Lord’s Programme) 

commands and conjugal in- 
tegrity encounter difficulties by 
reason of the fact that the hus- 
band and wife are in strait- 
ened circumstances> their neces- 
sities must be relieved as far 
as possible. And as, in the first 
place, every effort must be 
made to bring about that which 
Our predecessor, Leo XIII of 
happy memory, has already 
insisted upon, namely, that in 
the state such economic and 
social methods should be adop- 
ted as will enable every head 
of a family, to earn as much as, 
according to his station in life, 
is necessary for himself, his 
wife, and for the rearing of his 
children, for the ‘labourer is 
worthy of his hire ’ (St. Luke, 
X, 7). To deny this or to make 
light of what is equitable is a 
grave injustice and is placed 
among the greatest sins by Holy 
Writ (Deut. XXIV, 14, 15); 
nor is it lawful to fix such a 
scanty wage as will be insufficient 
for the upkeep of the family 
in the circumstances in which 
it is placed. 

“ Care, however, must be 
taken that the parties themselves 
for a considerable time before 
entering upon the married life 
should strive to dispose of or 
at least to diminish the material 
obstacles in their way 

(Satan’s Aims) 

proposals for building such 
houses at £330 each would 
involve a rental of something 
between six and seven shillings 
a week to pay the interest and 
provide for repayment of the 
loan. If the cost were more, the 
rent could not be paid ; if it 
were less, the houses would 
probably collapse on the occu- 
pants The houses will 

be guaranteed not to collapse 
on the occupants for at least 
as long as the period required 
for the redemption of the loan ” 
(The Modem Idolatry , by Jeffrey 
Mark, p. 39, published in 1934). 

“ We are sorry to note that 
not infrequently nowadays it 
happens that through a certain 
inversion of the true order of 
things, ready and bountiful 
assistance is provided for the 
unmarried mother and her 
illegitimate offspring (who, of 
course, must be helped in order 
to avoid a greater evil), which is 
denied to legitimate mothers or 
given sparingly or almost grudg- 

“ It is the concern of the 
public authority to make proper 
provision for matrimony and the 
family, not only in regard to 
temporal goods but also in 
other things which concern the 
good of souls. Just laws must be 
made for the protection of 
chastity ...... The prosperity 

of the State and the temporal 
happiness of its citizens cannot 
remain safe and sound where 
the foundation on which they 
are established, which is the 
moral order, is weakened and 
where the very fountain-head 


The Kittgship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jewish Nation 

(Our Lord’s Programme) 

Provision must be made also, in 
the case of those who are not 
self-supporting, for joint aid by 
private or public guilds ” (Pius 
XI, Encyclical Letter, Casti 
Connubiiy On Christian Marriage ) 


Our Lord Jesus Christ wants 
all His Members to grasp the 
programme for order laid down 
by His Father and unite with 
himself in the central act of 
submission to the Blessed 
Trinity, the Holy Mass, repre- 
sentation of Calvary. In this 
sacrifice of the whole Mystical 
Body, all Catholics profess their 
willingness to respect God’s 
rights and their readiness to 
strive as a united body to 
mould society in accordance 
with Our Lord’s programme 
for order. Thus there will be 
peace on earth for men of good 
will and the happiness that can 
be ours on our way to full 
union with the Blessed Trinity 
in Heaven. 

Our Lord ever seeks to unite 
men in love of His Father. 

(Satan’s Aims) 

from which the State draws its 
life, namely, wedlock and the 
family, is obstructed by the 
vices of its citizens ” (Pope 
Pius XI, Encyclical Letter, Casti 
Connubii) On Christian Marriage ) 


Satan wants to confuse and 
bewilder human beings, so that 
they may give up the idea that 
there is an order laid down by 
God, which they are bound to 
find out, if they do not know 
it already, and observe. On 
account of his relentless hatred 
of the supernatural life he 
detests above all the central 
act of submission to the Blessed 
Trinity, the Holy Sacrifice of 
the Mass. He strives to elimin- 
ate it wherever he can, and, 
where he cannot do so he 
endeavours to have it treated 
as a mere formality not intended 
to influence life. He tries to get 
the young and inexperienced to 
accept that they are on the road 
to happiness, when they neglect 
the Mass and its significance for 
life, cast off moral restraint and 
reject the claims of duty. 

Satan ever seeks to separate 
men from Christ and lead them 
on to the hatred of God, Our 

“ If our age in its pride laughs at and rejects Our Lady’s Rosary, 
a countless legion of the most saintly men of every age and of every 
condition have not only held it most dear and have most piously 
recited it hut have also used it at all times as a most powerful weapon 
to overcome the devil , to preserve the purity of their lives, to acquire 
virtue more zealously, in a word, to promote peace among men ” 
(Pius XI, Encyclical Letter, Ingravescentibus Malts , On the Holy 
Rosary of the Blessed Virgin Mary), 



The Kingship of Christ in its Integrity 

The Divine Plan for the organization of human society may 
be represented diagrammatically as follows : — 


(in Three Divine Persons) 




Our Lord Jesus Christ 
Who, as Head of His 
Mystical Body, the 
Catholic Church, Super- 
natural and Supra- 
national, is High -Priest 
and King of redeemed 


ir m 

His Priesthood is shared 
in by the Pope, Bishops, 
and Priests, through the 
sacramental character of 
Order, and by the faithful, 
through the characters 
of Baptism and Confirma- 


His Kingship is both 
Spiritual and Temporal. 
The Spiritual Kingship 
comprises the Right of 
Intervention in Temporal 
Affairs. The Temporal 
Royalty of Our Lord is 
Universal. Our Blessed 
Mother is Queen of His 


T . i 

The Spiritual Kingship 
of Christ is shared in by 
the Pope and the Bishops. 

The Universal Temporal 
Kingship of Our Lord is 
shared in by the Rulers 
of States and Nat'ons. 






The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jewish Nation 

VV7E can thus easily see that the entrance of Christianity into 
* * the world has meant two things. Prima rily and principally, 
it has meant the constitution of a supernatural society, the 
Mystical Body of Christ, absolutely transcending every natural 
development of culture and civilization. Secondly, it has had 
as result that this supernatural society, the Catholic Church, 
began to exercise a profound influence upon culture and civiliza- 
tion and modified in a far-reaching way the existing temporal 
or natural social order. The indirect power of the Church 
over temporal affairs, whenever the interests of the Divine 
Life of souls are involved, presupposes, of course, a clear dis- 
tinction of nature between the ecclesiastical authority, charged 
with the care of divine things, and the civil authority, whose 
mission is concerned with purely temporal matters. In pro- 
portion as the Mystical Body of Christ was accepted by man- 
kind, political and economic thought and action began to respect 
the jurisdiction and guidance of the Catholic Church, endowed, 
as she is, with the right of intervention in temporal affairs when- 
ever necessary, because of her participation in the spiritual 
Kingship of Christ. Thus the natural or temporal common 
good of States came to be sought in a manner calculated to 
favour the development of true personality, in and through 
the Mystical Body of Christ, and social life can^ more and more 
under the influence of the supreme end of man, the vision of 
God in the Three Divine Persons. 

Accordingly, the Divine Plan for order in our fallen and re- 
deemed world comprises, primarily, the supernatural social 
organism of the Catholic Church, and then, secondarily, the 
temporal or natural social order resulting from the influence 
of Catholic doctrine on politics and economics and from the 
embodiment of that influence in social institutions. From 
the birth of the Catholic Church on Calvary and the solemn 
promulgation of her mission at the first Pentecost, the Kingdom 
of God in its essence has been present in the world. As a result 
of the gradual acceptance of the role of the Church by the 
Temporal Representatives of Christ the King, the social institu- 
tions of States and nations became deeply permeated with the 
influence of the supernatural life of Christ, Then, and only 


The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jewish Nation 

then, could the Kingdom of God in its integrity or the rule of 
Christ the King in its integrity, be said to exist. The Kingdom 
of God or the rule of Christ the King is present in its integrity 
only in so far as the whole social life of States, political and 
economic, is permeated with the influence of the Church. To 
put it in other terms, Christ fully reigns only when the pro- 
gramme for which He died is accepted as the one true way to 
peace and order in the world, and social structures in harmony 
with it are evolved. 

The Kingdom of God in its essence is always with us, but the 
influence of the Church on politics and economics, in other 
words, the extension of the Kingdom of God in its integrity , 
has varied with the centuries. Broadly speaking, the thirteenth 
century has been, so far, the high water mark of that influence. 
Since then, until recently, there has been steady decay. No 
particular temporal social order, of course, will ever realize 
all that the Church is capable of giving to the world. Each 
of them will be defective for several reasons. 

First of all, the action of the Church, welcomed by some 
Catholics, will be opposed by the ignorance, incapacity and 
perversity of pthers. 

Secondly, even if all Catholics did accept fully, they could 
only reflect some of the beauty of the Gospel as the saints 
reflected some of the infinitely imitable holiness of Christ. 

Thirdly, there would still remain the vast number of non- 
Catholics to be won for Christ and have their social life organized 
under His rule. It is towards this latter goal that every genera- 
tion of Catholics is called upon to work. The aim is not, need- 
less to say, to bring back the Middle Ages, for the river of time 
does not turn back in its course, but the aim is to impregnate 
a new epoch with the divine principles of order so firmly grasped 
in the thirteenth century. The result of the so-called Reforma- 
tion and the French Revolution has been to obscure the Rights 
of God proclaimed by Our Lord Jesus Christ and to diffuse 

Naturalism consists in the negation of the possibility of the 
elevation of our nature to the supernatural life and order, or 
more radically still, in the negation of the very existence of 


The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jewish Nation 

that life and order. In our day owing to the progress of the 
anti-Christian revolt, the more radical meaning has become 
common. Naturalism may be defined therefore as the attitude 
of mind which denies the reality of the Divine Life of grace 
and of our Fall therefrom by original sin. It rejects our conse- 
quent liability to revolt against the order of the Divine Life, when 
this life has been restored to us by our membership of Christ, 
and maintains that all social life should be organized on the 
basis of that denial. We must combat that mentality ahd 
proclaim the Rights of God. 

In his Encyclical letter on Freemasonry, Pope Leo XIII teaches 
authoritatively : “ From what we have already set forth, it is 
indisputably evident that their [the Freemasons'] ultimate aim 
is to uproot completely the whole religious and political order 
of the world, which has been brought into existence by Christian- 
ity, and to replace it by another in harmony with their way 
of thinking. This will mean that the foundation and the laws 
of the new structure of society will be drawn from pure Natur- 
alism.” 1 Now, it is historically certain that the Declaration 
of the Rights of Man had been conceived and elaborated in the 
Masonic Lodges before it was presented to the States-General 
of France. Accordingly, the infamous Declaration, a natural- 
istic or anti-supernatural document, is in reality a declaration 
of war on membership of Christ and on the whole structure of 
society based on that supernatural dignity. 2 The same natural- 
istic hostility to ’ membership of Christ and the Supernatural 
Life of Grace runs through all the documents concerning Human 
Rights drawn up under the influence of the organized forces 
that were responsible for the Declaration of 1789. That is 
the real struggle going on in the world, and in it every member 
of Christ is called upon to play his or her part. There can be no 
neutrality. " He that is not with me is against me ” (St. Matthew 
XII, 30.) 

1 Encyclical Letter, Humanwn Genus , April 20, 1884. Cf. The King- 

ship of Christ and Organized Naturalism, p. 62. 

2 For the proofs of the anti ‘supernatural origin of the Declaration 

and of its repudiation of membership of Christ, Cf. Membership 
of Christ and Naturalism in Hollywood and Elsewhere , by the 
present writer. 



An Outline of the Theology of History 


* came on earth in the Person erf Our Lord Jesus Christ 

'“ J and put before the Jewish Nation, from which He had taken 
. His Sacred Humanity, the divine programme for the ordered 
organization of the world, asking them at the same time to be 
its heralds. The crucifixion of Our Lord was the rejection 
by the Jewish Nation of God’s programme for order. They 
refused to accept that there was any life higher than their 
national life and they would not hear of the non -Jewish nations 
coming in as members of the Messianic Kingdom, on the same 
level as themselves. In spite of their persistent opposition, 
however, and notwithstanding the weakness of fallen human 
nature. Western Europe in the thirteenth century had come 
to acknowledge God’s Rights in the way He had Himself laid 
down and had organized society on the basis that man’s supreme 
dignity was his supernatural and supranational life as a member 
of Christ. Since then until recently, there has been steady 
decay. The so-called Reformation sectioned off the Christian 
life from the life of the citizen so that political and economical 
organization left membership of Christ out of account. The 
Lutheran separation of the Christian and the Citizen initiated 
that dualism by which man’s spiritual life in Christ was 
sectioned off from his social life as a Citizen. It is true that 
the Protestant states, as organized bodies, still acknowledged 
that they had a duty to God and, at the beginning at least, 
maintained the great truth of the Divinity of Our Lord Jesus 
Christ, though rejecting the order established by Him for the 
full recognition of God’s Rights. Decay was inevitable, how- 
ever, when once the guidance of the Vicar of Christ, the infallible 
Guardian of the moral law, had been rejected. 

The so-called Reformation did not attempt to set up a suprana- 
tional organization in the place of the Catholic Church. That 
was reserved for the French Revolution, in which was witnessed 
the first appearance in public of the new ideal of a purely 


The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jewish Nation 

naturalistic society striving for the universality that belongs 
only to the Catholic Church. Modem History since 1879 has 
been, to a large extent, the account of the domination of State 
after State by the naturalistic supranationalism of Freemasonry, 
behind which has been steadily looming up the still more strongly 
organized naturalistic supranationalism of the Jewish Nation. 
That is why the post-revolutionary epoch has witnessed, in 
country after country, persistent attacks on the programme 
of Christ the King in regard to the Church, the State, the Family, 
Education, the Religious Orders, the Press and Private 
Property. Soon after every successful Judaeo-Masonic Revolu- 
tion, since the first in 1789 down to and including the Spanish 
Revolution of 1931, the world has begun to hear of the country’s 
entering upon the path of “ ‘progress ” by the introduction 
of “ enlightened ” reforms, such as, the separation of- Church 
and State, the legalization of divorce, the suppression and 
banishment of religious orders and congregations, the glorifica- 
tion of Freemasonry, the secularization of the schools, the 
nationalization of property and the unrestrained licence of 
the press. This is Satan's programme for the elimination of 
the supernatural influence of Christ the King and all considera- 
tion of membership of Christ. Satan himself knows well that 
the carrying out of his programme can only lead to savagery 
and chaos, through the ruthless enslavement of the many by 
the few. As time goes on and the attack on God’s Rights 
develops, human beings are treated less and less as persons , 
more and more as individuals . This is the morally inevitable 
consequence of the domination of the Citizen over the Christian 
and a sure sign of Satan’s increasing influence over society. 

“ Russia ” or “ Moscow ” is but the prolongation of the principles 
of the French Revolution and the culmination of a long series 
of efforts. If Marx’s efforts had succeeded in the Paris Commune 
of 1871, France would have been exploited instead of Russia. 

Thus, in practically every country in Europe, in which the 
whole people once worshipped the Blessed Trinity in union 
with Christ as Priest in Holy Mass and strove to organize their 
social life under Christ the King in accordance with that pro- 
testation of homage, Satan has succeeded at one time or another 


The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jezvish Nation 

in setting up a native Government hostile to the Mass and to 
the rule of Christ the King. There are still two exceptions — 
Poland and Ireland. In these two countries Satan cannot 
yet boast that he has succeeded in getting a native Government 
to insult the Mass and attack the formation of children as 
members of Christ. But those two countries, so remarkable 
for their traditional loyalty to God the Father and Our Lord 
Jesus Christ, whom He has sent, are weakening in their grasp 
of order. While some of the other countries that had succumbed 
to the wiles of Satan and his emissaries in the past, have begun 
to react and are returning to Our Lord and His Church, these 
two countries have declared themselves indifferent to Him. 
Article 114 of the Polish Constitutional Law of March 17th, 
1921, re-enacted by the Constitutional Law of April 23, 1935, 
states : “ The Roman Catholic faith, being the religion of the 

great majority of the nation, occupies a leading position in the 
State among other religions, which, however, enjoy equal rights/' 
In Ireland, by Article 44 of the Constitution in operation from 
December 29th, 1937, " The State recognizes the special position 
of the Holy Catholic Apostolic and Roman Church as the 
guardian of the faith professed by the great majority of the 
citizens ” and recognizes equally the Protestant Sects and the 
Jewish Congregations as the Churches of the minorities. Thus 
the Polish State and the Irish State, to put the matter succinctly, 
declare themselves, as such, indifferent to the struggle between 
the True Supernatural Messias and the Natural Messias. 1 


We have seen that Modem History since 1789 has been to 
a large extent the account of the domination of State after 
State by the naturalistic supranationalism of Freemasonry, 
behind which has been gradually and steadily emerging the 
still more strongly organized naturalistic supranationalism of 

1 Cf. quotations from Pope Leo XIII concerning the obligation of 
States, pp. 7 - 12 . 


The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jewish Nation 

the Jewish Nation. Now, since human society, just like 
individual men, cannot avoid essential deviations from order 
unless it submits to God through Our Lord Jesus Christ, the 
anti-supernatural revolt has brought about inevitable disorder 
and decay, even in the natural life of nations. The imposition 
of an anti-supematural form has inevitably resulted in natural 
decline. This has shown itself especially in the Catholic 
countries, because the naturalistic forces have devoted par- 
ticular energy to the attack on the elements of supernatural 
organization still to be found in these countries, with disastrous 
consequences for the national life. But the Protestant countries 
have not been spared. In them, however, by the fact of the 
accepted separation of the Christian and the Citizen the de- 
supematuralizing process was already well on its way. It has 
been continued by the widespread legalization of divorce, the 
elimination of true Christian education, and especially by the 
developing domination of money with its complete reversal 
of order. This reversal of order involves the subordination 
of members of Christ, actual or potential to the production 
of material goods and of production to finance. The results 
are to be seen, in the treatment of human beings as mere 
individuals not as persons , in the decay of family-life, in the 
increasing socialization of property, and in the subjection of 
nations to those who control money. 

For the past twenty years, thinking men in every country 
have begun to see the need for national reactions against the 
consequences of Naturalism, in order to safeguard their national 
life and maintain their independence. A complete reaction 
on the part of a country would mean a return to full acknowledge- 
ment of all that we have seen implied in the Kingship of Christ 
in its . integrity. That would mean not only the rejection of 
the domination of the naturalistic or anti-supematural forces 
of the Jewish Nation and F remasonry, but also the acknowledge- 
ment of the Divine Plan for order, by acceptance of the Catholic 
Church’s mission and teaching on the relation of Church and 
State, on the Catholic Church as the divinely-appointed Guardian 
of the moral law, on the Sacrament of Matrimony and Family 
Life, on the Catholic Education of Youth as Members of Christ, 
on Private Property and the Function of Money. 


The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jewish Nation 


Spain’s reaction against the principles of the French Revolu- 
tion has been the most poignant and the most thorough, for, 
after Russia, it was in Spain that the " rights of man ” came 
nearest to the complete overthrow of the Rights of God. The 
history of Spain and Portugal since the beginning of the 
nineteenth century may be well summed up in these words 
of Pfere Deschamps : ” The revolutions which have succeeded 

one another in these countries [Spain and Portugal] have been 
caused for the most part by the rivalry between different sections 
of Freemasonry. These work together harmoniously in the 
struggle against Christian social order but tear one another 
to pieces when they have attained power. The same holds 
true for Mexico 

The Spanish Revolution of 1931 was a Masonic Revolution. 
A Masonic bulletin published by M. Ldon de Poncins proclaims 
it to the world : " The new Republic,” we read therein, “ is 

the perfect embodiment of our doctrines and our principles. 
It would be impossible to bring about a political revolution 
more completely Masonic than the Spanish Revolution.”*. 
The Masonic Revolution was intended to be only the forerunner 
of the Communist revolution, but General Franco rose to do 
battle for the Rights of God and saved Spain for Christ the 

1 Les Sociitts Secretes et la Socidtd, Vol. II, p. 668 . On pages 668- 
680 the author quotes a number of Masonic documents con- 
cerning the secret history of Spanish and Portuguese revolutions. 

The remark made about Mexico receives ample confirmation 
in Mexico, the Land of Blood-drenched Altars , by Francis C. Kelly, 
and in No God next Boor , by Rev. M. Kenny, S.J. Father Kenny 
gives an excellent summary of the responsibility of the United 
States and of American Freemasonry for the persecution of the 
Catholic Church in Mexico. 

* Histoire Secrete de la Revolution Espagnole, by M. L6on de Poncins, 
p. 24 . This work and that of M. Jean Marques -Rivifere, Comment 
la Franc -Magonnerie fait une Revolution contain details and 


The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jewish Nation 


Portugal's reaction against Judaeo-Masonic disorder has been 
on the whole peaceful, but it is well to have it known that if 
General Carmona and Dr. Salazar have been able to continue 
their work of orderly reorganization. Freemasonry has not 
been i41e. In 1931 and again in 1935 the Grand Orient 
attempted to get rid of them but failed. Everybody knows 
that the revolution of 1910, which put an end to the Monarchy 
was the work of Freemasonry. 1 

In regard to the points of the Divine Plan for Order con- 
cerning the relation of the State to the Catholic Church, the 
Family, and the Education of members of Christ, the Portuguese 
Constitution favours the return to order, while considering it 
prudent to take account of the results of decay and to await 
the development of the right mentality towards the Divine 
Plan through education. Thus “ the State shall maintain the 
regime of separation in relation to the Catholic Church and 
any other religion or cult practised within the Portuguese 
territory,” 2 but will keep up diplomatic relations with the Holy 
See with reciprocity of representation. Civil marriage and 
civil divorce are allowed, but the State will not permit Catholics 
married by the Church to apply for civil divorce. The State 
will not, therefore, aid the revolt of Catholic members of Christ 
against Christ. 

The Portuguese Corporative State fully recognizes the fact 
that man is not only an individual subordinate to the State 
but also a person for whose well-being and development the 
State itself exists. 

1 Cf . Le Portugal Renait , by L. de Poncins. 

2 Political Constitution of the Portuguese Republic (Editions SPN 

Lisbon p. 17). Article I of the Concordat of 1940 runs as follows : 
" The Portuguese Republic recognises the personality in law of 
the Catholic Church. Friendly relations with the Holy See 
shall be maintained in the traditional manner by the appointment 
of an Apostolic Nuncio to the Portuguese Republic and of a 
Portuguese Ambassador to the Holy See.” 

Some slight modifications were made by the Law of the 1 1th 
June, 1951. 


The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jewish Nation 


The struggle against England on the national level has so 
absorbed the attention of Irishmen that relatively few of them 
ever envisage that struggle in its full relation to the vaster 
and more intensely real conflict waged between Our Lord Jesus 
Christ and Satan. They know that when England embraced 
the heretical doctrines of the so-called Reformers in the six- 
teenth century, Ireland remained steadfast in its hold on order, 
but they do not accurately know what has been the effect of 
the French Revolution on Ireland considered from the point 
of view of the vital struggle between Christ and Satan which 
is being waged in the world. We have seen that the progress 
of the French Revolution has meant the successive renunciation 
by States of all acknowledgement of the Mystical Body of 
Christ and the Supernatural Order, under the influence of the 
naturalistic supranationalism of Freemasonry and the Jewish 
Nation. As a consequence all religions are placed on the same 
footing, that is, the Catholic Church is placed “ on the same 
level as heretical sects and even as Jewish perfidy/ * to use the 
expression of Pope Pius VII. 1 The State thus declares itself 
indifferent in the struggle between Our Lord Jesus Christ and 
the New Messias and we know that “ he who is not with me 
is against me ” (St. Matt. XII, 30). 

The widespread ignorance in Ireland of the meaning of 
Naturalism and of the significance of the principles of 1789 
is shown by the repeated exhortations to Irish men to accept 
without discrimination all the principles of Wolfe Tone and 
James Connolly. One of the great tragedies of these men’s 
ltves was that they were caught up in movements whose inner 
significance and ultimate orientation they were far from 
realizing. This tragedy is even more poignant in the case of 
James Connolly than in that of Wolfe Tone, for James Connolly’s 
devout reception of the Sacraments and recital of the Rosary, 
before death showed that he believed firmly in the divinity of 
Our Divine Lord and honoured His Blessed Mother. 2 

1 Letter, Post tam diuturnas . 

2 Ireland’s attitude towards the Kingship of Christ is dealt with in 

The Mystical Body of Christ and the Reorganization of Society 
pp. 342-362. 


The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jeioish Nation 


In order to understand the different currents in the German 
reaction against Judaeo -Masonic influences, we must bear 
well in mind that the Jewish Nation and Freemasonry are 
working in the camp of Satan for the reign of Naturalism, that 
is, for the disruption of the Divine Plan for order and the elimin- 
ation of Supernatural Life and Love from the world. They 
will hotly deny this or scoff at it, but the objective order of the 
world is a fact. Further, the leaders of the Jewish Nation 
aim at the inauguration of the reign of the Natural Messias 
and the rejection of Our Divine Lord, in view of their own dom- 
ination, and they use their undeniable influence in Freemasonry 
for that purpose. Accordingly, we must be prepared to see 
these naturalistic forces favour Protestant powers like England 
and Prussia, in so far as they may be useful instruments in 
propagating Naturalism, and at the same time seek to use them 
for the ulterior schemes of Judaeo-Masonry. We must be 
prepared too for reactions when these Protestant countries 
perceive that what they consider their national interests have 
been sacrificed on various occasions to Jewish interests and 
that their national life is in danger of corruption and decay. 

We need not be astonished, then, to find, on the one hand, in 
books like Les Societes Secretes et laSociete, by PereDeschamps,S. J., 
and Les Pourquoi de la Guerre Mondiale , by Mgr. Delassus, lengthy 
accounts of the different ways in which Jewry and Freemasonry 
favoured the hegemony of Prussia over the German countries, 
and the substitution of Berlin for Vienna as the cultural centre 
of the German-speaking peoples. On the other hand, we find 
in books like that of Dr. Friedrich Wichtl, Weltfreimaurerei 
W el tr evolution, Weltrepublik , 1 the accusation levelled at Jewry 
and Freemasonry of having continually worked against the in- 
terests of Germany. For example, Wichtl shows that Free- 
masonry throughout the world turned against Germany during 
the Great War (1914-1918). In particular he proves that it was 
through Masonic pressure that Italy entered the war against 

1 World-Masonry, World -Revolution, World -Republic. 


The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jewish Nation 

Austria and Germany. He shows also that the Communist 
Republic in Munich and the whole Communist movement in 
Germany and Russia after the Great War was the work of 
J udaeo-Masonry and Brothers/. Toller, Levien, Axelrod, Wadler, 
Ewinger, Lenin and Trotsky, etc., etc. 1 On page 286, he gives 
as his conclusion that “ neither we, Germans, nor the visible 
Governments of our enemies are responsible for the terrible 
slaughter of the great war, but that dark, secret power which 
we have called World-Masonry, behind which is hidden the 
invisible ruler of the destinies of all States and peoples, World- 

In their books, Pere Deschamps, S.J., and Mgr. Delassus 
stress the fact that the organized naturalistic forces favoured 
Prussia, in view of utilizing that Power's anti-Catholic attitude 
for the elimination of the spirit of the Mystical Body of Christ 
from Germany. Wichtl insists upon the fact that in the end, 
Prussia began to see that she was being sacrificed in her turn 
for “ higher interests." One is strongly reminded of a remark 
made to the distinguished historian. Cardinal Pitra, at Vienna 
in 1889, A highly -placed personage, whose name he does not 
give, said to him : “ The Catholic Nations must be crushed by 
the Protestant Nations. When this result has been attained, 
a breath will be sufficient to bring about the disappearance 
of Protestantism. Thus we shall arrive at State Atheism.” 2 
Hence the points of view defended by these two groups of writers 
are complementary. 3 

The German reaction against the corrupting naturalistic 

1 Op. ci t, pp. 211-231, 278-281. 

3 Quoted by Mgr. Delassus, op. cit., Vol. II, p. 48. 

8 Wichtl exaggerates when he asserts (op. cit., p. 186) that, though 
Frederick the Great was a Freemason, he was never admitted 
to the real secrets of the Lodges. As the founder of the Ancient 
and Accepted Scottish Rite (to which, however, additions were 
made at the end of the 18th century) Frederick was well aware 
of the inner meaning of Masonic Naturalism. In fact the Mason, 
Bluntschli, claims for him the honour of being the initiator of 
the revolutionary era, which, he says, should date from the year 
of Frederick’s accession, namely, 1740, rather than from 1789, 
The modern State “ independent of all theocracy,” that is, owing 
no submission to the divine law, began with Frederick, he main- 
tains. Cf. Deschamps op. cit., Vol. II, p. 19. 


The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jewish Nation 

influence of Jewry and Freemasonry, instead of inaugurating 
the return of the whole German nation to the Divine Plan for 
order, from which North Germany turned aside in the sixteenth 
century, has intensified the disorder. The reaction is a purely 
naturalistic one by which the German Race is put in the place 
of the Mystical Body of Christ, German Blood is substituted 
for Sanctifying Grace, the Life-blood of the Mystical Body, 
and the instinctive aspirations of the German racebound, 
national soul, as interpreted by the Leader of the race, replace 
the moral law. In the place of the supernatural, supranational 
Mystical Body of Christ, the Jews also put their race and their 
Nation, thus declaring that order is to come to the world through 
all nations being moulded by the Jewish Nation. Instead of 
drawing the obvious lesson from the Jewish rejection of Christ 
and striving to bring Germany to accept His Divine Plan, the 
National-Socialist movement has denounced the whole Christian 
revelation as a superimposed deformation of the German national 
soul and set up the German race and its national aspirations 
in the place both of the Mystical Body of Christ and a fortiori 
of the Jewish race and nation. 

Accordingly, National-Socialism substitutes the German race 
and its exigencies of social organization for the supernatural, 
supranational Mystical Body of Christ and its exigencies of 
social organization, expressed by the Indirect Power of the 
Church, Christian Marriage as the union of members of Christ, 
and Christian education as the formation of members of Christ. 
One can readily conclude that the National- Socialist reaction 
against the corroding influence of Jewish Naturalism on German 
national life leads, not only to measures of repression against 
the Jews but to a dire persecution of the Catholic Church. 1 

1 In The Rulers of Russia (pp. 74-77), two quotations are given from 
distinguished German Catholic writers to show the enormous 
extent of Jewish influence in Germany. Dr. Kurt Ziesche, 
Professor in the University of Breslau, insists upon the prevalence 
of Jewish Naturalism in the political and economic life of the 
country, in his book Das Kdnigtum Christi in Europa , pub- 
lished in 1926. Dr. Eberle, the Editor of Schdnere Zukunft, 
sets out in 1927 the actual power and might of Jewish influence 
in banking, in publishing and commercial life, etc., Cf The 
Mystical Body of Christ in the Modern World, p. 310. 


The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jewish Nation 

The deified German race has attacked the rival natural deity, 
the Jewish race, directly, and has proceeded systematically 
to get rid of it as corrupting the very fount of deity, German 
blood. It also systematically undermines and seeks to eliminate 
the supernatural, supranational Catholic Church. Catholics 
are still allowed to profess at Mass that they will endeavour 
to live their lives as members of Christ and that they will strive 
to organize society so as to be aided in so doing. But, from 
the moment Catholics in Germany and Austria leave the church 
after Mass, they find society organized on the principle that 
the highest form of life is German national life and that German 
blood is higher and nobler than Sanctifying Grace, the life- 
blood of the Mystical Body. National-Socialism demands an 
education which forms the young to regard membership of 
the German race, not membership of Christ’s Mystical Body, 
as the highest good. The moral law, of which the sole divinely 
appointed guardian is the Catholic Church, is replaced by the 
exigencies of German blood as declared by the leaders of the 
people. Thus the whole social organization of German life 
and the ideals animating it are completely anti-Catholic. 

The radical opposition of German racial theories to Catholic 
teaching is made clear in the instruction to combat them, issued 
by the Sacred Congregation of Seminaries and Universities 
to Rectors of Seminaries and Catholic Universities. The docu- 
ment, which was sent on April 13th, 1938, runs as follows : 
“ Last year, on Christmas Eve, Our August Pontiff and gloriously 
reigning Pope, in his allocution to the Cardinals and Prelates 
of the Roman Curia, referred in grave and sorrowful terms 
to the grievous persecution of the Catholic Church in Germany. 
It was a cause of the greatest pain to the heart of the Holy 
Father that, in order to excuse such flagrant injustice, bare- 
faced calumnies were invented, and most pernicious doctrines, 
falsely alleged to be scientific, were spread far and wide, with 
the intention of creating dire confusion in minds and uprooting 
the true religion. In view of this state of things, the Sacred 
Congregation of Studies urges Catholic Universities and Faculties 
to direct all their resources and? efforts to the defence of truth 
against the inroads of these errors. Accordingly, those who 


The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jewish Nation 

are teaching in these centres of higher studies must mobilize 
all the means at their command in biology, history, philosophy, 
apologetics, legal and moral science, and thus forge the weapons 
with which to refute decisively and expertly the following 
absolutely untenable and erroneous doctrines : 

i. The human races by their natural and immutable 
characters are so different, one from another, that the lowest 
of them is further removed from the highest than it is from 
the highest species of animal. 

" 2. The vigour of the race and blood-purity must be pre- 
served and cultivated by every means. Anything that con- 
duces to this end is by the very fact honourable and permissible. 

"3. The intellectual and moral qualities of man come 
mainly from his blood, the source of racial characteristics. 

“ 4- The essential aim of education is to develop the 
characters of the race and to inflame men's minds with a burning 
love of their own race as of the supreme good. 

“ 5- Religion is subject to the law of race and must be 
adapted to it. 

“ 6. The primary source and supreme rule of the whole 
juridical order is the racial instinct. 

“ 7. Only the Cosmos or Universe exists, a living being ; 
all things, man included, are only diverse forms, increasing 
through the ages, of the Universal Living Being. 

“ 8. Individual men exist by the State and for the State : 
whatever rights they possess come to them exclusively through 
a concession from the State ” 

The following phrases of the Encyclical of Pope Pius XI 
On the Persecution of the Church in Germany must be read in 
conjunction with the above propositions, especially with Nos. 
5 and 6 : “ He who takes the race, or the people, or the State, 
or the form of Government, the bearers of the power of the 
State or other fundamental elements of human society — which 
in the temporal order of things have an essential and honour- 
able place — out of the system of their earthly valuation, and 
makes them the ultimate norm of all, even of religious values, 
and deifies them with an idolatrous worship, perverts and 
falsifies the order of things created and commanded by God. 


The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jevnsh Nation 

Such a one is far from true belief in God and a conception of 

life corresponding to true belief We have done 

everything to defend the sanctity of a word solemnly pledged, 
to protect the inviolability of obligations freely undertaken, 
against theories and practices which, if officially approved, 
inust destroy all confidence and render valueless any word 
that might also be pledged in the future.” 

In The Rulers of Russia , I quoted an author to the effect that 
the German monetary system was a reaction against the fallacy 
of making the volume of a country’s money or exchange-medium 
depend on the amount of gold the government of the country 
could control . 1 It is quite true that the volume of money or 
exchange-medium ought to be proportioned to the develop- 
ment of a country’s capacity ioi production, not to the amount 
of gold that may happen to be in its Central Bank. But the 
German financial system, as a whole, is far from being in harmony 
with the principles of St. Thomas; in conjunction 'with the 
racial theory it will tend to the treatment of the human person 
as a mere individual . The German Government controls the 
creation of bank credit by the Reichsbank, and allows this new 
bank credit to reach the channels of trade by granting loans 
of it to whatever businesses it favours. Now, when the Govern- 
ment takes over exclusive control and management of the 
lending business, we have, in practice, Socialism or Communism. 
For a Government to create bank credit and lend it to whom 
it chooses is even more vicious than for private banks to create 
money as loans. In the case of private banks, arbitrary dis- 
crimination is not the primary motive in denying loans. The 
German Government determines what businesses may or may 
not borrow and thus exercises the power of life and death over 
them. This power tends to reinforce the treatment o{ subjects 
as mere individuals not as persons . 

1 3rd Edition Revised and Enlarged, November 1939, p. 74. 



The Struggle of the Jewish Nation 
against the true Messias 


T^HE decay in the social acceptance of the Divine plan for 
ordered life, since the thirteenth century, has had for inevitable 
consequence the gradual disappearance of supernatural influences 
and ideals from the political and economic life of nations. This 
is the first result. There is a second. The elimination of the 
supernatural from public life is making smooth the path for 
the coming of the Natural Messias. “ He that is not with 
Me is against me ” (St. Matt. XII, 30). The world is not standing 
still and the once Christian nations have to choose between 
returning to the integral truth of the Catholic Church and 
falling more and more fully under the yoke of those who are 
systematically preparing for the advent of the Natural Messias. 
The Supernatural Messias proclaimed the supremacy of the 
Catholic Church, His Mystical Body, which is both supernatural 
and supranational and respectful of the natural qualities and 
particular roles of all nations. The Natural Messias can only 
have for end the subjection of all nations to the Jewish nation ; 
for the refusal of the Jews, whose national organization had 
been set up by God to prepare for Christ, to accept the supra- 
national Church of Christ, inevitably leads to their setting up 
their nation as the highest embodiment of the Divine Order. 

Calvary has then a twofold aspect. It is at one and the 
same time, the rejection of the Supernatural Messias with His 
programme, which is summed up in the doctrine of the Mystical 
Body of Christ, and the proclamation of a programme to be 
accomplished by the Natural Messias to come. In the Mystical 
Body of Christ all nations are on equal footing, each nation 
aiming at the temporal prosperity of its subjects so as not 
only not to hinder but to favour their attaining their super- 
natural end — union with the Blessed Trinity in supernatural 
life. The Natural Messias to whom the Jews look forward 
is to bring happiness to the world by the imposition of Jewish 


The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jezoish Nation 

domination. It cannot be otherwise, given their Messianic 
aspirations. Our Lord asked them to be the heralds of a supra- 
national kingdom. Their refusal meant that they elected 
instead to impose their national form on the world, and they 
have put all their intense energy and tenacity into the struggle 
for the organization of the future Messianic Age. Thus when 
any nation turns against the Supernatural Messias it will be 
pulled in the direction of subjection to the Natural Messias. 
Satan has a wide view of things. He will be quite prepared 
to utilize German Naturalism against Our Divine Lord. There 
is laughter in hell when human beings succumb once more to 
the temptation of the Garden of Eden and put themselves in 
the place of God, whether the new divinity be the Jewish race 
or any other race. 

The Jewish ideal is interpreted differently by different Jews. 
The orthodox Jews want to return to Jerusalem, to rebuild 
the temple and to reinstitute their worship, while awaiting 
the coming of a personal Messias. The non -orthodox or Reform 
Jews have departed from the central hope of Judaism by reject- 
ing belief in a personal Messiah. 1 But they believe in the 
advent of a Messias in the sense of a Messianic Age which will 
come through the leadership and domination of their race. 
“ In general the Jews,” writes the Jew, Bernard Lazare, in 
his well-known work, L’ A ntisemitisme, “ even the revolutionaries, 
have kept the Jewish spirit, and if they have given up religion 
and faith, they have nevertheless been formed, thanks to their 
ancestry and education, by the influence of Jewish nationalism. 
This is true in a very special way of the Jewish revolutionaries 
who lived in the first half of this [nineteenth] century. Heinrich 
Heine and Karl Marx are two typical examples.” This is true 
also of the Jews of High Finance, the Rothschilds, the Warburgs, 
the Kahns, the Schiffs, etc., etc. They are one with their 
people in the ideal of the domination of the race and, there- 
fore, in opposition to the supernatural life coming from Our 
Lord Jesus Christ, Who, according to them, attempted to turn 
aside the Jewish nation from its destined goal. 

1 Cf. Campaigners for Christ , by David Goldstein, p, 30. 


The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jewish Nation 

Does that mean that all Jews are bad men ? Needless to 
say, it does not. There are Jews in whom may be seen excellent 
natural qualities, and the supernatural life of grace is poured 
out upon us all by Our Lord, even upon those who reject Him. 
It does mean, however , that all Jews, in proportion as they are 
one with the leaders and rulers of their race , will oppose the influence 
of the supernatural life in Society and will be an active ferment 
of Naturalism. Let us take some examples from New York 
where the Jews are powerful. We read in the New York Jewish 
paper, Freiheit , of January ioth, 1937 : " According to the 
Jewish religion, the Pope is the enemy of the Jewish people 
by the very fact that he is the head of the Catholic Church. 
The Jewish religion is opposed to Christianity and to the Catholic 
Church in particular.” Again we find in the New York Jewish 
National Day of December 14th, 1935 : " The public schools 

must be kept clear of Christmas carols and other Christmas 
influences. We want all this Christmas propaganda stopped.” 

Thus where the Jews are powerful, they openly attack the 
Supernatural Messias and the supernatural life of grace which 
comes from Him. In countries where they are only advancing 
to power, they content themselves with desupematuralizing 
the observances and customs which have sprung from acceptance 
of the Supernatural Messias. When the latter process has 
been carried on for a sufficiently long time and Catholics have 
grown weak, the open attack on the observance of Sunday 
or Christmas Day, for example, can then be launched. 

As an example of Jewish action in the elimination of the 
supernatural significance of a Christian observance, let us take 
the custom of exhanging Christmas cards. Christmas is in 
reality the anniversary of the birth of Our Redeemer, of the 
Second Adam who restored the supernatural life of our souls. 
That is the real inner reason for our joy on that day. Families 
and friends come together to celebrate the coming amongst 
us as a little human child of Him in Whom we are one as members 
of His Mystical Body. The body is meant to have its share 
of the happiness too, because the Son of Man knows that we 
are human beings. Now the exchange of Christmas cards is 
meant to remind us of these great facts in their due relation. 


The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jewish Nation 

The supernatural significance of the great feast of the Nativity 
should of course be always prominent. Yet what do we find ? 
Cards which show only holly and Christmas puddings have 
some relation to the feast, it is true, but not to the Christ Mass. 
Others with merely a row of dogs or a few birds have nothing 
to remind the recipient of what the rejoicing is for, while Yule- 
tide greetings seem to refer to some pagan festival and to be 
preparing the way for a revival of paganism. 

In this process of eliminating the supernatural Messias from 
the celebration of the anniversary of His birth, Messrs Raphael 
Tuck and Sons, Ltd., the largest firm of Christmas card manu- 
facturers, have certainly played a great part. “ The Directors 
of this firm,” according to The Britisher of December 15th, 
1937, “ are registered as Gustave Tuck, Desmond Adolph Tuck 
and William Reginald Tuck, Bt., and the Secretary is a Mr. 
A. G. Jacobs. All three Directors appear in the Communal 
Directory 'of the Jewish Year Book. Mr. Desmond Tuck is 
a warden of the Central Synagogue. Gustave Tuck is a member 
of the Jewish Board of Deputies Committee, a member of the 
Committee for the fund for German Jewry,” etc. This firm 
is not alone, but it has certainly been a great influence in pro- 
pagating Naturalism by fostering a naturalistic tone. 

It will be useful for Irishmen to examine how much of Dublin's 
real property has already passed into Jewish hands. Such a 
control must bring influence, and Jewish influence will operate 
against Christian social principles. Irish Catholics can see the 
advance of the elimination of the supernatural from public 
life, when a Jewish shop exhibits a card to the effect that the 
shop will be open all day on Christmas Day, and when Jewish 
professional men make appointments for Sunday morning. 
This disruption of the organization of society based on the 
reality of the supernatural life of grace and- on the vital 
significance of the Mass cannot proceed without disastrous 
effects on Catholics individually and as a body. For we know 
that it is only through the supernatural life which comes from 
our Lord that we can he good men according to the way which God 
requires and can correct the defects of our natural life . On the 
one hand, then, the increase of Jewish influence, with its in- 


The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jezvish Nation 

evitable naturalistic, that is, anti 'supernatural, character, 
cannot take place without such disruption. On the other 
hand, we are exhorted to work for the return of society to 
Christ the King so that, instead of having to combat influences 
hostile to our supernatural life when we leave the Church after 
Mass, we shall on the contrary be aided by the current of life 
around us. Accordingly, Jewish Naturalism renders conflict 

The Jews, as a nation , are objectively aiming at giving society 
a direction which is in complete opposition to the order God wants. 
It is possible that a member of the Jewish Nation, who rejects 
Our Lord, may have the supernatural life which God wishes 
to see in every soul, and so be good with the goodness God 
wants, but objectively, the direction he is seeking to give to 
the world is opposed to God and to that life, and therefore 
is not good. If a Jew who rejects Our Lord is good in the way 
God demands, it is in spite of the movement in which he and 
his nation are engaged. Our Lord Jesus Christ alone is the 
source of the goodness God wants to see in every?' human being, 
the goodness due to participation in the Inner Life of the Blessed 
Trinity. No Jew, in virtue of what he objectively stands for, 
is supematurally good as God wants him to be. 

Hence there would seem to be a regrettable confusion of 
thought in the article on The Jews in Ireland, which appeared 
in The Standard (Dublin), March 3rd, 1939. The article stated : 

The Standard stands for the practical application of Christian 

principles in the public life of Ireland Doubtless, 

there are good Jews and bad Jews, just as there are good and 
bad non- Jews in every country. We may praise the good 
and reprobate the bad ” 

The article in The Standard was perfectly correct in insisting 
upon the Christian principle of exclusion of hatred of the Jews 
as a race. The inculcation of that spirit of charity towards 
the Jews, however, is not the only Christian principle that 
has a bearing on the problem. To work for the return of society 
to Christ the King, and so secure the triumph of the supernatural 
spirit of the Mystical Body in social life, is surely a Christian 
principle. The Jewish Nation in an organized entity opposed 


The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jewish Nation 

to the treatment of our fellow human beings as members of 
Christ. We, must, therefore, combat their Naturalism. Some 
Catholics seem to forget that the Jews who, in their terrible 
opposition to God, were plotting the death of Our Saviour 
were so " pious ” and " God-fearing ” and " good ” that they 
would not go into the hall of Pilate’s palace, “ that they might 
not be defiled but that they might eat the pasch " (St. John 
XVIII, 28). Pilate had to yield to their scruples and go out 
to them, yet alas ! they were intent on the most awful crime 
ever committed, the crime of deicide. 

Jewish Naturalism, then, is disruptive of all social organ- 
ization based upon the Divinity of Our Lord. This disruptive 
process inevitably leads to a reaction on the part of the subjects 
of Christ the King and thus renders social conflict unavoidable. 
But, besides these two harmful effects, there is a third. Jewish 
Naturalism is injurious to the Jews themselves. Opposition 
to the supernatural life of grace that comes from Our Lord 
and, consequently, to ordered submission to God, our Father, 
is disastrous for the Jewish soul and character. Writing of 
the ceremonies and rites of the Old Law, such as circumcision 
and the worship of the Synagogue, St. Thomas says : “ In like 
manner, the ceremonies of the Old Law prefigured Christ as 
having yet to be born and to suffer ; whereas our Sacraments 
signify Him as already born and having suffered. Consequently 
just as it would be a mortal sin now for anyone, in making a 
profession of faith, to say that Christ is yet to be born, which 
the fathers of old said devoutly and truthfully ; so too, it would 
be a mortal sin now to observe those ceremonies which the 
fathers of old accomplished with devotion and fidelity. Such 
is the teaching of St'. Augustine ” (la Ilae, Q. 103, a. 4). 
Objectively, therefore, the Jews as a nation put themselves 
against the ordered return to God, which can only be through 
Our Lord Jesus Christ. 

Their opposition has not only had dire consequences in pre- 
venting and retarding the world’s acceptance of Him, but also 
sad 4 effects on themselves. The results of that ceaseless battle 
against order are becoming increasingly visible amongst them. 
The persistent rejection of the One Mediator, Christ Jesus, 


The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jewish Nation 

in spite of abundant light and grace, is having its inescapable 
consequences. As their power in the material order grows, 
the Jews are ceasing to believe in the God of Israel and are 
falling a prey to Pantheism in its various forms, Marxian and 

Does it then follow that all Jews are Pantheists ? It does 
not. In all this reasoning about the Jewish nation we are 
dealing with what we may speak of as moral laws in a wide 
sense. We cannot deduce conclusions therefrom to every 
individual member of the race. We must take account of 
the play of human liberty under the influence of the grace that 
comes from the Sacred Heart of Jesus to the members of the 
race which He loves as His own. We must affirm, however, 
that the Jews as a nation and therefore the vast majority of 
their individual members, given the solidarity of their national 
organization, will everywhere show themselves hostile to the 
supernatural life. 

His Excellency Right Rev. Antonio Garcia* Bishop of Tuy, 
one of the signatories of the Collective Letter of the Spanish 
Hierarchy of July 1st, 1937, h as summed up in striking language 
the essential features of the present struggle in the world. He 
had a splendid opportunity of seeing the Spanish phase of it. 
Mgr. Garcia writes as follows : " It is evident that the present 
conflict is one of the most terrible wars waged by Anti-Christ, 
that is, by Judaism, against the Catholic Church and against 
Christ. And at this crisis in the history of the world, Jewry 
uses two formidable armies : one secret, namely that of Free- 
masonry ; the other, open and avowed, with hands dripping 
with blood, that of the Communists and all the other associated 
bodies, Anarchists, Anarcho-Syndicalists, Socialists, as well 
as the auxiliary forces, Rotary, and Leagues of Benefaction. . . . 
in which are preached the exclusion of Christ, of His morality 
and of His doctrine, or in which one hears at least that abstrac- 
tion is made of such, as if Jesus Christ had not clearly declared : 

* He that is not with me is against me/ 0 

A writer who sees in a study of the consequences of the Jewish 
nation's Naturalism merely a series of fantastic statements 
about a supposed Jewish conspiracy has not grasped either 


The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jewish Nation 

the unity of the Divine plan or the meaning of the Kingship 
of Christ. The Jews do work with abnormal secrecy, and in 
the Masonic society they certainly have a powerful secret auxiliary 
force working for Naturalism, along with open and avowed 
auxiliary forces of Communists, Anarchists, etc. But it is a 
fact patent for all to see, that, in the world as it exists, the 
Jews, as an organized nation, refuse to accept Him Who is 
the Corner-stone of the building and the Foundation of right 
order, and ldok forward to a Messianic era to be ushered in 
by another Messias. Do they not proclaim this from the house 
tops ? Klausner, Professor at the Hebrew University of 
Jerusalem, in his book, Jesus of Nazareth, writes as follows : 
" What is Jesus to the Jewish nation at the present day ? To 
the Jewish nation he can be neither God nor the Son of God, 
in the sense conveyed by belief in the Trinity. Either con- 
ception is to the Jew not only impious and blasphemous, but 
incomprehensible. Neither can he, to the Jewish nation, be 
the Messiah : the kingdom of Heaven (the * Days of the Messiah ’) 
is not yet come .... [The ethical code of Jesus] is no ethical 
code for the nations and social order of to-day, when men are 
still trying to find the way to that future of the Messiah and 
the Prophets, and to the ‘ kingdom of the Almighty ' spoken 
of by the Talmud , an ideal which is of this * world ' and which, 
gradually and in the course of generations, is to take shape in 
this world.” A critic may point out that the attack on 
Christianity by immoral art and by unbelief would continue 
without Jews in the world. It is quite true that, even if the 
Jews were to disappear utterly, there would still be original 
sin in the world and consequently forces of revolt working for 
Naturalism, under the leadership of Satan, whose whole being 
is in revolt against the supernatural life of grace. What must 
be insisted upon, however, is that in that hypothesis, the best 
organized visible force, the one with the greatest cohesion and 
dynamic energy, would be withdrawn from the Naturalist 

The leaders of the Jewish race have a terrible responsibility. 
St. Thomas insists (Ilia P.Q. 47, a. 6 ad 1), that the excusing 
words of Our Lord : “ Father, forgive them for they know not 


The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jewish Nation 

what they do ” (St. Luke XXII, 34) were uttered on behalf 
of the commofi people, but not on behalf of the leaders of the 
Jews. Not only have they formed the ordinary people of their 
race to consider the idea of Our Lord being the Messias promised 
to their fathers as absolutely absurd, but they keep them in 
strict subjection. Pogroms in which the rank-and-file of the 
Jewish nation suffer serve the useful purpose of keeping them 
in absolute dependence on their leaders. 1 


The fundamental nature of this opposition will be seen more 
clearly when we examine a point in which what I have been 
saying differs to some extent from the thesis of a writer whose 
name is a household word in Catholic circles. In his work 
on the Jewish question, Mr. Belloc writes as follows : “ We 
are asked to believe that this political upheaval [the Bolshevik 
revolution by which the Jews got control of Russia] was part 
of one highly-organised plot centuries old the agents of which 
were millions of human beings all pledged to the destruction 
of our society and acting in complete discipline under a few 
leaders superhumanly wise. The thing is nonsense on the 
face of it. Men have no capacity for acting in this fashion 
. . . moreover the motive is completely lacking. Why merely 
destroy, and why, if your object i* merely to destroy, manifest 
wide differences in your aims ? . . . The conception of a 
vast age-long plot, culminating in the contemporary Russian 
affair, will not hold water/' 2 

Four points need to be touched upon. First of all, the 
opposition between the Supernatural Messias and the Natural 

1 “ The Jews are always and everywhere the tools of their ruling 
clique : to it they pay heavy indirect taxes, and in return receive 
help in exploiting the land which harbours them " (Waters 
Flowing Eastward , by L. Fry, p. 30). 

* The Jews, First Edition, p. 168. 


The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jewish Nation 

Messias is in the very nature of things. The Jews, as a nation 
have refused to accept the Supernatural Messias, God Himself, 
Who came into His ora world to restore our most real life, 
and they still look forward to another Messias. They are there- 
fore necessarily opposed to the true order of the world. As 
I have already said, the Jews work with abnormal secrecy and 
in the Masonic Society they have a powerful secret auxiliary 
force working for Naturalism, but I am here speaking of their 
opposition as a nation to the Supernatural. It is absurd and 
confusing to speak of that opposition as a plot or a conspiracy, 
for not only is it clear to us but the Jews themselves proclaim 
it openly. We must always bear in mind that the world is 
one, and that is is only through acceptance of Our Lord Jesus 
Christ as the True Messias that we can live our lives as the ob- 
jective order of the world demands. Mr Belloc seems to miss 
the force of the opposition between naturalism and the super- 
natural. That is one point. 

Again, opposition to the order God has established in the 
world leads inevitably to decay in belief in God among the 
Jews, and to corruption in regard to the correct attitude towards 
their fellow-human beings and in regard to the means to be 
employed to get other nations to accept the Messianic message. 
It is morally inevitable that nations which resist God and oppose 
the supernatural order of the world should suffer decay in the 
. process. The excesses of the Bolshevik revolution thus find 
their explanation. We are, however, dealing with a moral 
law in the wide sense. God is merciful, and the Sacred Heart 
of Jesus loves the members of his own race with a special love. 
We cannot, as has been said, draw conclusions from such a 
law to all the individual members of the nation. 

The third point concerns the differences amongst the Jews. 
Of course, there are differences amongst them and that, more 
-unavoidably than amongst other nations, because of their 
opposition to order, but that fact cannot hide the truth of their 
strongly -organized national solidarity. Is not the sympathy 
of the Jewish-con trolled press throughout the world with the 
Muscovite, that is, Judaeo- Russian, Red Government of Spain 
a proof of a strong unity ? 


The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jewish Nation 

The fourth point is that the Jews are not attacking Christian 
supernatural civilization merely for the sake of destroying 
it. They are demolishing what for them are the accretions 
due to pagan conceptions, by which Catholicism has disfigured 
the Messianic ideal. They want to prepare the way for the 
Messias who, according to them, is still to come and who is 
to bring about peace and harmony amongst all the people of 
the world under their own rule. They demolish for the sake 
of reconstructing on another foundation. No wonder they 
persecuted St. Paul for his insistence on the fact that “ Other 
foundation no man can lay, but that which is laid \ which is 
Christ Jesus ” (i Cor. Ill, n). 

The orthodox Jews speak of the Fatherhood of God, but 
they refuse to accept God’s supreme manifestation of His 
Paternity, His sending of His Only-Begotten Son. They con- 
sider as blasphemous the true doctrine of the Blessed Trinity 
and of the supernatural life by which we can enter into the 
family circle of the Blessed Trinity and love the Father with 
the Son and the Holy Ghost. In their pride they want to impose 
their will on God instead of humbly accepting His Will . In their 
pride they oppose physical descent from Abraham to the true 
doctrine of spiritual descent from him in unity of faith. “ Know 
ye, therefore, that they who are of faith, the same are the children 
of Abraham . . . for you are all the children of God by faith 
in Christ Jesus. . . . And if you be Christ’s then are you the 
seed of Abraham, heirs according to the promise ” (Galatians 
III, 7, 26, 29). In their pride, they refuse to see in the prophecies 
of Isaias about the sufferings of the Messias, the narrative of 
the treatment that was to be meted out by them to the Messias 
when He came. 1 They cannot believe that they could have 
made such fools of themselves as they actually did and con- 
tinue to do by attempting to apply the promises of God con- 
cerning the world-wide sway of the Mystical Body of Christ 
to their own nation. This terrible pride is the source of the 
obstinacy with which they refuse to accept the Supernatural 

1 Cf. Isaias , Ch. LIII, 7 . 12. 



The Dual Citizenship of the Jews 
in Modern Times 


F the thirteenth century, the high-water mark, so far, of man's 
acceptance of the order established by God, Catholic Europe 
acknowledged the Divinity of Our Lord : it admitted the reality 
of the supernatural life of grace, and the divinely-appointed 
right of the Catholic Church, the Mystical Body of Christ, to 
say what was opposed to that life and what favoured it, in other 
words, to be the judge of what was moral and what was immoral, 
whether in the actions of States or individuals. 

The so-called Reformation saw this claim of the Mystical 
Body of Christ denied by a large part of what was once Catholic 
Europe. This meant rejecting the order set up by Our Lord 
■Jesus Christ while attempting to retain belief in His Divinity. 
From the Jewish point of view, it was a big step in advance, 
for it meant the abolition of the supremacy of the supranational 
Mystical Body of Christ over a number of States. The State, 
in each country which embraced Protestantism, took the place 
of the Mystical Body of Christ. Thus a purely natural entity 
arrogated to itself divine functions, by organizing its particular 
form of religion, composed of a mixture of natural and super- 
natural elements, as a State department. It is true that this 
natural entity, the State, still acknowledged that, as a society, 
it had a duty to God and retained some elements of supernatural 
religion . 

The French Revolution carried a step further the process 
of decay in the acceptance of the Divine Plan. Religion was 
considered to be a private matter only ; for the State, as a 
society, denied that it had any duty to God, natural or super- 
natural. This was complete social apostasy on the part of 
nations which had once been Catholic and, as such, had ack- 
nowledged the rights of Christ and of His Mystical Body on 
earth. Every country in which a masonically-directed revol- 
ution proved successful, as in France in 1789, began by decreeing 
the separation of Church and State. Thus country after country 


The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jewish Nation 

completely rejected the Mystical Body of Christ. In this way 
the Supernatural Messias was dethroned, while at the same time, 
the way was positively prepared for the advent of the Natural 
Messias by the granting of full citizenship to the members of 
the Jewish nation. The Jewish writer, Bernard Lazare, ex- 
presses this very forcibly. “ The Jew,” he writes, “ is the 
living testimony of the disappearance of the State founded 
upon theological principles and which the Christian Anti-Semites 
dream of reconstructing. The day when a Jew became the 
holder of a public position, the Christian State was in danger. 
That is perfectly accurate, and the Anti-Semites who affirm that 
the Jews have ruined the idea of State could say with greater 
justice that the entry of the Jews into society symbolised the 
destruction of the State, that is, of course, of the Christian 
State.” 1 

When the Jews become citizens of the non- Jewish States, 
they still retain their primary allegiance to their own nation, 
which, according to them, is the chosen vehicle of divine order 
for the other nations. They still continue to look forward 
to the natural Messianic era, that is, to the era when their nation 
will dominate over the others. Their advance to positions 
of power and influence, aided by their control of finance, has 
been utilized everywhere in the once Catholic States to eliminate 
from public life the influence, of the supernatural life and the 
remains of the Catholic organization of society. For example, 
when the Jew, Naquet, got the French State to pass a divorce 
law, this meant that France, as a State, no longer acknowledged 
the indissolubility of the union of Christ and His Mystical Body. 
Thus French society was brought a stage nearer to the new 
Messianic Era. Such is the inner significance of that historical 
event whose consequences in the natural order have been dis- 
astrous for France. 


There is unorganized opposition to the Supernatural Life 
of Grace in each one of us, owing to the fall. This unorganized 

1 U Antisemitisme, p. 361. 


The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jewish Nation 

opposition of individuals leads to the formation of little anti- 
supematural groups here and there, even without the con- 
certed action of vast organized forces., The existence of united 
anti-supematural action on the part of organized bodies is 
so far removed from the mind of the average Catholic that it 
needs to be stressed particularly and its aims made clear. The 
Christian framework of society is destined not only to aid us 
in attaining union with Christ but to serve as a bulwark against 
the assaults of the forces organized against our supernatural 
life. These forces are three in number, one being invisible, 
the other two visible. The invisible host is that of Satan and 
the other fallen angels, while the visible forces are those of 
the Jewish Nation and Freemasonry. The Jewish Nation 
is not only a visible organization, but its naturalistic or anti- 
supernatural character is openly proclaimed by its refusal to 
accept the Supernatural Messias and by its looking forward 
to a naturalistic Messianic era. The Masonic Society or group 
of Societies is a visible organization, but its naturalistic or 
anti -supernatural character is secret or camouflaged. The 
Naturalism or Anti-Supematuralism of its aims, as well as of its 
ritual and symbolism, is clearly grasped by only relatively 
few of the initiated. The pantheistic deification of man, which 
is the consequence of this Naturalism, is the supreme secret 
of Freemasonry. Both of these visible societies, however, 
make use of subterfuge and secrecy in their modes of action 
against the supernatural life of the nations of the world. 
Accordingly, the most vitally real struggle in the world is that 
waged by those naturalistic or anti-supematural armies, under 
the leadership of Satan, against those who accept the Super- 
natural Life of Grace, participation of the Life of the Blessed 
Trinity, under the leadership of Our Lord Jesus Christ. 

In the work of elimination of the Supernatural Life from 
society, the Jewish nation has been powerfully aided by Free- 
masonry. Freemasonry is a naturalistic society, that is to 
say, a society which claims to make men good and true 
independently of the Supernatural Life which comes to us 
through membership of Our Lord. Masonry thus, in fact and 
in deed, puts itself above the Mystical Body of Christ, and its 


The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jewish Nation 

action has powerfully contributed to the elimination of the 
Catholic tradition, based on the Divinity of Our Lord Jesus 
Christ, and to the advent of the anti-supernatural or naturalistic 
mentality and outlook. 

Masonic propaganda has so blinded the nations, even those 
that did not revolt against the Mystical Body in the sixteenth 
century, to the significance of Naturalism, that it is difficult 
to rouse them to the full perception of the real issues at stake. 
The warnings of the Sovereign Pontiffs and the Judseo-Masonic 
attack on the supernatural life in Spain have succeeded, it is 
true, in getting them to stir uneasily in their slumbers, but 
they cannot be said to be as yet awake. The Masonic Declara- 
tion of the Rights of Man of 1789 has contributed also to bewilder 
people with regard to the significance of the Communistic attack 
on private property. 1 * The real meaning of the equality of 
the French Revolution, the one behind which is all the driving 
force of Masonry, is that all men are equally God. Accordingly, 
in a properly constituted State, an absolute social equality 
should counterbalance natural inequalities. The right of private 
property as the greatest cause of social inequality must be 
abolished. We need not be surprised then at the lukewarm 
opposition to Communism wherever the virus of the French 
Revolution has penetrated. In this way the poorer members 
of Societj 7 , who have had such sad experiences in the so-called 
Christian countries, since the sixteenth century, are easily 
drawn to listen to Marx’s cajoling words. The proletariat, 
according to the Jewish siren, is a Messianic class destined 
by its rule to bring about a new era in the world. People arc 
slow to grasp that both the proletariat in general and the Russian 
proletariat in particular are only means for the Messianic dreams 
of Marx's own nation. 


As a result of their dual citizenship in modern times, the 
Jews, while retaining their primary allegiance to their own 
nation and their devotion to the ideal of the domination of 

1 Cf. The Mystical Body of Christ in the Modern World, Chapter V., 

p. 54 . 


The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jewish Nation 

the Natural Messias, have been able to use their positions of 
power for the furtherance of their national programme which, 
as I have so often insisted, is necessarily and inevitably opposed 
to the rule of the Supernatural Messias, Christ the King. And 
now, unfortunately, the Balfour Declaration of November 2nd, 
1917, would seem to result in the perpetuation of this anti- 
supernatural, anti-Christian anomaly. The text of the letter 
addressed by Arthur James (later Lord) Balfour, then British 
Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, to Lord Rothschild, 
is as follows : 

“ Foreign Office, 

“ November 2nd, 1917. 

" Dear Lord Rothschild, 

“ I have much pleasure in conveying to you on behalf of 
His Majesty's Government the following declaration of sym- 
pathy with Jewish Zionist aspirations, which has been submitted 
to and approved by the Cabinet : 

“ His Majesty’s Government view with favour the establish- 
ment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people, 
and will use their best endeavours to facilitate the achievement 
of this object, it being clearly understood that nothing shall 
be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of 
existing non- Jewish communities in Palestine or the rights and 
political status enjoyed by Jews in any other country. 

“ I should be grateful if you would bring this declaration 
to the knowledge of the Zionist Federation. 

“ Yours sincerely, 

Arthur James Balfour ." 1 

For citizens of other states, citizenship is restricted to one 
State. Why should Jews be permitted to be citizens of two 
States ? The anomaly is already glaring when they form a 
State within a State : it is doubly so when they have a Jewish 

1 Quoted by L. Fry in Waters Flowing Eastward, p. 17 . 


The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jewish Nation 

State in Palestine. And it must always be remembered that 
it means keeping the enemies of Christ's Kingship in a specially 
favoured position. 

We read in Der Tag (Yiddish daily). New York, ioth July, 
1937 : “ Hail the Jewish State in Palestine ! — for on two 
thousand years it has lived only in the memory of an uprooted, 
wandering people. Conquered and levelled to the earth by 
the Roman hosts of Titus, aided by the hordes swarming across 
Europe from the primeval forests of old Germania, it is now 
about to rear its head once more, looking with new hope across 
the Mediterranean. It is our historic privilege, denied our 
forefathers for twenty centuries, to see the Jewish State revived 
again in the old historic site. The landless people, so long 
deprived of Nationhood, is landless and Stateless no longer. 
Once more are we a member of the family of nations, recognised 
and welcomed as such. Our Ambassadors and Ministers will 
be found in every capital, and a seat will be reserved for us 
at the council table of the League of Nations. Even in Germany, 
whence two thousand years ago came those who destroyed us, 
just as to-day they plot our ruin, we shall have our envoy 
speaking for us proudly, courageously, as one Government 
representative to another. Washington, the centre of Jewish 
hope in the Western World, will count the Jewish Ambassador 
among the youngest members of its diplomatic family .... 
Hail the new Jewish State ! J>1 
An Ambassador represents a foreign nation in the capital 
of the country to which he is accredited. The Jews are, there- 
fore, on their own admission members of a foreign nation in 
the various countries in which, for the time being, they dwell. 
The members of a nation which is represented by a foreign 
ambassador to the Government of a country, cannot logically 
at the same time occupy posts in the Government and seats 
in the Parliament of the country in question. That would be 
an intolerable anomaly, for example in the case of Frenchmen 
in Germany and Italians in England. The same must hold 
good for the Jews, in fact, it must hold a fortiori in their case. 

1 Quoted in The Patriot, August 12th, 1937. 

The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jewish Nation 

because of their naturalistic Messianic aims. The setting up 
of the Jewish State must logically lead to the elimination of 
Jews from the public life of England, Ireland and other countries. 


Read in the light of what has been written, the following 
observations will help to understand the difference between 
the situation of a Jew who becomes a citizen of the United 
States or France or Italy and, say, an Irishman who becomes 
a citizen of one of these States. 

The members of the Jewish nation, while retaining their 
allegiance to their own nation, are also citizens of other nations. 
Given the Messianic aspirations of their own nation they are 
bound to strive for the domination of their nation over the 
others, as they are firmly convinced that in this way alone 
justice and peace will reign upon the earth. The positions 
attained by them in the councils and legislative assemblies of 
other nations must logically be for them, at least primarily, 
means for advancing the domination of their own people. That 
Christ should reign over nations, in order that the influence 
of His supernatural life should be felt in all public life, elevating 
and purifying it, is utterly abhorrent to their Naturalism. They 
entertain considerable contempt for the national patriotism of 
non- Jews, though in public pronouncements they may pander 
to it for the sake of their own interests. If the Jews, for example, 
assisted at a peace conference merely as representatives of 
a Palestinian State, their role thereat would be proportioned 
to the importance of that State, but when they assist as 
secretaries of Lloyd George and Clemenceau and adviser of 
President Wilson, then we know that English, French and 
American citizenship will be utilized for the furtherance of 
the interests of a nation that believes firmly that English, 
French and Americans are destined by God to be subject to it. 

The primary allegiance of an Irishman, who has become 
a citizen of the United States, is to the United States. He 
may retain his sympathies with Irish national aspirations, 


The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jewish Nation 

but — to put it mildly — he is not imbued from birth with the 
idea that the Irish nation is destined to rule over the Americans 
and all other nations. Besides, if the Irishman in question is 
still a Catholic and believes firmly in the Supernatural Messias 
already come, he will be convinced that any subordination 
of the legitimate interests of the nation of which he is citizen 
to those of any other nation will be sinful. If, in any public 
capacity, he found his sympathies with Irish national aspira- 
tions (which, as has been said, do not include a programme 
of bringing other nations into subjection) coming into conflict 
with the mission entrusted to him of safeguarding primarily 
the interests of the U.S.A., he would in conscience be obliged 
to resign. Otherwise, he would fail in his duty to the Super- 
natural Messias, Our Lord Jesus Christ. The Jew, to be con- 
sistent, would fail in his duty to the Messias to come, if he did 
not subordinate the interests of every other nation to those 
of his own. There is, accordingly, a vital difference of attitude, 
which has its ultimate ground in the doctrines respectively held 
with regard to the Messias. 

It may be well to quote here some prominent Catholic writers 
who have advocated that the full citizenship of States, accorded 
to the Jews for the first time by the French Revolution, should 
be withdrawn from them. In Les Pourqnoi de la Guerre Mon diale, 
Mgr. Henri Delassus, Doctor in Theology, writes as follows : 
“ The first thing to do is to change French legislation. French 
law, for the last 120 years is legalizing a falsehood. It con- 
siders as French those who are not French, since they are Jews. 
French legislation should be in harmony with truth. It ought 
to restore to the Jews their Jewish nationality, in conformity 
with reason, history, justice and humanity. The legislation 
introduced by the Revolution represents the Jew as French. 

He is not French The Jew r s must cease to be officers, 

magistrates, professors, civil servants, barristers, attorneys, 

doctors in the public service We must repeal the law 

by wdiich Jews have been allowed to usurp the title of French 

citizens and declare them deprived of French citizenship 

Without any foolish acceptation of persons, without a trace 
of inhuman violence, by an abstract legal provision, which 


The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jewish Nation 

cannot wound anybody's self-love and of which, consequently, 
nobody can complain, Jewish functionaries must be obliged 

to resign from Government positions It is especially 

to financial centralization that the Jews owe the greater part 
of their strength. But that would have been overcome or 
could not have been maintained without the aid of political 
centralization ....... Without a change in the legislation 

introduced by the Revolution, the restoration of the French 
State is impossible.*’ 1 

Perhaps the most forcible testimony to the necessity of this 
measure is that to be found in the series of articles contributed 
to the Civiltd Cattolica in October, November and December, 
1890. These articles form a complete treatise on The Jewish 
Question in Europe, its causes, its effects and the remedies 
advocated. 2 After having spoken of various unsatisfactory 
remedies, the writer continues : “In order that the Christian 

nations may be delivered from the yoke of Judaism and Free- 
masonry, which is daily growing more oppressive, the only 
way open to them is to go back along the road they have traversed, 
to the point where they took the wrong turning. If the Jews 
are not rendered harmless by means of special laws depriving 
them of that civil equality to which they have no right, nothing 

1 Les Pourquoi de la Guerre Mondiale was published by Descl6e, De 

Brouwer et Cie, Lille and Paris, in 1922. 

2 The special position of La Civilita Cattolica amongst Catholic reviews 

and the enconiums bestowed on it by Sovereign Pontiffs deserve 
to be more widely known. Let us mention a few of them. 

Pope Pius IX gave the review its status in the following terms : 
“ By this Letter, in virtue of Our Apostolic Authority, we erect 
and constitute in perpetuity the College of Writers of the periodical 
La Civilth Cattolica." 

Pope Benedict XV blessed its work: “We bless the fruitful 
Apostolate which the Venerable review. La Civiltct Cattolica , 
carries on courageously and unwaveringly on behalf of the 
Christian cause. ” 

Pope Pius XI praised its devotion to the Holy See : “ From 
your assiduous activity and from the whole life oi La Civility 
Cattolica , there radiates that special devotion to the Holy See 
which has deservedly won for you the benevolence and esteem 
of Our Predecessors and Ours.” 


The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jewish Nation 

useful or lasting will be accomplished. In view of their presence 
in different countries and their unchangeable character of 
foreigners in every nation, of enemies of the people in every 
country that supports them, and of a society segregated from 
the societies amongst which they live ; in view of the Talmudic 
moral code which they follow and the fundamental dogma 
of their religion which spurs them on to get hold of the 
possessions of all peoples by any means in their power, as, 
according to it, they are entitled to rule the world ; in view 
of the fact that the experience of many- centuries and our present 
experience have proved conclusively that the equality of civil 
rights with Christians, granted them in Christian States, has 
had for effect the oppression of Christians by them, it follows 
as a necessary consequence that the only way to safeguard 
the rights of Christians, where the Jews are permitted to dwell, 
is to regulate their sojourn by laws such that it wilhjpe impossible 
for them to injure Christians. 

“ This is what has been done in the past. This is what the 
Jews have been seeking to undo for the last hundred years. 
This is what will have to be done over again, sooner or later, 
whether one likes it or not. The position of power to which 
the laws inspired by the Revolution have raised them in our 
day is digging under their feet an abyss just as deep as the 
height to which they have ascended. When the storm, which 
they by their display of power are provoking, bursts, they will 
be hurled down headlong in a catastrophe as unparalleled in 
their annals as the effrontery with which they are to-day under- 
mining the life of the nations that have exalted them 

“It is certain that one of the signs of the end of the world 
foretold in Holy Scripture is the entrance of Israel into the 
one True Fold. But we are not convinced that there are indica- 
tions of that conversion visible at present. This people scattered 

over the face of the earth is to-day what it became 

after the destruction of Jerusalem, without a king, without 
a priesthood, without a temple, without a native land, and, 
at the same time, a most bitter enemy of the Name and of the 
Church of Jesus Christ, True God and True Man, crucified bv 
their ancestors. We see no proofs, evident or otherwise, that 


The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jewish Nation 

it is likely to change for the better and welcome as its Saviour 

that Jesus whom it put to death It is certain that 

at present the Jewish Nation as a whole shows an incomparably 
greater tendency towards the hatred and destruction of 
Christianity than towards a benevolent attitude to it and a 
desire to see it prosper.” 

Of course, there need not be any difficulty about allowing 
Jewish non-citizens, who may be temporarily in a country 
not their own, freedom of worship in their synagogues. That 
is a totally different question. The point at is^ue here is the 
undoing of the naturalistic disorder introduced by the French 
Revolution. The expression, “ separation of Church and State,” 
is the one used in revolutionary constitutions to cloak the 
Naturalism by which the State rejects the Divine Plan for 
order and places itself above the Mystical Body of Christ. 
Having entered the camp of the Natural Messias, the State 
as a necessary corollary, admits the Jews to full citizenship, 
thus allowing them in practice to work for the supremacy of 
their own Nation over the native one and to prepare for the 
Messianic era. 

By the fact of the Jews becoming citizens of a Jewish State 
and ceasing to be citizens of other States another evil can be 
remedied. The small minority of sincere Jewish converts to 
Catholicism have always, up to the present, for all practical 
purposes been excluded from their own nation. The Jews 
insisted upon the " rights of minorities,” that is, their f< rights,” 
being safeguarded in the treaties at the end of the Great War. 
We must insist upon the rights of the minority of Catholic Jews 
and see that those who accept the Supernatural Messias must 
have special guarantees against ostracism and social injustice 
on the part of their own people. The Jewish State cannot 
treat its minority differently from the way the Jews claimed 
that they should be treated in the States of Western Europe. 
They cannot always expect to have it both ways. 


Have the Jews a right to Palestine as the portion of the earth’s 
surface in which they may set up a separate State ? It is clear 


The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jewish Nation 

from all that has been said about their rejection of the true 
supernatural Messias that they can no longer lay claim to it 
by Divine Right. They were assigned that part of the earth 
as their inheritance on condition of their being obedient to God. 
They disobeyed God’s command to hear His Son, by their 
rejection of Our Divine Lord before Pilate and on Calvary, 
and they persist in their disobedience. Accordingly, there 
can be no question of a right based on a divine promise. In 
addition, the Arabs have a natural right to the country they 
have occupied for the last thirteen hundred years. Canon 
Arendzen wrote as follows on this aspect of the question, in 
the Catholic Gazette of August, 1936 : “ The Arab population 

which has occupied the country for the last 1,300 years has 
definite and inalienable rights which must be respected. The 
Jews are foreigners in Palestine and the intrusion of vast numbers 
of foreigners so as to swamp the native population seems an 
act of unprovoked injustice. It would obviously oe unfair, 
if some great power by force made England a national home 
for the Danes, on the strength of that people once having been 
masters of this country a thousand years ago. The Jews have 
practically evacuated Palestine since 138 a.d., and their intrusion 
into it after having left it for eighteen hundred years seems un- 
justifiable, on any known principles of equity. The Mandatory 
power, which at present is the government de facto , is clearly 
acting against elementary laws of fairness in promising to a 
race, alien in religion, speech and blood, a country already 
occupied by another nation .” 1 

1 With regard to the 1915 agreement between the Sherif of Mecca, 
Hassein, and Sir Henry MacMahon, acting for the British Govern- 
ment, conceding the Arab claim to Palestine, cf. Waters Flowing 
Eastward, by L. Fry, pp. 68-69 and the literature there cited. 

” In the 9 o'clock news (B.B.C.) on Sunday, Nov. 2nd, 1941, General 
Smuts was quoted at some length as applauding the Balfour 
offer of Palestine to the Jews as a permanent home. He seemed 
to be as ignorant as Mr. Balfour appeared, some twenty -five 
years ago when the declaration was made, that we had previously 
admitted and acknowledged the claims of the Arabs to the same 
property" { The Weekly Review , November 6 th, 1941). 


The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jewish Nation 

The Jewish claim to Palestine is implicitly a denial that they 
have disobeyed God and missed their vocation by the rejection 
of the Supernatural Messias. It is the assertion in action that 
the promised Messias has not yet come and that the day of 
their national domination over the world will yet dawn. The 
final result will inevitably be another disastrous blow to their 
hopes, for all their naturalistic attempts to impose their will 
on God, instead of accepting His, are doomed to failure, and 
every failure involves the Jewish nation in dire catastrophies, 

. The writer of the article on the Jewish question in the Civiltd 
Cattolica of 20th December, 1890, already referred to, holds 
that the once Christian States must go back and take the road 
they missed at the French Revolution. They must ** take 
away equal citizenship from the Jews, for these latter have 
no right to it.*’ At the time that article was written the return 
of the Jews to Palestine had not yet appeared on the horizon. 
As the attempt to set up a Jewish State in Palestine is an effort 
to defy God, it has been suggested that some other country 
should be set aside for the Jewish nation, by international 
agreement. In that hypothesis all Jews should be citizens 
of that State only. 1 Very strict regulations should be made 
concerning the Jews sojourning in States other than the Jewish 


On the one hand, we have to stand valiantly for the Divine 
Personality of Our Lord and for the transcendent claims of 
His Mystical Body, the Catholic Church, in which He con- 
tiifbes to live and into which all must enter in order to be one 
with Him. The Personality of Our Lord, True God as well 
as True Man, is not merely the subsistence of a created soul ; 
it is the Personality of the Second Person of the Most Holy 

1 Some writers state that Great Britain offered Uganda to the Jews. 
Cf. Waters Flowing Eastward , by L. Fry, p. 38. Of course, the 
rights of the original inhabitants should be respected. 


The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jewish Nation 

Trinity. The Jews as a nation have always rejected that Divine 
Personality and their efforts are directed to combating the 
influence of the supernatural life which He seeks to diffuse 
through the Catholic Church. We have to stand, therefore, 
unequivocally for the rights of Christ the King. Jewish efforts 
to eliminate the supernatural life of grace and faith in Jesus 
tend inevitably to drag life down to an infra-human level. We 
have, therefore, to resist and defeat Jewish efforts to dominate 
our society and mould it along naturalistic lines. In particular, 
the creation of money and the regulation of the volume of 
exchange-medium used by Christian peoples must be taken 
out of their hands. I have seen a saying of Meyer Amschel 
Rothschild quoted as follows : " Permit me to issue and control 
the money of a nation, and I care not who makes its laws.*” 

On the other hand, Our Lord, True Man as well as True God. 
is a Jew of the House of David, bom of the Virgin ^dary, the 
Lily of Israel. Our Lord’s Individuality, that by which as 
a Man He is distinct from other members of the human race 
and belongs to a certain environment and a certain descent, 
is Jewish. The Blood that was poured out on the Cross at 
the hands of the official leaders of His own nation for the restora- 
tion of the Divine Life of the world was Jewish blood. Our 
Lord’s Sacred Heart is a human heart and He loves His own 
nation with a special love. We must never forget that or allow 
ourselves to fall victims to an attitude of hatred for the Jews 
as a nation. We must always bear in mind that He is seeking 
to draw them on to that supernatural union with Himself which 
they reject. 

The Jewish Nation has gradually become the most strongly 
organized non-secret visible force working for the elimination 
of the supernatural outlook in society and for the installation 
of Naturalism. The supernatural outlook insists that we are 
a race whose highest life, the Divine Life of Grace, by which 
the Blessed Trinity dwells in our souls, was lost by the fall of 
Adam, but restored by Our Lord Jesus Christ. Naturalism 
denies the existence of any life higher than natural life and 
maintains that social relations must be organized on that basis. 
As members of Christ we are bound to work for the return of 


The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jewish Nation 

society to our loving Saviour, so that social organization may 
be permeated with the reality of the supernatural life of grace. 
Pope Pius XI insists on this in the Encyclical on the Kingship 
of Christ. Let us now take two examples of how our efforts 
to combat Naturalism will bring us into conflict with the Jews 
in their preparations for the naturalistic Messias. The first 
example will deal with the political, the second with the economic, 
organization of the world. 

States and nations are bound to acknowledge the Catholic 
Church as the One True Church. Pope Pius XI shows that 
the naturalistic spirit has gradually come to infect society, 
because “ by degrees the religion of Christ was put on the same 
level as false religions, and placed ignominiously in the same 
category with them .” 1 Previously Pope Pius VII had written : 
“ By the fact that the freedom of all forms of worship is pro- 
claimed, truth is confused with error, and the holy and immaculate 
Spouse of Christ, outside of which there can be no salvation, 
is placed on the same level as heretical sects, and even as Jewish 
perfidy .” 2 Now, since the French Revolution, states have 
placed all forms of error on the same level as the Mystical Body 
of Christ, and Jews have been admitted as full citizens of the 
once Christian States . 3 By granting full citizenship to mem- 
bers of the Jewish religion, the State, to all intents and purposes, 
gives free rein to the naturalistic moulding process pursued 
by the Jewish nation, in view of the elimination of membership 
of Christ and the inauguration of the new Messianic era. It 
thus shows itself indifferent in the struggle between the true 
supernatural Messias, who has come, and the naturalistic Messias, 
to whom the Jew's look forward. 

In regard to the economic organization of the world, Pope 

1 Encyclical Letter, Quas Primas, On the Kingship of Christ. 

3 Letter, Post tam diuturnas. 

3 “ The sententious maxims which in 1789 were declared to be the 
synthesis of the Rights of Man , were in point of fact, merely 
the Rights of the Jews, to the detriment of those peoples amongst 
whom those ‘ Rights * were enthroned " (Article in the Civilth 
Cattolica, Della Questione Giudaica in Eitropa , November 15th, 
1890 ). 


The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jewish Nation 

Pius XI insists that " then only will it be possible to unite 
all in harmonious striving for the common good, when all sections 
of society have the intimate conviction that they are all members 
of a single family and children of the same heavenly Father 
and further, that they are one body in Christ, and everyone 
members one of another (Rom. XIII, 5).” 1 To have lasting 
peace in society we Catholics, then, must strive to bring back 
the great truth that employers and employed must treat one 
another as members of Christ. It is, as we have seen, part 
of what we promise Christ as King , when we make submission 
to our Heavenly Father along with Christ as Priest at Mass. 
Now, the aim of the Jewish Nation is to substitute for the 
Supernatural Messias in whom we are members of one body, 
the rule of the Natural Messias. Accordingly, in virtue of 
Catholic principles, we must oppose the efforts of the Jews 
to get control of the economic organization of society. How 
can we succeed in getting employers and employed to treat 
one another as members of Christ, if we allow social organization 
to pass into the hands of those who have persistently denied 
and rejected His Divine Mission and for whom the supernatural 
Kingdom of His Mystical Body is simply a fraudulent attempt 
to turn Israel aside from its destiny. 

We have, therefore, to resist and defeat Jewish efforts to 
dominate social organisms and mould them along naturalistic 
lines, in opposition to Our Lord and His Mystical Body. The 
Guilds of the Middle Ages, which reflected the solidarity of 
the members of the Mystical Body of Christ in economic organ- 
ization, rendered wonderful services to their members in times 
of sickness and need, thus efficaciously preventing Jewish money- 
lenders from gaining control of families and property. 2 We 
too in our day must safeguard the poor and needy from being 
tortured by Jewish money-lenders. Our action in this con- 
nection however, must’ not be merely the negative one of 

1 Encyclical Letter, Quadragesimo Anno, On the Social Order. 

* Cf. Les Corporations Ouvri&res au Moyen Age, by Godefroid Kurth. 
A translation of this pamphlet by the distinguished Belgian 
historian will be published later in this series. 


The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jewish Nation 

combating illegalities and getting laws suitably amended, but 
the positive one of setting up organizations which will render 
services similar to those rendered by the Guilds. Besides 
this safeguarding of the poor and needy, there is the more far- 
reaching question of the creation of money and the regulation 
of the volume of exchange-medium used by Christian peoples. 
That power must not be allowed to fall into, some would say 
to remain in, Jewish hands, or to fall into the hands of nominal 
or erstwhile Christians, Masons and others, who are dependent 
upon, or in alliance with, Jews. We must combat Jewish 
attempts to bring under their domination individual Catholics 
and Catholic countries, even more vigorously than we must 
struggle against Freemasonry, beeause the Jews form a more 
strongly organized and more cohesive naturalistic force than 
Freemasonry. 1 

It is not easy to combat Jewish Naturalism in public life 
and at the same time keep oneself free from racial hatred, which 
is itself but a form of Naturalism. Yet it must be done. On 
March 25th, 1928, the Congregation of the Holy Office abolished 
the association called The Friends of Israel, which in action 
and language had departed from the mind of the Church and 
of the Fathers and had adopted a mode of procedure abhorrent 
to the liturgy, thus falling into Naturalism. Nevertheless in 
that same decree, the Church insists upon the fact that she 
“ habitually prays for the Jewish people which was the 
custodian of the divine promises down to Jesus Christ, and 
this, in spite of, nay rather on account of, their subsequent 
blindness. Actuated by this spirit of charity the Apostolic 
See has protected this people against unjust treatment and, 
as it condemns every kind of hatred and jealousy between nations, 
so in a special manner it condemns hatred of the people once 
chosen by God, namely, that hatred commonly designated as 
‘ Anti-Semitism.’ ” 2 

1 The Jews exercise a very real and efficacious power of influence 

in Freemasonry and direct its action, thanks to the B’nai B'rith 

Lodges, which do not admit non -Jews, but whose members 

are admitted to ordinary Masonic Lodges. 

2 It is to be regretted that in a pamphlet published by the Paulist 

Press, entitled, The Church and the Jews, the above-mentioned 


The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jewish Nation 

Particular attention must be called to the phrase once chosen 
by God. It is the second time that the Holy See uses the phrase 
in recent years, the other being in the text of the prayer approved 
of by Pope Pius XI for the consecration of the human race 
to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. The Holy See is evidently insist- 
ing upon the fact that there is no longer any chosen people 
or race, except in so far as the Jews, who were the custodians 
of the divine promises until the time of Jesus Christ, despite 
their official rejection of the Supernatural Messias, have not 
ceased to be the members of His own race. Certain nations 
have at times shown themselves, to some extent at least, dazzled 
by the belief that they were the chosen people or race, in the 
natural order. The pagan cult of race is but a modern mani- 
festation of Naturalism. 

The Jews look upon themselves now as the Chosenl People, 
because they hold that they are the people destined to bring 
happiness to the world in the Messianic Era yet to come. Catholic 
writers would do well not to pander to this Naturalism, by 
speaking of the Jews simply as the Chosen People, for thus 
they increase the confusion of thought in modem times. The 
Jews were chosen to be the custodians of the divine promises 
until the coming of Jesus Christ, of whom they w r ere to be the 
fount according to the flesh. They have not ceased to be the 

decree of the Holy Office is quoted as if its main purpose were 
to condemn Anti-Semitism. The decree does condemn Anti- 
Semitism in unequivocal terms, but its main purpose was to 
suppress a society which by its coquetting with Jewish Naturalism 
was becoming a source of confusion. In addition, the significant 
phrase once chosen by God (olim a Deo electum) is omitted from the 
text of the decree, as quoted in the pamphlet, and there is no 
indication in the pamphlet of its suppression. This is regrettable. 
A carefully thought-out explanation of all that is implied in that 
phrase would, it seems to me, have helped to clarify some of the 
paragraphs of the pamphlet. Again the title of the pamphlet is 
too wide for the matter treated. It does not treat of the whole 
question of the relations of the Catholic Church and the Jewish 
nation nor of naturalism and supernaturalism. It deals rather 
with the refutation of the arguments used by the Hitlerite Govern- 
ment of Germany to justify its treatment of the Jews. A more 
accurate title would be The Church and the Hitlerite Campaign 
against the Jews . As such, it would be excellent. ■ 


The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jewish Nation 

race in which the “ Word was made Flesh,” and as such, they 
are the object of special love on the part of Our Lord. But 
the Naturalism by which they rejected Him and continue to 
hold that the happiness of the world is to come through their 
Messianic aspirations is false and must be everywhere combated. 

We have, therefore, a twofold programme set out before 
us. We must, on the one hand, defend Our Lord's rights and, 
on the other, seek to tear away the veil from the eyes of those 
whose blindness hurts Him in a special way. This is the pro- 
gramme set before us in these words of the Encyclical Letter, 
Quas Prirnas of Pope Pius XI. ” If the faithful generally 
would understand that it is their duty to fight bravely and 
continually under the banner of Christ their King, then, fired 
with apostolic zeal, they would endeavour to win over to Our 
Lord those who are estranged from Him or know Him not, 
and would valiantly defend His rights.” 

Pope Pius X insisted in most appealing fashion upon the 
need for courage on the part of Catholics in the mpdem world, 
in the discourse he pronounced on the 13th December, 1908 
at the Beatification of Joan of Arc. To St. Joan's mind the 
coronation and anointing of the King of France were ever present, 
because that anointing did homage to the universal Kingship 
of Christ and linked up political power with the government 
*of the Lord Jesus. She was the saint sent to remind the world, 
at the decline of the Middle Ages, of the formal principle of 
order in the world, the acknowledgement of the Kingship of 
Christ. The saintly Pope spoke of the heroism of Blessed 
Joan, and contrasted it with the timidity of so many Catholics 
in our day : " In our time more than ever before, the chief 

strength of the wicked lies in the cowardice and weakness of 
good men. . . . All the strength of Satan's reign is due to the 
easy-going weakness of Catholics. Oh ! if I might ask the 
Divine Redeemer, as the prophet Zachary did in spirit : What 
are those wounds in the midst of thy hands ? the answer would 
not be doubtful : With these was I wounded in the house of them 
that loved me. I was wounded by my friends, who did nothing 
to defend me, and who, on every occasion, made themselves 
the accomplices of my adversaries. And this reproach can 
be levelled at the weak and timid Catholics of all countries.” 



The Catholic Church and Anti-Semitism 


A FTER all that has already been said, it will be easy to deal 
** with the question of Anti-Semitism. What is meant by the 
term ? It means hatred of the Jews as a race. The Jews, 
however, use the word to designate any form of opposition to 
themselves, and they strive persistently to associate irrationality 
and want of balance with the term. They evidently want the 
world to believe that anyone who opposes Jewish pretensions 
is more or less mentally deranged. 

Now, first of all, it must be remarked that the term is too 
wide and too loose. The Arabs are doubtless Semites. Yet 
the Arabs in Palestine, on account of their opposition to Jewish 
domination, are Anti-Semites. 

Secondly, as we must stand valiantly for the rights of Christ 
the King, the True Supernatural Messias, and strive to re- 
impregnate society with the supernatural spirit of the Mystical 
Body, we must combat Jewish efforts to permeate the world 
with Naturalism. In that sense, as there is only one Divine 
Plan for order in the world, every sane thinker must be an 
anti-Semite. The Jewish World, February qth, 1883, con- 
tained the following programme : “ The great ideal of Judaism 

is . . . that the whole world should be imbued with Jewish 
teachings, and that in a universal Brotherhood of nations — 
a greater Judaism in fact — all the separate races and religions 
shall disappear.” This implies the elimination of the Super- 
natural Messias and the disappearance of the Mystical Body 
of Christ, the Catholic Church. The Jews need not be sur- 
prised that such pretensions evoke " Anti-Semitism.” That 
programme is a challenge to the Catholic Church to a duel to 
the death. 


The Catholic Church condemns hatred and want of charity 
between nations just as it does between individuals. By nature 


The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jewish Nation 

we are brothers and by our supernature, the Divine Life of 
Grace, we are united in a brotherhood which is infinitely nobler 
still. “ Above the brotherhood of humanity and fatherland/ ’ 
said Pope Pius XI, “ there is a brotherhood which is infinitely 
more sacred and more precious, the brotherhood which makes 
us one in Christ, our Redeemer, namely, our kinship in the 
Catholic Church, the Mystical Body of Christ Himself.” 1 

The Church condemns in a more particular manner hatred 
of the Jews. Why is hatred of the Jewish race, as such, especially 
odious ? Because they are the nation and race in which the 
Word became Flesh. Our Lord is a Jew of the House of David. 
Catholics commonly designate this hatred by the term “ Anti- 
Semitism.” 2 

If we take into account the condemnation of the German 
racial theories in the Encyclical Letter, On the Persecution of 
the Church in Germany, and in the Letter of the Sacred Con- 
gregation of Seminaries of April, 1938, the present National 
Socialist hatred of the Jewish race is to be still more severely 
condemned, because it is based on blasphemous and heretical 
presuppositions. 3 

It must, however, be remarked with the writer of the article, 
Juifs et Chretiens , in the Dictionnaire Apologetique de la Foi 
Chretienne , that the Church has spoken for and against the 
Jews. On the one hand, the Church has spoken for the Jews 
to protect their persons and their worship against unjust attacks. 
She has always condemned acts of violence against the Jews 
and has respected the liberty of their consciences and allowed 
them freedom for their cult. On the other hand, the Church 
has spoken against the Jews, when they wanted to impose 
their yoke on the faithful and provoke apostasy. She has 
always striven to protect the faithful from contamination by 
them. As experience in past centuries showed that if the 
Jews succeeded in attaining to high offices of State they would 

1 Allocution to the Spanish Refugees, 14th September, 1936. 

2 Cf. the document of the Congregation of the Holy Office already 

quoted on p. 75. 

3 Cf . Chapter III. pp. 43-44. 


The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jewish Nation 

abuse their powers to the detriment of Catholics, the Church 
always strove to prevent Catholics from coming under their 
yoke. They were forbidden to proselytize and were not allowed 
to have Christians as slaves or servants. 

On the one hand, the Church condemns race-hatred in general 
and hatred of the Redeemer’s race in particular. On the other 
hand, the Church insists, as we have seen, on the duty of com- 
bating Naturalism in public and private life and approves of 
love of native land and extols true supernatural patriotism. 
We have the right and the duty to defend our country and our 
nation against the unjust aggression of another nation. This 
duty is still more strongly urged upon us when it is' a question 
of our country’s fidelity to Christ the King. We must, there- 
fore, combat Naturalism in general always and everywhere, 
and we must be vigilant in regard to the Naturalism of the 
Jewish Nation in particular. The tireless energy with which 
His own nation pursues the elimination of the influence of the 
supernatural life is doubly painful to Our Lord’s Sacred Heart. 
The combat against Naturalism in general and, therefore, 
against the organized Naturalism of the Jewish Nation, is 
urged upon us, for example, by Pope Leo XIII ( Tametsi , 1900) 
and Pope Pius XI ( Quas Pvimas, 1925, and Quadragesimo Anno , 
1931 )- 

We are warned against Jewish Naturalism explicitly in a 
whole series of Papal Documents quoted by Pope Benedict XIV, 
in the Encyclical Letter, A Quo Primum (1751). ’‘As for Us,’ 
writes that learned Pontiff, “ in this matter, as in all others, 
We follow the line of conduct adopted by Our Venerable Pre- 
decessors, the Roman Pontiffs. Alexander III (1 159-1181) 
forbade Christians, under severe penalties, to enter the service 
of Jews for any lengthy period or to become domestic servants 
in their households’ ‘ They ought not,” he wrote, ‘ to serve 
Jews for pay in permanent fashion.’ The same Pontiff explains 
the reason for this prohibition as follows : ‘ Our ways of life 

and those of the Jews are utterly different, and Jews will easily 
pervert the souls of simple folk to their superstition and un- 
belief, if such folk are living in continual and intimate inter- 
course with them.’ This quotation concerning the Jews will 


The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jemsh Nation 

t>e found in the Decretal ' Ad h&c.’ Innocent II (1198-1216), 
after having mentioned that Jews were being admitted by 
Christians into their cities, warned Christians that the mode 
and the conditions of admission should be such as to prevent 
the Jews from returning evil for good : ' When they are thus 

admitted out of pity into familiar intercourse with Christians, 
they repay their hosts, as the proverb says, after the fashion 
of the rat hidden in the sack, or the snake in the bosom, or 
the burning brand in one's lap.' The same Pontiff says it is 
fitting for Jews to serve Christians, but not for Christians to 
serve Jews, and adds : * The sons of the free- woman should 

not serve the sons of the bond-woman. On the contrary, the 
Jews, as servants rejected by that Saviour whose death they 
wickedly contrived, should recognise themselves, in fact and 
in deed, the servants of those whom the death of Christ has 
set free, even as it has rendered them bondmen/ These words 
may be read in the Decretal, * Etsi Judaos / In like manner, 
in another Decretal, * Cum sit nimis / under the same heading, 

* T>e Judceis et Saracenis 9 (On Jews and Saracens) he forbids 
public positions to be bestowed on Jews : ' We forbid the giving 
of- public appointments to Jews because they profit by the 
opportunities thus afforded them to show themselves bitterly 

hostile to Christians ' If any should ask what is 

forbidden by the Apostolic See to Jews dwelling in the same 

towns as Christians he has only to read the Constitutions 

of the Roman Pontiffs, Our Predecessors, Nicholas IV (1288- 
1294) ; Paul IV (1555-1559) ; Saint Pius V (1566-1572) ; 
Gregory XIII (1572-1585) ; and Clement VIII (1592-1605), 
which are readily available, as they are to be found in the 
Bullarium Romanum ” 

In face of Jewish Naturalism, then, we must proclaim the 
supremacy of the Supernatural Life of the Mystical Body by 
which we are spiritual descendants of Abraham, over the natural 
life of Abraham's descendants according to the flesh, as well 
as over every form of national life. 1 

1 “ All are not Israelites that are in Israel : neither are all they that 
are the seed of Abraham, children ** (Rom. IX, 6, 7). 


The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jezvish Nation 

In face of Rosenberg’s naturalistic deification of the German 
race and his rejection of Jewish blood as poisoned, we must 
proclaim that the Mystical Body of Christ is the one divinely- 
instituted supernatural society in which all both Jew and 
Gentile, German and non-German, find redemption. We must 
affirm unflinchingly that this Supernatural Society of which 
the life-blood is sanctifying grace is infinitely superior to every 
nation and every race. As Abraham merited by his faith and 
obedience to be the ancestor of the Head of redeemed humanitv, 
who was therefore of Jewish blood ; so we by our faith and 
obedience, are his spiritual descendants, spiritually Semites, 
members of the Mystical Body of his seed. This is what Pope 
Pius XI emphasized when he used the expression : “ Anti- 

semitism is inadmissible. We are spiritually Semites,” 
addressed to the members of a Belgian pilgrimage in September, 
1938. 1 Pope Pius XI's phrase is an echo of the one used by 
Pope Pius IX to the Jewish convert priests, the Fathers Leman n : 
41 You are the sons of Abraham and I also.” 2 

1 The French Journal, La Croix , of September 17th, 1938, stated 

that Pius XI, opening a Missal which had been offered him by 
some Belgian pilgrims, read out in Latin the prayer “ Supra 
quae propitio , etc from the Canon of the Mass. In English 
the prayer runs as follows : “ Vouchsafe to look upon them with 
a countenance merciful and. kind, and to receive them as Thou 
wast pleased to receive the gifts of Thy just servant Abel, and 
the sacrifice of our father Abraham, and that which Melchisedech 
Thy high priest offered up to Thee, a holy sacrifice and spotless 
victim.” The Pope then went on to say: ” Anti-semitism is 
incompatible with the sublime ideas and truths expressed in 
this text. We Christians can take no part in such a move- 
ment .... no, it is impossible for Christians to take part in Anti- 
semitism. We acknowledge that everyone has the right to 
defend himself, in other words, to take the necessary precautions 
for his protection against everything that threatens his legitimate 
interests. But Anti-semitism is inadmissible. We are spiritually 

— Translation from The Missal (Burns Oates & Washbourne Ltd. 


2 “ Vos estis filii Abrahae et ego.” This is quoted in the book. La 

Cause des testes d’ Israel introduite au Concile Oecumenique du 
Vatican , by the Fathers L6mann. 


The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jewish Nation 

The phrase used by Pope Pius XI has been very frequently 
quoted, in fact, so frequently, that one is inclined to suspect 
that it is being used as propaganda with a view to emphasizing 
one aspect of the question, especially when one hardly ever 
finds any allusion to the previous portion of the Pope's discourse. 
Pope Pius XI had also said : ‘'It is impossible for Christians 

to be Anti-Semites, but we acknowledge that everyone has 
the right to defend himself, in other words, to take the necessary 
precautions for his protection against everything that threatens 
his legitimate interests.” Thus we find in this pronouncement 
of Pope Pius XI 1 the two currents which, down the centuries, 
run through the official declarations of the Holy See concern- 
ing the Jews. On the one hand, the Sovereign Pontiffs strive 
to protect the Jews from physical violence and to secure respect 
for their family life and their worship, as the life and worship 
of human persons. On the other hand, they aim unceasingly 
at protecting Christians from the contamination of Jewish 
Naturalism and try to prevent Jews from obtaining control 
over Christians. The existence of the second needs to be 
strongly stressed, because, to some extent it has been lost sight 
of in recent times. Catholics need to be made familiar, not 
only with the repeated Papal condemnations of the Talmud, 
but with the measures taken by the Sovereign Pontiffs to pre- 
serve society from the inroads of Jewish Naturalism. Other- 
wise they will be exposed to the risk of speaking of Pope St. 
Pius V and Pope Benedict XIV, for example, as Anti-Semites, 
and showing their ignorance of the meaning of supernatural 
life and of the rule of Christ the King over society. 

91 The Antiphon of the Magnificat of the first vespers of Quin- 
quagesima Sunday expresses the same idea in succinct fashion. 
It runs as follows ; “ Noble Abraham, the Father of our Faith, 
offered a holocaust on the altar in the place of his son.’* 

Of. the text of Gal. Ill, 29 : “ And if you be Christ’s, then 
are you the seed of Abraham, heirs according to the promise.*’ 
M. Drach quotes this text when, addressing his fellow -Israelites, 
he says : “ It is only through Jesus that you can be children 
of Abraham ” {V Harmonic entre VEglise et la Synagogue, Vol. I, 
p. 25). 


The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jewish Nation 



But what is the reason of the peculiar persistent opposition 
to the Jews ? The ultimate reason is their perversion of the 
supernatural mission which they as a nation received from 
God. They were destined to be the heralds of the Divine Life 
of grace to the world. They did not listen to Our Lord when 
He spoke to them of the reality of a higher life and of a higher 
unity for the peoples of the world than their national life and 
the unity imposed by their nation. The Jews as a nation refused 
to aid in building up the supernatural, supranational Mystical 
. Body of Christ into which all nations were invited to enter. 
“ In the time of Our Lord,” writes Pere L&grange, O.P., “ the 
Talmud was not yet written, but its spirit already animated 
the doctors of Israel.” 1 It is that spirit of self-centred pride 
and contempt, owing to their being specially favoured by God, 
which roused the opposition of the nations to the Jews before 
the coming of Christ. It is the Talmud which has maintained 
that organized pride and systematic contempt amongst them 
since. This perversion of the normal relation of a nation to 
other nations is the morally inevitable result of their refusal 
to accept the Divine Plan for order in the world. Opposition 
to God and rejection of grace lead to decay. Moral wrong 
becomes* right for a mind persistently opposed to God and the 
one Mediator, Christ Jesus. 

The results of Jewish opposition to the Divine Plan may be 
summed up as follows : “If w^e now consider the opposition 

of the Jewish nation to the Mystical Body of Christ since Calvary, 
we shall find it codified and crystallized, so to say, in the Talmud 
and Kabbala. The Talmud contains, chiefly but not exclusively, 
the deviations from the order of the world in regard to the 
organization of society (social life). The terrible pride of the 
Jewish race, due to their having lowered and corrupted the 
idea of the mission to which God has called them, is very visible 

1 U Evangile de Jisus-Christ, p. 463. 


The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jezoish Nation 

therein. While the Talmud represents the codification of 
Jewish opposition to the Kingship of Christ, the Kabbala reflects 
rather the opposition to the priesthood of Christ. In the latter 
we see, chiefly but not exclusively, the divagations from order 
which have arisen amongst the Jews, with regard to mystical 
union with God and spiritual life, owing to their persistent 
want of submission to God and to Jesus Christ Whom He has 
sent. The refusal to accept the Divine Life offered by Our 
Lord has resulted in the deification of the natural powers of 
man. The Kabbala furnishes the key to the Pantheism of 
Freemasonry, Theosophy, and the other occult societies which 
promise to reveal the secrets of a higher life to their adepts.” 1 

1 The Mystical Body of Christ in the Modern World , pp. 75, 76. 



The Conversion of the Jewish Nation 



•"THE Talmudic formation, then, is responsible for the attitude 
A of the Jewish nation to other nations which leads to the/quite 
special friction they provoke* What are the characteristic 
traits of that formation ? Let us hear them from very different 
sources. Mgr. Landrieux, Bishop of Dijon, France, in his 
excellent work, L’Histoire et les Histores dans la Bible , outlines 
the effect of the Talmud as follows : “ It is a systematic deforma- 
tion of the Bible . . . The pride of race with the idea of universal 
domination is therein exalted to the height of folly . . . For 
the Talmudist, the Jewish race alone constitutes humanity, 
the non- Jews are not human beings. They are of a purely 
animal nature. They have no rights. The moral laws which 
regulate the mutual relations of men, the Ten Commandments, 
are not of obligation in their regard. They oblige exclusively 
between Jews. With regard to the Goim (non- Jews) every- 
thing is allowed : robbery, fraud, perjury, murder. When, 
the Talmud became known, especially in the sixteenth century 
thanks to the invention of printing, such indignation was aroused 
throughout the Catholic world that a Jewish General Assembly 
in 1631 gave orders that the most obnoxious passages should 
not be printed, but added that, * a little circle, O, should be 
put in the place of the suppressed passages. This will warn 
the Rabbins and the school-teachers that they are to teach 
these passages orally so that the learned among the Nazarenes 
(Christians) may no longer have any pretext for attacking us 
in this regard.' 1 In our day the Talmud does not provoke either 
astonishment or anger amongst Catholics, because it is no longer 

1 L’Harmonie entre VEglise et la Synagogue , by the ex Rabbin Drach, 
Vol. I, p. 168 . 


The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jewish Nation 

On the other hand, the Jewish writer, Beniard Lazare, in 
his well-known work, V Antisemitisme, describes the influence 
of the Talmud on the mentality of his race as follows : “ With- 
out the Law, without Israel to observe it, the world would cease 
to exist, God would no longer continue to preserve it. The 
world will know happiness only when it shall be subject to 
this law, that is, to the rule of the Jews. Consequently the 
Jewish people is the people chosen by God to be the custodian 
of His wishes and His desires. The Jewish people is the only 
one with which the Divinity has concluded a pact. The Jew 
is the elect of the Lord. When the serpent tempted Eve, says 
the Talmud, he infected her with his poison. When Israel 
received the revelation on Sinai, the Jewish race was freed 
from that infection : the other nations remained subject to 
it . . . Israel is the specially beloved son of the Most High, the 
people which alone has a right to His love, His benevolence, 
to His special protection. The men of the other nations are 
in His eyes on a plane inferior to the Hebrews. It is only by 
a concession that they have a share in the divine munificence, 
since only the souls of the Jews descend from the first man. 
The possessions that are assigned to the other nations in reality 
belong to Israel . . . This belief in their predestination, in their 
being the object of a special predilection gave rise to a terrible 
pride on the part of the Jews. The result was that they looked 
upon non-Jews with contempt . , . The Jews thus came amongst 
the modem nations, not as guests but as conquerors. They 
were like a flock or herfci that had been long penned up. When 
of a sudden the barriers were thrown down, they rushed into 
the field that had been opened to them. Now they were not 
warriors, and besides, it w^s not a propitious moment for the 
expedition of a relatively small force, but they succeeded in 
making the one conquest for which they were really armed, 
the economic conquest for which they had been preparing for 
3 T ears. ,,x 

In view of the possible accusation of exaggeration, it will 
be well to quote another unimpeachable witness with regard 

1 Op. cit., pp. 9, 223. 


The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jewish Nation 

to the Talmud. In his splendid work, already referred to , 1 
the ex-Rabbin Drach, highly honoured and decorated for his 
learned works by Popes Leo XII, Pius VIII and Gregory XVI, 
writes as follows : “ For a long time it was my professional 

duty to teach the Talmud and explain its doctrines, after having 
attended special courses for many years, uuder the most renowned 
of contemporary Jewish doctors. Now that by the grace of 
God I have been led to abjure its false dogmas, I can speak 
of it with full knowledge of its contents, as a result of my stiffties, 
but I will endeavour to do so with complete impartiality. On 
the one hand, I have devoted the best years of my life to the 
study of it, on the other hand, it means nothing to me now. 
I shall therefore set forth both what is good in it and what is 

“ Talmud (more correctly Thalmud) is a Hebrew 

word used by the Rabbins to signify * doctrine ' or ‘ teaching." 
It designates more particularly the great body of doctrine of 
the Jews, to which the greatest doctors in Israel have success- 
ively contributed at different epochs. It is the complete civil 

and religious code of the synagogue The judicious 

reader of the Talmud is often saddened by the presence of many 
of those strange aberrations into which the human mind falls 
when bereft of the true faith, and very frequently the baseness 
of rabbinical cynicism makes him blush for shame. The 
Christian also is horrified by the insane and atrocious calumnies 
which the impious hatred of the Pharisees hurls at everything 
he holds sacred. Nevertheless, the Christian theologian dis- 
covers useful data and precious traditions for the explanation 
of many difficult texts of the New Testament as well as for 
the purpose of convincing our religious opponents of the antiquity 
no less than of the holiness of Catholic teaching 

“ The Talmud is divided into the Mischna > commonly called 
Misna, which forms the text, and the Ghemara, which is the 
commentary and the development of the text. The Ghemara 
is twofold, comprising both the Commentary of Jerusalem 
and the Commentary of Babylon In the Ghemara, 

1 L’Harmonie entre VEglise et la Synagogue. 


The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jewish Nation 

there are at least a hundred passages which are insulting for 
the memory of Our Adorable Saviour, the more than angelic 
purity of His holy Mother, the Immaculate Queen of heaven, 
as well as the moral character of Christians, whom the Talmud 
represents as practising the most abominable vices. There 
are also passages which declare that the precepts of justice, 
equity and charity towards one's neighbour do not bind where 
Christians are concerned ; nay more, they even go so far as 
to condemn as guilty of crime anyone who observes these pre- 
cepts in his relations with his Christian neighbours. The 
Talmud expressly forbids a Jew to save a non- Jew from death 
of* to restore to him his lost possessions, etc., or to take pity 
on him . 1 The Rabbins declare also : ‘ Since the life of an 

idolater is at the descretion of the Jew, a fortiori his goods .' 2 
Quotations of this nature could be multiplied almost indefinitely . 3 
In the Mischna, there are only about four or five of these impious, 
malignant and horribly intolerant passages, and, in addition, 
the expressions show a certain moderation ." 4 

The Dictionnaire Apologdtique de la Foi Catholique, in the 
article Juifs et Chrdtiens (cols. 1691 - 1694 ), gives a long list of 
Papal Decrees condemning the Tamud and the Talmudic 
formation, since the Talmud became known to Catholics about 
1238 - 1240 . Do the Jews still continue to receive this Talmudic 
formation ? In the Jewish Encyclopedia , Vol. 12 , we read : 
" For the majority of Jews, it (The Talmud) is still the supreme 
authority in religion." It is true that we there find also : 
" Modem culture has gradually alienated from the study of 
the Talmud a number of Jews in countries of progressive civil- 
ization . . . Yet it occupies a prominent place in the curricula 
of the Rabbinical seminaries." Now, England is surely one 
of the countries of 41 progressive ” civilization, yet references 

1 Treatise Aboda-Zara , fol. 13 verso, fol. 20 recto ; treatise Baba - 
Kamma , vol. 29 verso. 

a Foundations of the Faith , by Joseph Abbo, III Part, Chap. 25. 

8 Monsieur Drach refers to another of his works entitled L* Esprit 
du Judaisme. 

4 L.Harmonie entre VEglise et la Synagogue , pp. 122, 123, 124, 166, 167. 


The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jewish Nation 

to Talmud Torah schools may be found In The Jewish Chronicle 
of London as a matter of course. The issue of that paper of 
September 3, 1937, contained a paragraph about a flag day 
for the 3,000 children attending London Talmud Torahs. Again, 
in the same volume of the Jewish Encyclopedia we find that 
the Schulchan Aruk of Joseph Caro owed " its authority to 
the fact that it was recognised as the most convenient codifica- 
tion of the teachings of the Talmud,” And in the Jewish 
Chronicle , we read that at a meeting of the Council of the union 
of orthodox Hebrew Congregations in London on January 30, 
1938, ” Rabbi Dr. Schonfeld welcomed the new President into 
office, and Mr. Stem, in returning thanks for his election, said 
amid applause that his guide would always be the Schulchan 

These testimonies, taken out of many, go to show that the 
Talmudic formation is flourishing in England. Let us now 
turn to the United States, of which the civilization is surely 
“ progressive.” The first volume of The Jewish Library , pub- 
lished by The Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of 
America, is entitled Essentials of Judaism. Its sub-title is 
A Guide to Facts of Jewish Law and Life, and it is written by 
the General Editor, Rabbi Leo Jung. In it we read : 


” Jewish law is composed of the oral law and the written 
one. The latter is contained in the Pentateuch, the Torah 
proper. The former was for a long time kept unwritten, handed 
down by word of mouth from generation to generation. ‘ Moses 
handed it down to Joshua, and Joshua to the Elders, and the 
Elders to the Prophets, and the Prophets to the men of the 
Great Synod, and the men of the Great Synod to the Rabbis * 
(Mishnah, Aboth I, i), until with the dispersion of Israel the 
danger arose that it might be forgotten.- Rabbi Judah the 
Prince (200 C.E.) finally collected and edited it in the Mishnah. 1 
The Mishnah, then, contains the body of Jewish law. As with 

1 C. E. Stands for Christian Era. Rabbi Jung evidently objects to 
writing A.D. (year of Our Lord). 


The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jevoish Nation 

all other legislations, these laws were commented upon to 
establish their exact force. They were discussed in the Jewish 
academies of Palestine and Babylonia, and we possess authentic 
records of these discussions which are called Gemara. About 
400 C.E. in Palestine, and about 500 C.E. in Babylonia, these 
discussions were collected and, together with the Mishnah, 
they were embodied in one great volume — the Talmud. The 
Talmud is an encyclopaedia of Jewish lore and life, for, in addi- 
tion to the laws, it contains the maxims, parables, mottoes, 
which were in vogue through the centuries, as winged words 
in the Jewish academies. Each of thp two countries produced 
its own Talmud, and we- have thus the Palestinian and Baby- 
lonian Talmudim, of which the latter, more fully preserved, 
is authoritative for the Jews. 


“ These Talmudim contain many thousand pages of tre- 
mendous interest and value to the student ; but they are too. 
Large and too all-embracing to help the layman in finding the 
law in every instance. Hence several attempts have been 
made to excerpt the Talmud or to rearrange it, so that it might 
be easier even for the unlearned to handle. Maimonides 
(thirteenth century) rearranged the Talmud, with the view of 
systematizing its- laws, and Rabbi Joseph Caro (seventeenth 
century), finally wrote his ‘Shulchan Aruch/ which in four 
volumes comprises every aspect of Jewish law ; it is our 
authoritative code. This code, which grew out of the text 
of the Talmud together with the many discussions of the Rabbis 
of latter days, is being continually brought up to date by the 
Respona (Tesuvoth) of the Rabbinic authorities, who have 
to decide with every change of condition how the immutable 
law of Judaism is to be applied. There is thus an unbroken 
chain of Jewish tradition connecting the days of Moses with 
our own. Never in the whole course of Jewish law was any 
change made in the law.” That is conclusive for the United 


The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jewish Nation 

Finally, Monsigneur Landrieux, in the work already cited, 1 
quotes the Jewish organ, VUnivers Israelite (June, 1887), as 
follows : “ For two thousand years the Talmud has been and 

remains an object of veneration for the sons of Israel whose 
religious Code it is.” He mentions also the Archives Israelites , 
according to which “ the absolute superiority of the Talmud 
over the Bible of Moses must be recognized by all.” 


The Talmudic formation renders the conversion of the Jews 
in great numbers almost morally impossible. In spite of it, 
it is true, individual Jews do surrender to the loving Heart of 
the True Messias, but anyone who realizes how strongly the 
human heart is gripped by the associations of childhood will 
not be astonished at the relatively small number of those who 
find their way home to their Father’s House. The Fathers 
Lemann, two of the most distinguished of those who have thus 
found their way home, have described the effects of the Tal- 
mudic formation on their people in their book, La Question du 
Messie et le Concile du Vatican . 2 

They speak first of all, of the period of sadness and anxiety 
traversed by their people during the early centuries of the, 
Christian Era. The Genealogical Tables which had been pre- 
served in the Temple with such jealous care and which had 
been solemnly unrolled for the last time for the Census-taking 
that preceded the first Christmas, no longer existed. All had 
been burned at the destruction of the Temple by Titus in 70 a.d. 
It was no longer possible to follow the royal line of David. In 
anguish, according to the Fathers Lemann, their ancestors, 
began to go over and over again the prophecy of the seventy 
weeks of years mentioned in Chapter Nine of the Book of Daniel 

1 L’Histoire et les Histoires dans la Bible. 

2 Published by Joseph Albanel, Paris, and P. N. Josserand, Lyons, 

1869 .. ' ‘ 


The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jewish Nation 

concerning the coming of the Messiah, and subjected the weeks 
of years to different systems of calculation, even having recourse 
to the Kabbala in their efforts . 1 Little wonder that in the course 
of time they have been deceived by no less than twenty-five 
false Messiahs. “ Not having recognised the Messiah when 
He came, they sought Him where He was not ." 2 3 * 

With the rise of the Catholic nations came a period of despair 
and silence with regard to the Messiah. The Catholic Nations 
strove to organize themselves on the basis of membership of 
Christ. As the Jews rejected that sublime dignity and with 
it the Divine' Plan for order, they sought to live apart in the- 
Ghettos or Jewish quarters. All power was concentrated in 
the hands of the Rabbins, and these determined to forbid all 
discussion concerning the date of the coming of the Messiah 
and thus bury the question, so to say. For this course they 
alleged two reasons. The first was the danger of despair on 
the part of the people when the Messiah did not come at the time 
announced. The second was the necessity of preventing the 
light from the Christian writers and doctors, about the True 
Supernatural Messiah having already come, penetrating 
into Jewish minlds. " The sages, blessed be their memory ! " 
writes Maimonides, " have forbidden all calculation with regard 
to the time of his coming, because the people are scandalized at 
seeing that he does not come, though the times are past ." 8 

The Rabbins had recourse to both open and secret measures, 
in order to prevent discussions concerning the coming of the 
Messiah. The open or public measures were anathemas and 
curses hurled at those who looked for the Messiah. " Cursed 
be those who calculate the times of the Messiah ! " says the 

1 “ Know thou therefore and take notice : that from the going forth 

of the word to build up Jerusalem again, unto Christ the prince, 
there shall be seven weeks and sixty -two weeks." 

(Daniel, IX, 25). 

2 La Question du Messie et le Concile du Vatican, p. 24. The Fathers 

L6mann give the list of the twenty-five false Messiahs with the 
dates and the historical references for each. Cf. op. cit. pp. 22-24. 

3 Iggereth Hatteman, fol. 125, 4. Quoted in Le Question du Messie , 

p. 36. 


The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jezoish Nation 

Talmud of Babylon. 1 " May hell swallow them in its depths ! ” 
says Rabbi A bar ban el, 2 “ May their hearts break and their 

calculations vanish ! *’ says Rabbi Maimonides. And so on . . . 

The secret measures were the changes made in the Messianic 
prophecies in the Bible. This was done in two ways. The 
first was to alter the wording of certain prophecies. As the 
Hebrew tongue and its written characters are very delicate 
and as the language of the Bible had become the exclusive 
apanage of the Rabbins, they were able to alter certain t£xts 
without awakening the suspicions of the people. 3 The Fathers 
of the Church reproach the Rabbins with this as do also several 
ex-Rabbins who became Catholics. 4 Then, to make matters 
worse for one seeking the truth, these alterations were secretly 
introduced into the work of the Massoretes of Tiberias, which 
appeared only after the alterations had been made. The second 
secret and underhand measure employed by the Rabbins was 
surer and more skilful. It was not possible to alter all the 
prophecies without running the risk of arousing suspicion, so 
it was decided to make them refer either to David or to Solomon, 
or to some other historical personage, and whenever possible, 
to the Jewish Nation itself. “ Our Doctors understand this 
psalm of the Messiah/' writes Rabbi Jerchi ; “ but on account of 
the Christians who profit by this in sinister fashion, it is exped- 
ient to refer it to David. 5 * * The two most embarrassing of the 
prophecies, namely. Psalm 22 , 8 and Isaias, Chapter LI II, in 
which there is question of the sufferings of the Messiah, are made 
to refer to the Jewish people. 

1 Gemar. Tr. Sanh., Chapter XI. 

2 Roschamaa, Ch. 1, fol. 5, 2. X have quoted only a few out of the 

long list in La Question du Messie. p. 35. 

8 The Fathers Lemann give as examples the alterations made in 
Ps. 22 (21 in the Vulgate), v. 17 and Isaias, Chap. LIII, v. 8. 

4 The Fathers Lemann give a long list of the Fathers : Sts. Justin 

Irenaeus, Jerome, etc. ; and among the ex-Rabbins quote a 

lengthy passage from M. Drach, De V Harmonie entve VEglise 

et la Synagogue , T. I. pp. 51-56. 

8 Commentary on Psalm 2 (12th Century). 

• Psalm 21 in the Vulgate. 


The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jewish Nation 

“ The true interpretation of Psalm 22 ,” writes Rabbi Kimchi, 
“is to understand it of the people of Israel. It is the Jewish 
people which cries out in captivity : My God, My God, why 
have You abandoned me ? And if, in this psalm all the terms 
are in the singular, it is because Israel in exile must be con- 
sidered as forming one man, with one single heart/’ 1 In like 
fashion, Rabbi Jarchi explains Chapter LI 1 1 of Isaias : “ Suffer- 
ings have befallen the Jewish people, in order that by their wounds 
they may become the salvation of the world. The Lord has been 
appeased in His indignation and He has not laid waste the 
earth.” 2 This interpretation not only made a strong appeal 
to Jewish national pride, but in addition, kept the Jews as a 
nation from becoming aware that the prophets had warned 
them long in advance about the treatment they would mete 
out to the True Messias,when He appeared. 

Thus the Jewish people were prevented by maledictions 
from studying the question of the Messiah. If, in spite of the 
anathemas of the Rabbins, they ventured to search the Bible, 
they were liable to be bewildered by the changes made in the 
prophecies. But, over and above these difficulties, there was 
the fact that the Talmud was pushed upon them and the Bible 
treated as indifferent. For centuries the programme of studies 
in the Jewish schools was formulated as follows : “ The Bible 

is to be compared to water : the Mischna to wine and the 
Ghenjara to aromatic liquor. One who studies the Bible does 
something indifferent ; one who studies the Mischna deserves 
a recompense ; one who studies the Ghemara performs the most 
meritorious of all actions.” 3 

The Fathers Lemann sum up and conclude with the words : 

1 Commentary on Psalm 22. 

2 Commentary pn Isaias, LIU. 

8 Cod. Sopherim , Chap. 15. Ex libri Caphtor. fol. 121, etc., etc. There 
are two parts in the Talmud : the Mischna is the text of the 
traditions (Talmud signifies “Teaching”) while the Ghemara 
is the commentary thereon. Cf. La Question du Messie,. p. 46. 
In the Mystical Body of Christ and the Re-Organization of Society 
(pp. 156-160), the testimony of ex-Rabbin Drach concerning the 
Talmud is quoted at length. 


The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jewish Nation 

“ Since this leaden book presses down on Israel, there is no 

longer question of the Messias amongst the Jews The 

B ible was too clear, the seventy weeks of Daniel were too clear ; 
the twenty-second Psalm of David was too clear ; the fifty- 
third Chapter of Isaias was too clear. Your Rabbins, o 
Israelites, have extinguished all these lights with the Talmud/' 1 
The Declaration of the Rights of Man of 1789, was in reality, 
as we have seen in Chapter II, a declaration of war on mem- 
bership of Christ and on the supernatural structure of gtfciety. 
It emanated from the anti-supernatural Masonic association 
and paved the way for the admission of the Jews as full citizens 
into French society and later into European society. Through 
the combined action of these two anti-supernatural forces on 
Governments, Christ the King has been banished from social 
life and from schools, with the result that millions have been 
deprived of the Faith. It is certainly no exaggeration to speak 
of the apostasy of the once Christian nations, in spite of the 
splendid fidelity of minorities. The well organized Naturalism 
of the Jewish Nation, guiding Masonic Naturalism and col- 
laborating with it, has successfully worked for the elimination 
of the rule of Christ the King. 2 riut the continued efforts of 
the Jews against the Divine Plan for order have also greatly 

1 La Question du Messie, p. 49. 

2 In their very touching book, La Cause des Restes d’ Israel introduce 

au Concile du Vatican (p. 116), the Fathers Lemann mention 
some of the replies given to them by Bishops whom they requested 
.to sign the Postulatum pro Hebraeis : “ What the Jews are doing 
at the moment in Austria is not calculated to inspire us with 
sentiments of mercy," was the first remark of more than one 
German -speaking Bishop. And there is no denying that the 
Jews are going very far in the Austrian Empire. Working with 
the Freemasons and extremely powerful, they make use of money 
and the Press to overthrow T all Catholic institutions in those 

countries and to undermine the faith of the peoples 

One day in a reunion of Bishops, a Hungarian prelate speaking 
of the Jews said that they were very bad (pessimi). We lowered 
our heads ; for the Bishop was right." 

For an account of Jewish action in Austria, cf. L’Autricke 
Juive, by F. Trocase (A. Perret, 37, rue fitienne-Marcel, Paris, 


The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jewish Nation 

accelerated the inevitable trend towards materialism of what 
has remained of the Jewish religion. That decay was morally 
inevitable in any case, because of the opposition of the Jewish 
Nation to our Divine Lord Jesus Christ, the Unique Source of 
that Life through which alone the ordered tendency of individ- 
uals and nations can be maintained. I have elaborated this 
last point at some length in my book. The Mystical Body of 
Christ and the Reorganization of Society (pp. 155-160), and I 
intend to return to it in the present work at the beginning of 
the next chapter. In this section about the Messianism of 
the Jewish Nation, it will be sufficient to cite a few phrases from 
the Fathers L^mann and then add some remarks about the 
developments since the publication of La Question du Messie 
in 1869. 

The Fathers L6mann quote some Jewish writers who speak 
of the " true Redeemer as not being a person but Israel trans- 
formed into a beacon for the nations," 1 and of " Israel per- 
sonified as the People-Messias in the whole of Isaias, Chapter 
LIII," 2 They add, however, that the attitude of the vast 
majority of the Jews is one of materialistic indifference. u It 
is the heart-breaking renewal on a grand scale of the scene in 
in the desert when, having grown weary of waiting for the re- 
turn of Moses they feasted and danced around the golden 

calf." 3 4 The Zionist and Communist Movements have accen- 
tuated those attitudes since the publication of La Question du 
Messie . 

A letter from Dr. Herzog, Chief Rabbi of Palestine, was pub- 
lished in the Irish Independent (Dublin) of January 6, 1948. 
In that letter, the Chief Rabbi, referring to the establishment 
of the new state of Israel, said : “ Eventually, it will lead to 

the inauguration of the true union of the nations , through which 
will be fulfilled the eternal message to mankind of our immortal 
prophets."* That same ideal had been already set forth in 

1 Rabbi Michel Weil in L*TJnivers Israelite of the year 1869, p. 315. 

* Sinai et Golgotha (p. 347) (La Soci6te scientifique litt£raire isra&lite). 

* La Question du Messie , p. 76. 

4 Italics mine. 


The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jewish Nation 

more outspoken language by The Jewish World of February, 

9, 1883 : ** The great ideal of Judaism is that'the whole 

world shall be imbued with Jewish teaching, and that in a 
Universal Brotherhood of Nations — a greater Judaism in fact 
— all the separate races and religions shall disappear/’ A 
sad commentary on the fulfilment of the “ eternal message to 
mankind of the immortal prophets ” is that the Declaration 
of Independence of the Zionist State, issued on the day it was 
proclaimed, contains no mention of God. So we read in an 
article in The Canadian Intelligence Service , April, 1952, quoting 
The Christian Century . The article further states that " the 
majority of Palestine’s Zionists, including most of the leaders 
of the new Israel, are aggressively secularist. ‘ Zion without 
God has become Israel without God/ It is an ominous portent.” 
The triumph of Marxism is doing its deadly work of corrosion 
and perversion. 

Now, in his Apostolic Letter of March, 19, 1902, Pope Leo XIII. 
spoke of the so-called Reformation of the 16th century as break- 
ing ” the precious link of the ancient unity of faith and authority 
which united all nations under one staff and one shep- 

herd.” According to Rabbi Herzog, therefore, that union, 
brought about through the acceptance of the Mystical Body 
of Christ, was not the true union. The true union desired by 
God and foretold by the prophets is, according to him, yet to 
be brought about by the Jewish Nation, working against Christ 
the King. 

Marxist Communism has not only accentuated the materialism 
deplored by the Fathers Lemann amongst the Jews of their 
day, but has galvanized it into action by the hope of world 
conquest. For Marx, man is purely material, but as matter, 
man is God. Marx, like his friend, Heinrich Heine, was a 
pantheist. " This descendant of a line of Rabbins and doctors,” 
writes the Jewish historian, B. Lazare, ** inherited all the logical 
vigour of his ancestors. He was a clear and lucid Talmudist 

a Talmudist who studied sociology and applied his 

natural aptitudes for exegesis to the criticism of Political Econ- 
omy. He was full of that old Hebrew materialism which ever 
dreams of a paradise on earth and always rejects the far-distant 


The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jewish Nation 

and problematical hope of a garden of Eden after death. But 
he was not merely a logician , he was also a revolutionary , a rebel 
and a bitter controversialist” 1 

Yes ! Marx was a revolutionary and no ordinary one, for 
he combined Jewish Messianism with the pantheistic philosophy 
of Hegel. For Hegel there is no objective Personal God, as we 
Catholics and all sane thinkers know and believe. God is only 
human thought evolving or becoming. Marx, in contradiction 
with Hegel, but in agreement with the materialism of Feuerbach, 
held that spirit and thought have evolved out of matter. 
Thought is an attribute of material being, of the human body 
and of the human head. The degree of mastery- over the forces 
of nature, that is, the stage of development of the production 
of wealth, determines the perfection of a civilization. The 
proletariat class, which produces the material goods on which 
human society lives, is a Messianic class destined by its rule to 
bring about a new era for the world. But both the proletariat 
in general and the Russian people in particular are only means 
for the realization of the Messianic dreams of Marx's own people. 
Hegel’s pantheism swept away any traces of Jewish Deism 
which Marx had retained and left him only his pride in his race 
and the certitude that the sovereign thought which was destined 
to rule the world was that of his race. 2 

1 Italics mine. 

8 Marx has sometimes been accused of being anti- Jewish because 
of an article he wrote about a book by Bruno Bauer. The question 
is treated at length in the best work on the secret history of 
Bolshevism, namely, Les Origines Secretes du Bolshevisms (pp. 
279-286) by Salluste, Salluste shows that Marx, who, as a 
Hegelian pantheist, despised all religion and who, by tempera- 
ment, could not brook opposition of any kind, attacks the rich 
Jews, the builders of fortunes. He accuses them of being traitors 
to the common cause by not accepting his way of destroying 
Christian society and thus leading the Jewish nation to real 
freedom. “ If they want to be free/' writes Marx, “ the Jews 
must not embrace pure Christianity, but must become converts 
to a dissolved Christianity, to religion in dissolution, that is, 
to Philosophy, to Criticism and to its result, namely, free 
Humanity.” By Criticism (or Logic) Marx means his own 
Dialectical Materialism. 


The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jewish Nation 

One of Marx’s correspondents, Baruch Levy, formulated the 
Marxian thesis in striking fashion : ” The Jewish people taken 
collectively shall be its own Messias. Their rule over the uni- 
verse shall be obtained by welding together the other races, 
thanks to the suppression of frontiers and monarchies, which 
form the bulwark of national peculiarities. Thus shall be' 
established a Universal Republic ....... In this new organ- 
ization of humanity, the sons of Israel, now scattered over the 

whole surface of the globe shall everywhere become 

the ruling element without opposition. This will be especially 
easy if they succeed in imposing on the masses of the working- 
classes the guidance of some of their number. The govern- 
ments of the nations forming the Universal or World-Republic 
shall all thus pass, without any effort, into Jewish hands, thanks 
to the victory of the proletariat. Private property can then 

be suppressed by the Jewish rulers who will be in charge of 

public affairs everywhere. Thus shall the promise of the Talmud 
be fulfilled, that, when the Messianic epoch shall have arrived, 
the Jews will control the wealth of all the nations of the earth.” 1 
Thus the Zionist ideal is completely opposed to that of 
Abraham and the Patriarchs. ” The just of the Old Law,” 
writes the ex-Rabbin Drach, “ did not attribute to the Messiah 
they expected, as does the modem synagogue, the mis- 
sion of restoring our nation to Palestine, and bestowing 

upon it glory and the goods of this world, but that of winning 

our spiritual salvation, as in point of fact Our Lord Jesus Christ 
has done.” 2 In a note on page 98 of the same work, the learned 
ex-Rabbin depicts the ideal of the modem synagogue as follows : 

“ The Messiah, whose coming the Jews obstinately expect, in 
spite of the fact that he on his side osbtinately refuses to appear, 
is to be a great conqueror who will reduce all the nations of 
the world to the condition of slaves of the Jews. The latter 
are destined to return to the Holy Land in triumph, laden with 
the riches taken from the non- Jews. Jerusalem is to have a 

1 Cf. Salluste, op. cit. (pp. 34, 36) with regard to authenticity of the 

* V Harmonic entre L’£glise el la Synagogue (p. 9). 


The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jewish Nation 

new temple/ * This is the very ideal depicted by Karl Marx's 

In spite, however, of this complete change to materialistic 
naturalism, the Jewish Nation is destined one day to return 
to the true supernatural ideal held up before it by the God of 
Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, for 44 they are most dear for the 
sake of the fathers,” 1 and of them “ is Christ according to the 
flesh, who is over all things, God blessed for ever. Amen/' 2 



“ There is well-known tradition cherished by the faithful,” 
writes St. Augustine, “ that, in the last days before the Judge- 
ment, the great and admirable Prophet Elias is to explain the 
law to the Jews and to lead them to the acceptance of the True 
Messias, Our Christ/' 3 

The question of the Conversion of the Jews is splendidly 
treated by Father Augustine L6mann in his work, Histoire 
Compute de 1’ Idee Messianique . 4 The future conversion of 
the Jewish people, he says, is certain. The divine promises 
to that effect are numerous. He begins by the prophecy of 
Osee, III, 4, 5., and as he gives it along with the commentary 
of St. Augustine, I have thought it well to translate the whole 
passage: “These carnal Israelites,” writes the great Doctor 

of Hippo, “ who today refuse to believe in Jesus Christ, will 
one day believe in Him, that is, their descendants will do so, 
for Osee foretells their conversion in the following terms .* 
* The children of Israel shall sit many days without king, and 
without prince, and without sacrifice, and without altar, and 

1 Rom. XI, 28. 

*Rom. IX, 5. 

8 De Civitate Dei, Lib. XX, sect. XXIX. 

4 Complete History of the Messianic Idea , pp. 443-465. Father Lemann 
was professor of .Hebrew and Sacred Scripture in the Catholic 
University of Lyons. 


The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jewish Nation 

without ephod and without theraphim.* 1 Who is there who 
does not see in this a portrait of the present state of the Jewish 
people ? But listen to what the prophet adds : * And after 

this the children of Israel shall return, and shall seek the Lord 
their God, and David their king : and they shall fear the Lord, 
and His goodness in the last days.’ 2 Nothing can be clearer / 
than this prophecy, in which David evidently stands for Jesus- 
Christ. Christ, says the Apostle, is bom of the line of David 
according to the flesh.* * 

To this luminous interpretation of the prophecy of Osee 
concerning the conversion of Israel, Father Lemann adds the 
testimony of Pope Pius IX contained in a letter addressed to 
his brother and himself, on the 14th of February, 1877. 

“ Because,** wrote the holy Pontiff, “ according to the prophecy 
of Osee, the sons of Israel have remained for a long time without 
king and without prince , without sacrifice and without altar , may 
that other word of the same prophet soon begin to be accom- 
plished : And after this the children of Israel shall return and 
shall seek the Lord their God and David their king ! ** 

Before passing on to the text of St. Paul to the Romans, 
XI, n-33, Father Lemann mentions some other passages of 
the Old Testament which express the same idea of future con- 
version, namely, the Prophecy of Moses (Deuteronomy, IV, 
30, 31), the Prophecy of Isaias (LIX), the Prophecy of Jeremias 
(XXXI, 1, 2), the prophecy of Daniel, (XII, 1.), the Prophecy 
of Micheas (II, 12, 13), and the Prophecy of Malachias (IV, 

5 , 6). 

In the New Testament St. Paul is the great herald of the 
final conversion of his own nation to the True Messias. The 
prophecy is contained in the Epistle to the Romans, Chapter 
XI, and the pertinent verses run as follows : “I say then .... 

1 Osee, III, 4 . The last two short phrases are translated in the French 

version as follows : “ without priesthood, and without worship 

2 Osee, III, 5 . The last phrase is translated in the French as follows : 

“ and they shall be in astonishment on finding God again and 
at His goodness to them in the last days.** 


The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jewish Nation 

Hath God cast away his people ? God forbid, for I also am 
an Israelite of the seed of Abraham, of the tribe of Benjamin 

God hath not cast away his people, which he foreknew 

I say then, have they so stumbled that they should 

fall ? God forbid. But by their offence, salvation is come to 
the Gentiles ; that they may be emulous of them. Now if the 
offence of them be the riches of the world, and the diminution 
of them, the riches of the Gentiles ; how much more the fulness 
of them ? For if the loss of them be the reconciliation of the 
. world, what shall be the receiving of them but life from the 

dead ? For I would not have you ignorant, brethren, 

of this mystery that blindness in part has happened 

in Israel, until the fulness of the Gentiles should come in. And 
so all Israel should be saved, as it is written : There shall come 
out of Sion, he that shall deliver, and shall turn away ungodliness 
from Jacob. And this is to them My covenant (Isaias, LIX, 20 ) : 
when I shall take away their sins. As concerning the gospel, 
indeed, they are enemies for your sake ; but as touching the 
election, they are most dear for the sake of the fathers. For 
the gift and the calling of God are without repentance. For 
as you also in times past did not believe God, but now have 
obtained mercy, through their unbelief ; so these also now have 
not believed, for your mercy, that they also may obtain mercy. 
For God hath concluded all in unbelief, that he may have mercy 
on all.” 1 

1 Rom., XI, 1, 2, U, 12, 15, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32. Mgr. Knox's 
version has : " Tell me then, has God disowned His people ? 
That is not to be thought of. Why I am an Israelite myself, 
descended from Abraham, of the tribe of Benjamin. No God 
has not disowned the people which, from the first, he recognised 
as his Tell me then, have they stumbled 90 as to fall al- 

together ? God forbid ; the result of their false step has been 
to bring the gentiles salvation, and the result of that must be 
to arouse the Jews to emulate them. Why then, if their false 
step has enriched the world, if the gentiles have been enriched 
by their default, what must we expect, when it is made good ? 
.... If the losing of them has meant a world reconciled to 
God, what can the winning of them mean, but life risen from 


The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jewish Nation 

It will be well for the clear understanding of St. Paul’s meaning 
to add here a few sentences from the commentary of St 
Thomas on the Epistle to the Romans. “ The Apostle here 
shows,” writes the Angelic Doctor, <f that the fall of the Jews 
was not universal. In answer to the question : Has God com- 
pletely rejected or disowned His people ? he answers 

that God has not completely rejected the Jewish people. He 
proves this, firstly by referring to himself : * For I (who believe 

in Christ) am an Israelite ’ And, because amongst 

the Jewish people there were proselytes who were not descended 
from the patriarchs according to the flesh, in order to exclude 
such a meaning from his words, he adds : ‘ of the seed of Abra- 
ham/ Secondly, in the passage ‘ God hath not cast 

away his people,’ he shows that the Jewish people were not all 
rejected by God by pointing to the many elect com- 

paring the then state of things with what had happened in the 
time of Elias, when the whole people had seemingly turned away 
from the worship of the one true God, God had preserved seven 

thousand from falling into sin 

" After the Apostle had shown that the fall of the Jews was 
not total or universal from the point of view of numbers, he 
shows, in verses 11-16, that their fall was neither useless nor 

irreparable The fall of the Jews was not useless because 

it became the occasion of salvation to the Gentiles 

This can be understood in three ways ; firstly, because from the 

the dead .... I must not fail, brethren, to make this revelation 
known to you . . . Blindness has fallen upon a part of Israel, 
but only until the tale of the gentile nations is complete ; then 
the whole of Israel will find salvation, as we read in Scripture, 
a deliverer shall come from Sion , to rid Jacob of his unfaithfulness ; 
and this shall be the fulfilment of my covenant with them, when 
I take away their sins. In the preaching of the Gospel, God 
rejects them to make room for you ; but in His elective purpose 
he still welcomes them, for the sake of their fathers ; God does 
not repent of the gifts he makes, or of the calls he issues. You 
were once rebels, until through their rebellion you obtained 
pardon ; they are rebels now, obtaining pardon for you, only to 
be pardoned in their turn. Thus God has abandoned all men 
to their rebellion, only to include them all in his pardon.” 


The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jewish Nation 

crime which the Jews committed, in putting Christ to death, 
there resulted the salvation of the Gentiles through redemption 

in the blood of Christ Then, * if the loss of them/ 

that is, their incredulity and disobedience was the 

occasion of the reconciliation of the world, inasmuch as we 
are reconciled to God through the death of Christ, ‘ what shall 

the receiving of them be but life from the dead ? * 

What, I say, will such a winning accomplish if not to make 
the Gentiles rise again to life ? The Gentiles are the faithful 
who will have grown weak in the faith, ‘ Because iniquity 
hath abounded, the charity of many shall grow cold/ 1 Or 
those who, deceived by Antichrist, will have completely fallen 
away will be restored to their pristine fervour by the converted 
Jews. Or even, as by the fall of the Jews, the Gentiles who 
had been enemies were reconciled, so after the conversion of the 
Jews near the end of the world, there will be a general resur- 
rection by which men will rise from the dead to immortal life.” 2 



rf God alone,” writes Father Augustine L^mann, “ knows 
the exact date of the conversion of Israel to the Faith, and He 
has kept it to Himself. But what one can conjecture from the 
data of Scripture and Tradition is that this return will 

1 St. Matth. XXIV, 12. 

2 Comment, in Ep. ad Romanos , XI, Lect. I et II (Marietti, Turin). 

I am omitting any reference to St. Paul’s hope of the conversion 
of the Jews based, upon the comparison of the olive tree. “ The 
conversion of the Jews is possible and to be expected, because 
of a quality which even in their state of infidelity they possess : 
the quality of consecration to God, implied in belonging to the 
race which was consecrated to God in its first members and 
founders. This is the basis of the Apostle’s hope.” ( The Metaphor 
of the Olive Tree in Romans XI, p. 77, by Rev. M. M. Bourke, 
Thesis for the Degree of Doctor in Sacred Theology in the 
Catholic University of America). 


The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jewish Nation 

take place only in the last age of the Church, towards the end 
of time/’ 1 

A . Scripture. 

From the Old Testament, Father Lemann cites first the text 
of the prophet Osee to which I have already referred, and which 
contains the words “ they shall fear the Lord and his goodness 
in the last days.” 2 He quotes also the words of Moses : 
“ After all the things aforesaid shall find thee, in the latter time 
thou shalt return to the Lord thy God, and shalt hear his voice,” 3 
and refers briefly to the prophecy of Azarias in II. Paralipom- 
enon, (XV, 3-6), and Isaias, (X, 20-23). He dwells at greater 
length, however, on the last two verses of the prophet Malachias : 
“ Behold I will send you Elias the prophet, before the coming of 
the great and dreadful day of the Lord. And he shall turn the 
heart of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children 
to their fathers: lest I come and strike the earth with anathema.” 4 
“ The prophet Elias, then,” comments Father Lemann, ” shall 
return upon the earth to bring back the Jews to the Saviour. 
Our Lord Himself has clearly affirmed it (St. Matthew, XVII, 
II). Elias will turn the hearts of the fathers and the hearts 
of the children. The fathers are the patriarchs and all the pious 
ancestors of the Jewish people, the sons represent the degenerate 
race of the time of Our Lord Jesus Christ and of the succeeding 
centuries. It is, however, only some time before the second 
coming of Our Lord Jesus Christ, before the dreadful day of 
the Divine Judgment dawns, that our Saviour will send the 
prophet Elias to the Jews to convert them and to save them 
from chastisement. 

“ These precise statements of the Old Testament find an echo 
in the New Testament. St. Paul, who has devoted a whole 
chapter of the Epistle to the Romans to the conversion of the 

1 Histoire complete de V Idee Messianique, p. 456. 

2 Osee, III, 5. 

3 Deuteronomy , IV, 30. 

* Malachias, IV, 5, 6. 


The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jewish Nation 

Jews, as we have seen, points out nevertheless that this conver- 
sion will take place only near the end of the world. Until then 
they continue c to fill up their sins always : for the wrath of 
God is come upon them to the end.* 1 The blindness which 
has fallen on Israel from the time of the Apostles will remain 
upon them until towards the end of the world.” 2 

B. Tradition. 

Father Lemann says that the well-known traditional belief, 
spoken of by St. Augustine, that the Jews will be converted 
only towards the end of the world can be proved from the texts 
of the Fathers, century by century. He names the principal 
Fathers and gives the references to their works as follows : 

Third Century: Tertullian, L. V, contra Marcion, Chap .IX ; 
Origen, Sixth Homily on the Book of Numbers , towards the end. 

Fourth Century : St. Hilary, Commentary on Psalm 58 ; 

St. Ambrose, Book about the Patriarch Joseph . 

Fifth Century : St. John Chrysostom, Commentary on the 
Epistle to the Romans , Chap. XI ; St. Jerome, Commentary 
on Micheas , Chap. II ; Commentary on Malachias, Chap . Ill , 
etc. ; St. Cyril of Alexandria, Commentary on Genesis , Book, 
V, etc. ; St. Prosper of Aquitaine, The Calling of the Gentiles, 
Book I, Chap. XXI. 

Sixth Century ; Cassiodorus, Commentary on Psalm 102 ; 
Preniasius, Commentary on the Epistle to the Romans , Chap.Xl. 

Seventh Century : St. Gregory the Great, Liber Moralium, 

lib. II, etc. ; St. Isidore, Book about the Calling of the Gentiles , 
Chap. V. 

Eighth Century : Venerable Bede, Commentary on Psalm 

58, etc. 

Eleventh Century : St. Anselm, Commentary on the Epistle 

to the Romans , Chap. II ; St. Peter Damian, Sermon 66. 

Twelfth Century : St. Bernard, Letter 363. 

1 1 Thessalonians, II, 16. 

2 Histoire compute , etc., p. 463. With regard to the question of Elias, 
cf. Saint Jean , V Apocalypse (pp. 139-142), by Pfere Alio, O.P., and 
Les F vires Limann, (pp.434-436), by P. Th^otime de Saint Just, O.M.C. 


The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jewish Nation 

“ St. Jerome speaks of this tradition in connexion with a 
remarkable contrast between two circumstances in Our Lord’s 
infancy. ' When St. Joseph/ he writes, ‘ took the Child and 
His Mother to lead them into Egypt, it was in the darkness of 
the night, an image of the night of ignorance in which the un- 
believing Jews, from the midst of whom he was withdrawing, 
were then enveloped. But when he returned to Judaea, the 
Gospel does not mention either night or darkness, because, 
when the Jews receive the faith at the end of the world, they 
will find themselves in dazzling light, as if Our Lord were return- 
ing to them from Egypt/ 1 

"St. Cyril of Alexandria makes this beautiful reflexion : 
‘ Towards the end of time. Our Lord Jesus Christ will effect 
the reconciliation of His former persecutor Israel with Himself. 
Everybody who knows Holy Scripture is aware that, in the 
course of time, this people will return to the love of Christ by 

the submission of faith Yes, one day, after the conversion 

of the Gentiles, Israel will be converted, and the Jews will be 

astonished at the treasure they will find in Christ/ 

“We find the same affirmation on the part of St. Peter 
Damian : ' This obstinately unbelieving people, who now refuse 

to believe, will come back to the faith and will occupy the lowest 
place in the Mystical Body of Jesus Christ, that is to say, that 
their conversion will take place in the last days of Holy Church, 
towards the end of the world/ 2 

Finally, Father Lem an n cites the testimony of St. Thomas 
and that of Suarez. From St. Thomas he quotes a sentence 
from the Commentary on the Epistle to the Romans, Chapter 
XI, lect. 4 : “ When the fulness of the Gentiles shall have entered 
in, all Israel will be saved, not merely individuals as at present, 
but the whole nation as a body.” Suarez is still more explicit 
with regard to the epoch. According to him, “ the conversion 
of the Jews will take place at the approach of the Last Judg- 
ment and at the height of the persecution which Antichrist 
will inflict on the Church/’ 3 

1 Commentary on St. Matthew , Chapter II. 

2 Sermon 66. 

8 In III P. Sum. Theol, D. Thom., Disputat. LVI, Sect. I. 


The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jewish Nation 

The conversion of the Jewish people to the True Supernatural 
Messias is, therefore, certain, in spite of the overwhelming 
evidence of uncompromising hostility to Him on their part at 
the present time. Their conversion will be a glorious triumph 
for the Immaculate Heart of Mary. It will be a special source 
of exultation for Her, when Her own people will at last acclaim 
Her Divine Son as their King and welcome as their Queen Her 
who is their Sister according to the flesh, and who so ardently 
desires to be their Mother according to the Divine Life of Grace. 1 
She will then be able to pour forth anew the heartfelt thanks- 
giving of Her Magnificat : “ He hath received Israel his servant, 
being mindful of his mercy : as he spoke to our fathers, to 
Abraham and to his seed for ever. 1 * 2 


There is a tradition in the Church that the Jewish people will 
be converted when the Nations shall have ceased to be Catholic 
by falling into apostasy. The two Fathers L6mann have treated 
of the question at some length in their joint work, La Question 
du Messie et le Concile du Vatican. They have done so in the 
form of a commentary on the Epistle to the Romans, XI, 20, 
2i p 22, 25, 30, 31. It will be interesting for my readers to have 
a brief outline of their teaching. 

St. Paul warns the non -Jews not to be boastful but to fear 
lest a fate similar to that of the Jews befall them : “Be not 

high-minded, but fear. For if God hath not spared the natural 

1 Paraphrase of the concluding sentences of the Postulatum pro 
Hebraeis, presented for signature to the Most Reverend Fathers 
of the Vatican Council, by Fathers Joseph and Augustine Lemann. 

* St. Luke I, 54 , 55 . “ He has protected his servant Israel, keeping 

his merciful design in remembrance according to the promise 
which he made to our forefathers, Abraham and his posterity 
for evermore 0 ( The New Testament, Mgr. R. A. Knox). Cf. 
the last paragraph of the Preparatory Petition addressed to the 
Most Reverend Fathers of the Vatican Council by the Fathers 


The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jewish Nation 

branches, fear lest perhaps he also spare not thee ” A little 
further on he continues : “ For I would not have you ignorant, 
brethren, of this mystery (lest you should be wise in your own 

conceits) For as you also in times past did not believe 

' God, but now have obtained mercy, through their unbelief ; 
so these also now have not believed, for your mercy, that they 
also may obtain mercy.” The Fathers Lemann quote with 
approval the statement of a learned commentator to the effect 
that it would have been quite natural for St. Paul to have 
added, after the last words cited.: “ When you shall have fallen 
into incredulity .” 1 The tenderness of St. Paul for the Gentiles, 
however, prevented him from adding that phrase, but several 
Fathers of the Church have expressed the thought in their 

“ Israel’s failure to correspond,” says Origen, “ has been 
the occasion of the calling of the Gentiles. We have taken 
their place and thus have become the true Kingdom of Juda. 
But our last -times will resemble those of the Jews because of 
our sins, in fact they will be worse.” 2 . “ From the sin of the 
the Jews,” writes St. Jerome, “ has come the salvation of 
Nations, and from the incredulity of the Nations the knowledge 
of the Truth will again come to Israel. These two truths are 
in St. Paul .” 3 “St. Paul,” writes in his turn St. John Chrysostom, 
“ explains divinely the conduct of God with regard to men .... 
He says that the Gentiles have been called by God, but because, 
little by little, they will show themselves unmindful of His 
favours, God will recall the Jews a second time .” 4 The Fathers 
Lemann cite also the Commentary of St. Augustine on Psalm 
VII, and finally, the words of the great French orator, Bossuet ; 
“ Have we not reason to tremble on seeing how severely God 
has punished the Jews for so many centuries, since St. Paul 

1 Duguet, Dissertation sar le retour des Juifs, pp. 26, 27. 

2 Origen, Fourth Homily on Jeremias. The Fathers Lemann cite 

also a few lines from Origen’s Explanation of the Epistle to the 
Romans, Chap. XI. 

3 First Homily on the Canticle of Canticles. 

4 Homily on Chap. II of the Epistle to the Romans. 


The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jezoish Nation 

-warns us on the part of God that our ingratitude will bring upon 
us a similar punishment ? ,fl 

God's aim, however, is not punishment but mercy, and when 
he will have called back the Jews, He will also recall the non- 
Jewish nations, utilizing the missionary zeal of the repentant 
Jews for that purpose. 2 “ For God hath concluded all in un- 
belief, that he may have mercy on all. O the depth of the 
riches of the wisdom and of the knowledge of God.” 3 Seeing 
that the apostasy of the nations from Christ the Ring has been 
very largely their work and that of their satellites, the Free- 
masons, the Jews will be heartbroken, and will put their splendid 
natural qualities at the service of Divine Love, in order to undo 
the evil of the past and to draw the whole world into the unity 
of the Mystical Body of Christ. " There are two outstanding 
qualities in our national character,,” write the Fathers L6mann, 
“ vivacity of sentiment and tenacity of will. Liveliness of 
Sentiment we certainly have, for our nation never hates or loves 
anything in weak or feeble fashion ; in love as in hatred it goes 
to extremes. And tenacity of will we have also ; for forty 
centuries we are awaiting Him whom we are meant to love. 
Now when Divine Grace shall have taken hold of this vivacity 
and of this tenacity, when our eyes shall be opened, when as 
a body we shall see that He whom we have been expecting so 
long has already come, and that He has been waiting for us 
for twenty centuries with outstretched arms : when we shall 
see as clear as noonday that we have had the misfortune to 

crucify Him Then, there will be amongst us, as it 

were, an explosion of love And we shall arise and begin 

all over again our journeys through the world. Where the 
Wandering Jew has passed, the Jew become Apostle will pass 

once more The grief of our repentance will not be 

hidden in the silence of a confessional, but will show itself in 

1 Discours sur I’Histoire Universelle , lie partie (Edit, cf 1681). In 
a note the remark is added that, in the later editions, the phrase 
“ may bring upon us,” has been substituted for ” will bring 
upon us.” 

* Cf. Commentary of St. Thomas previously quoted. 

3 Romans , XI, 32, 33. 


The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jewish Nation 

the light of day before all the peoples of the earth, like our denial 
at noon on Good Friday. The prophet Zacharias saw this 
outburst of grief : ‘ And I will pour out upon the house of David, 
and upon the inhabitants of Jerusalem, the spirit of grace and 
of prayer ; and they shall look upon me, whom they have pierced ; 
and they shall mourn for him as one mourn eth for an only son, 
and they shall grieve over him, as the manner is to grieve for the 
death of the first-bom/ >l1 

In order that the repentant Jewish nation may work for 
the conversion of the peoples of the Orient and the return of 
the apostate nations of the West to Christ the King, there must 
be a certain interval between the conversion of the Jewish 
nation and the end of the world. Some interpret the words of 
St. Paul : “ what shall the receiving of them be but life from 

the dead ? " in the sense that the General Resurrection and the 
Last Judgment will follow the conversion of the Jews 
immediately . 1 2 " As the reprobation of the Jews," writes Pere 

Lagrange, O.P., " was the occasion of the reconciliation of the 
world, their conversion will be as it were, the signal for the 
consummation of the world and the advent of a new one. It 
must, however, be admitted that the expressions employed 
are not very precise and that one could not establish a definite 
relation of time between the Conversion of the Jews and the 
General Resurrection from the dead, in other words, affirm 
that the Last Judgment will follow closely on the conversion 
of the Jews ." 3 

1 Zacharias, XII, 10. La Question du Messie et le Concile du Vatican 

pp. 147, 145, 140. 

2 Pere ThSotime de St. Just in his charming book, Les Freres LSmann, 

says that “ some Fathers of the Church and Exegetes under- 
stand the text in this way." He refers to the Commentary of 
Cornelius a Lapide, Ep. ad Romanos, Ch. XI, Vol. XVIII. 

3 Epitre aux Romains , p. 278. In his Commentary on verses 26-27, 

Right Rev. Mgr. Boylan says : " It is not clear whether the con- 
version of Israel is to be thought of as happening at the end 
of the present age .... or some fairly considerable time before 
the General Resurrection " (St. Paul's Epistle to the Romans , 
p. 184). 

1 12 

The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jewish Nation 

When the Fathers Lemann were petitioning the Bishops, 
assembled in Rome for the Vatican Council, for their signatures 
to the Postulatum pro Hebraeis , many of their Lordships s milin gly 
put the objection that “ to work for the conversion of the Jews 
was to bring on the end of the world.' * The two Fathers gave 
several answers to this objection, and their arguments seem to 
go far towards proving that there will be a considerable lapse 
of time between the conversion of the Jewish nation and the 
Last Judgment. 1 Two things are certain. The first is that, 
however short the time, the newly-converted Jews will not 
remain idle. The second is that if the Jews as a body sincerely 
accepted the true Messias and put all that restless energy and 
unshakeable tenacity into the furtherance of the Kingship of 
Christ, which they now display against His rule, the conversion 
of the world would be rapidly advanced. Just picture for a 
moment Jewish influence in the Press of the world directed 
towards featuring the truth about Lourdes and Fatima and 
the horror of the rejection of God and our Divine Lord in Russia ! 
Just think of Jewish influence on the Cinema, instead of being 
directed towards the elimination of the Supernatural life by 
the production of irksomeness with all moral restraints, being 
canalized into showing the solution of human unrest by the loving 
acceptance of membership of Jesus ! 

Let us illustrate this by the example of what one whole-hearted 
Jewish convert achieved for Christ the King. 


One of the most remarkable conversions of modem times, 
in spite of a strong Talmudic formation, was that of the Venerable 
Francis Mary Paul Libermann, C.S.Sp., Founder of the Con- 
gregation of the Immaculate Heart of Mary and first Superior- 
General of the Congregation of the Holy Ghost and of the 

The arguments are given in La Cause des Restes d' Israel (pp. 121- 
125), by the Fathers L6mann, and by P£re Th6otime de St. Just- 
in Les Frdres Limann (pp. 451-454). 

The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jewish Nation 

Immaculate Heart of Mary, after the union of the two Con- 
gregations in 1848. In the life of the Venerable servant of God 
by the Rev. Prosper Goepfert, C.S.Sp., there is an account, 
from Father Libermann’s own conversations, of the Talmudic 
formation he received from his father, a distinguished rabbin. 
“According to the teaching of the Talmud/' writes Father 
Goepfert, “ the possessions of the Goim should be regarded as 
a desert and as the sand of the sea, of which the first possessor 
is the real proprietor. The Talmud expressly forbids the Jew 
to save a Christian from death, to restore to him his lost property 
or to have pity on him. The rabbins have concluded that, 
when dealing with a Christian, the Jew is at liberty to make 
a mistake for his own advantage, and that it is honest to deprive 
a Christian of any sum of money. These pernicious doctrines 
formed a part of the instructions which the rabbin of Saverne 
inculcated on the minds of his children, who naturally received 

them as the purest expressions of truth One day, 

Jacob (later Father Libermann), was sent to the house of a 
neighbouring Christian woman, to change a piece of money. 
Imagining that he was doing an excellent deed, he dexterously 
took away a‘ penny from the infidel Goim. He returned, quite 
proud of his feat, which gained for him the applause of his 
family, especially of his father, who saw in this youthful exploit 
an indication of a brilliant future/’ 1 

After his conversion — he was baptized on the 24th December, 
1826 — Francis Mary Paul Libermann became the founder of 
a religious congregation having as its special object to make 
known the truth of our Lord’s supernatural mission to the most 
abandoned of the Goim , and the heroicity of his charity, justice 
and humility was solemnly proclaimed by the Catholic Church 
in 1910. 2 Father Libermann ’s wonderful humility was based 
on the recognition of the special sorrow inflicted on the Heart 
of Jesus by the pride and obduracy of the Jewish nation. One 

*Op cit. pp. 21, 22 . 

■Father Libermann is the first member of the Jewish nation, whose 
cause has been introduced, since the inauguration of the present 
procedure of beatification and canonization. 


The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jewish Nation 

can see this in his whole life. It is worthy of note that one who 
had himself suffered terribly because of that pride and obduracy, 
the distinguished ex-Rabbin Drach, took an active part in the 
instruction of young Jacob Libermann. 

What Father Libermann ’s whole-hearted acceptance of 
membership of the Mystical Body was instrumental in achiev- 
ing for Christ the King is admirably outlined by Pope Pius 
XII, in his Letter to Very Rev. Francis Griffin, C.S.Sp., Superior 
General, on the occasion of the Centenary of the Venerable 
Father's death : “ On the second of February next," writes 

His Holiness, “ the sons of the Venerable Francis Mary Paul 
Libermann will have the joy of celebrating with fitting splendour 
the Centenary of the death of this humble priest of France, 
restorer of the ancient Congregation of the Holy Ghost and 
inspirer of a new legion of Apostles, who, now for a century, 
have been writing a glorious page in the missionary history of 

the Church You have good reason to contemplate 

the past with gratitude. You see, first of all, the ardent figure 
of Father Libermann, this convert enlightened by grace, like 

Saul on the way to Damascus this apostle whom an 

admirable zeal for the people of the black race, then so spir- 
itually abandoned, was soon to draw to the City of Peter. There 
he was to receive, as a reward for his unfailing confidence, the 
decisive lights which were to illuminate the last eleven years 
of his life when, a priest at last, he gathered his first missionaries 
around him and sent them forth, amid continual trials, to 
fecundate with their preaching and their sufferings that soil 
of Africa which was so dear to him, but which he was never 
to see. 

“ The seed was cast into the earth ; this good worker had 
finished his task : It is one man that soweth, and it is another 

that reapeth ' (John iv, 37). In 1852 there were already eighty- 
eight religious to lament the premature death of their Father. 
But in the course of one century, the shoot, then so young and 
tender, has «grown and waxed strong ; and to-day it is not with- 
out emotion that the some 4,500 members of your Congregation, 
scattered over three continents, will return thanks to God for 
the spiritual fruitfulness of this apostle’s life In par- 

The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jewish Nation 

ticular, it is a joy to Us to see arising in this land of Africa, 
where nearly a thousand of your religious are sleeping their 
last sleep, the long-awaited reinforcement of the native clergy 

Convinced, according to the teaching of the Angelic 

Doctor, that the apostolic life ‘ Praesupponit abundantiam 
contemplationis/ 1 * * * * * this priest, burning with love for his most 
abandoned brothers, was, above all, the man of God who, on 
his death-bed, left behind this last instruction in which he him- 
self stands revealed : * God is all, man is nothing/ *' a 


The two Fathers L&nann, converts from Judaism, drew up 
a Postulatum to obtain from the Vatican Council in 1870 an 
appeal full of mercy to the Jewish nation. They secured the 
signatures of 510 bishops, and all the bishops present at the 
Council would have willingly signed, only that the Fathers 
lAmann wished to leave the honour of the greatest number of 
signatures to the Postulatum for Papal Infallibility. 

One of the many touching incidents related by the Fathers 
Ldmann in Les Causes des Restes d* Israel, has a claim to be 
mentioned here, as it concerns the only member of Father Liber- 
mann’s Congregation then a bishop. “ The composition of 
the Postulatum we read, M presented serious difficulties. But 
Father Libermann protected us and smoothed away the diffi- 
culties. 8 We had reserved to Most Rev. Dr. Plantier, 

Bishop of Nfmes, the honour of heading the list of Bishops 

signing the Postulatum pro Hebvaeis He had known 

of and encouraged our conversion, and he had always been our 

Father and our Friend On our way to him, when 

the Postulatum was ready, we met Most Rev. Dr. Kobes, Vicar- 

1 III a P., Q. 40, Art I ad 2um. 

* Letter of January 16, 1962. Father Libermann died on the Feast 

of the Purification of the B.V.M., Feb. 2, 1852. 

1 During their sojourn in Rome, the Fathers Lemann stayed in the 

French Seminary, Via Santa Chiara, which is under the direction 

of the Holy Ghost Fathers. 

11 6 

The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jewish Nation 

Apostolic of Senegambia, the only bishop then belonging to 

Father Libermann's Congregation He said to us : 

* I would like to be the first to sign, but the place of honour 
will be reserved to his Lordship, the Bishop of * You 
cannot,* he added, ‘ refuse the signature I offer you, for I want 
to give it in the name of Father Libermann, our holy Founder 

in Jesus Christ and your brother in Abraham 1 Thus 

the list of signatures of the Postulatum opens with the name of 
His Lordship, Bishop Plantier, but the first signature affixed 
to the document was that of His Lordship, Bishop Kob&s.” 1 
The prorogation of the Council interrupted the work of the 
convert brothers, but the reassembling of the Council will see 
the work continued. God grant that the appeal, if and when it 
comes, may be heard ! Thus will peace at last come to Israel, 
and thus will a powerful impetus be given to the passage of 
the nations of the world to the dignity of children of Abraham 
by faith in the true Messias. This is what we pray for in the 
beautiful Collect after the fourth prophecy on Holy Saturday, 
after having begged God on Good Friday to withdraw the age- 
long veil from Jewish minds : “ Let us pray, O God, whose 

ancient miracles we see renewed in our days, whilst by the water 
of our regeneration Thou workest for the salvation of the Gen- 
tiles, that which by the power of Thy right hand Thou didst 
for the delivery of one people from the Egyptian persecution : 
grant that all the nations eft the world may become the children 
of Abraham and partake of the dignity of the people of Israel. 
Through our Lord Jesus Christ.” 


In Chapter III, which was written many years ago, I have 
given a brief outline of the Theology of History, pointing out 
the steady elimination of the organization of society based on 
membership of Christ, which has been going on in Europe since 
the French Revolution of 1789. It cannot be too often repeated 


1 Op. cit. pp. 77, 132, 133, 

The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jewish Nation 

that the Masonic Declaration of the Rights of Man is anti- 
supernatural and therefore, a repudiation of membership of 
Christ, in fact, a declaration of war on the Programme for Order 
of Christ the King. Accordingly, when a country weakens 
in regard to the First Point of that Programme by placing all 
religions on the same level, it is a sign that it has been pulled 
into the anti-supematural current. 1 When a country, as a social 
entity, thus adopts a wrong attitude to Christ the King, the 
effects are disastrous. Not only does it deprive itself of grace, 
that is, of light to see what is in order and of strength to cleave 
to it, but when “ error has once become incarnate in legal for- 
mulae and in administrative practice, it penetrates so deeply 
into people's minds that it is impossible to eradicate it." 2 * Thus 
the way is prepared for the attack on the other points of our 
Lord's Programme, by the introduction of divorce, the banish- 
ment of religion from the schools, and the attack an family life 
and private ownership. The enemies of Christ the King are 
organized and know what they want, while Catholics are divided 
and do not realize that their hold on the faith is being gradually 
undermined. " Before God a nation has apostatized when 
its government has posited an act of apostasy, though many 
members of the nation may have remained faithful," 8 and may 
continue faithful in spite of the increasing di ffi culties. 

At the time La Question du Messie et le Concile du Vatican 
was written, the Fathers Lemann Sadly pointed out that " not 
one* of the Gentile nations had remained Catholic in its constitu- 
tion and continued to bear aloft the standard of Christ and His 
Church." 4 Since then there has been a poignant reaction in 
the case of Spain, so that there is now in the world at least one 

1 Cf. Chapter I. In a memorable interview in 1856, Bishop Pie of 
Poitiers,later Cardinal, said to Napoleon III,Emperor of the French: 
" The social gospel which furnishes inspiration to the State is 
the Declaration of the Rights of Man, which is purely and simply 
the formal negation of the Rights of God " (The Kingship of 
Christ according to Cardinal Pie of Poitiers , p. 76). 

* The Kingship of Christ according to Cardinal Pie of Poitiers t p. 52. 

8 La Question du Messie et le Concile du Vatican , by the Fathers 
L6mann, p. 101. 

4 Op cit., p. 103. 

The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jewish Nation 

country that, as a country, proclaims its fidelity to Christ the 
King. The attitude towards Spain on the part of other nations 
is, however, a clear proof of how deeply Naturalism has per- 
meated the official world of our day. The Tablet (Brooklyn) 
of May 14, 1949, cited the frank statements of Senator Owen 
Brewster of Maine, a non-Catholic, in the American Senate. 
The Senator brought into the open the attitude of the American 
Delegation to the U.N.O. on Catholicism. Amongst other 
things, he said : “ The subtle word is constantly passed that 

the alternative to Communism is Catholicism. We know that 
word is constantly uttered in the lobbies, although Senators 
do not care to bring it out on the floor. We are told that some 
very distinguished members of the American Delegation are 
among those who are most earnest in their opposition to the 
recognition of Spain, because forsooth Spain is a Catholic 
country. It is high time that the American people decided 
to tear the mask from this situation.” 


Contemporary Jewish Aims 


For the sake of clearness, we must here recapitulate a little. 
The rejection of order by Satan and the other fallen angels 
was irrevocable, It was a declaration, by the whole body 
of them together, of perpetual war on, and implacable hatred 
towards, the Blessed Trinity and the Supernatural Life of Grace . 1 
The Fall of the human race could be undone, because human 
beings can change their minds, and the human race comes into 
existence successively by propagation from the first Adam . 2 
The Fall was in fact undone, and the Supernatural Life of Grace 
was restored to the world by the Second Adam, our Lord Jesus 
Christ, Son of the Virgin Mary, our Immaculate Mother. In 
the undoing of the Fall, however, God permitted a second re- 
jection of order. The Second Person of the Blessed Trinity 
became man and proposed to the Jewish nation the Second 
Divine Plan for the ordered communication of the Divine Life 
of Grace to the world, through the Supernatural, supranational 
Kingdom of His Mystical Body . 3 

Our Lord Jesus Christ came to propose the Divine Plan 
for Order to His own nation according to the flesh, at the close 
of a long period of preparation, knowing the terrible fate that 

1 1 P., Q. 63, A. 3 and I P., Q. 64, A. 2. 

8 1 P., Q. 64., A. 2. 

3 When speaking of God's First Plan and God's Second Plan, we 
are using imperfect human language. In his second sermon 
on the Nativity, Pope St. Leo the Great expresses this truth as 
follows : “ It was necessary, dearly beloved, that the unchanging 
God, whose will cannot lose its kindliness, should accomplish 
in more obscure and mysterious fashion , what in His paternal 
affection He had first arranged, in order that mankind urged 

on to sin by the Evil One, should not be lost " Cf. lap 

Q. 19, A.7. 


The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jewish Nation 

awaited Him at the hands of those He loved. In spite of the 
fact that they had been repeatedly warned in types and figures, 
and orally by the prophets, about the way they would treat 
the True Messias when He should appear, they turned against 
Him and the whole Divine Plan He proposed. When they 
refused to enter into His designs, God permitted the crime 
of deicide, and by our Divine Lord's supreme act of humble 
submission on Calvary, the Supernatural Life of Grace was 
restored to the world. Fulfilling the prophecies to the letter, our 
Divine Lord allowed Himself to be put to death, but He died 
proclaiming the Divine Plan for Order. Thus, the Mystical 
Body has now a crucified Head, crucified for love of us. God 
wished the Jews as a people to accept His only-begotten Son 
and to be the heralds of the Supernatural, supranational Life 
of His Mystical Body. They were thus offered the glorious 
privilege of proclaiming and working for the only mode of real- 
izing the union and brotherhood of nations which is possible 
since the Fall. On account of their racial pride, they refused 
to accept that there could be any life higher than their national 
• life, and they would not hear of the non- Jewish nations entering 
into the Kingdom of the Mystical Body on the same level as 

The Crucifixion of our Lord on Calvary was, however, not 
only the public rejection by the Jewish nation of the Divine 
Programme for order in the world, but also the proclamation 
by that nation of its determination to work against God for 
the enthronement of another Messias. Since our Lord Jesus 
Christ, the True Messias, is the source of the Supernatural Life 
and wishes all to be members of His Mystical Body, the future 
Messias must be anti-supernatural or naturalistic, and the 
structure of society based on membership of Christ will have to 
be eliminated in preparation for him. Since the True Super- 
natural Messias came to found the Supranational Kingdom 
of His Mystical Body, into which He asked the Jewish nation 
to lead all the other nations, the future Messias must be a purely 
Jewish National Messias , and his mission can have no other 
object than to impose the rule of the Jewish nation on the other 


The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jewish Nation 

The cEoice presented to the Jewish nation by the coming 
of our Lord Jesus Christ may be represented diagrammatically 
as follows : 










The Jewish nation, instructed by the Prophets and Figures 
of the Old Testament, and, lastly, by St. John the Baptist, 
was meant to turn upwards, at the bidding of God become 
man, and to put all its splendid natural qualities at the service 
of the True Supernatural order of the world. Instead of doing 
so, it turned downwards to the slavery of a self-centred ambition 
dictated by national pride. The attitude of Saul prior to his 
conversion on the road to Damascus is typical of the corrupt 
ideas concerning the mission of the Messias, which had taken 
hold of Jewish minds, and had led them to reject Our Lord 
Jesus Christ. St. Paul saw the truth about the Mystical Body 
of Christ after his conversion, and tried to get his fellow-country- 
men to recognise their error, but the nation as such refused to 
listen. In his Christmas Allocution, 1948, Pope Pius XII 


The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jewish Nation 

brought out the contrast between the alternatives that faced 
the Jewish nation, at the coming of Our Lord, as follows : “ Hear 
resounding in the night like the bells of Christmas, the admirable 
words of the Apostle of the Gentiles, who had been himself a 
slave to the mean, narrow prejudices of nationalist and racial 
pride, stricken down along with him on the road to Damascus : 
‘ He (Christ Jesus), is our peace who hath made both (peoples) 

one killing the enmities in Himself. And coming He 

preached peace to you that were afar off, and peace to them 
.that were nigh' (Ephesians, II, 14, 15, 16, 17). 

With that narrow, national outlook dictated by racial pride, 
which Pope Pius XII said was stricken down with St. Paul 
on the road to Damascus, the Jewish nation has continued on 
down the centuries. That outlook has, in fact, become more 
accentuated with time. Accordingly, over and above the 
fundamental disorder of Original sin, there is, in our fallen and 
redeemed world, an additional source of disorder, in the deter- 
mined opposition of His own nation according to the flesh to 
the Redeemer and Source of order. It is true that by our Divine 
Lord's obedient acceptance of His rejection by His own nation, 
the Divine Life of Grace was restored to the world, and He 
became Head of the Supernatural, supranational Kingdom 
of His Mystical Body, which is destined to organize the world 
for the diffusion of Supernatural Life. In that work of organ- 
ization, however, over and above the struggle against the self- 
centred tendencies of individual souls, the Catholic Church, 
the Mystical Body of Christ, has to face the persistent opposition 
of the Jewish nation, in alliance with and in control of, the 
strongly organized, anti-Supematural Masonic Sect. Accord- 
ing to the leaders of the Jewish nation, now as nineteen hundred 
years ago, the union of nations is not intended by God to take 
place through entrance into and acceptance of the supranational 
Kingdom of our Lord's Mystical Body, but through acceptance 
of and submission to the naturalistic Messianism of the Jewish 

1 Translated from the original Italian as it appeared in the Acta 
Apostolicae Sedis, Jan. 31 , 1949 . 


The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jewish Nation 

nation. This is made very clear in’ the letter from the Chief 
Rabbi of Palestine quoted in Chapter VII. The realization 
of the union of the nations looked forward to by the Chief Rabbi 
would mean a completely naturalistic organization of the 
world, in other words, the elimination of the rule of Christ the 



Jewish Naturalism or Anti-Supernaturalism, by its striving 
for a new Messianic age, contains a twofold source of corruption 
and decay for other nations. On the one hand, by its opposition 
to the Supernatural Life coming from our Lord, it strives dir- 
ectly against the Light and Strength, by which alone human 
life, individual and national, can be lived in order. On the 
other hand, whether the naturalistic Messias to come be an 
individual Jew or the Jewish race, it means that the Jews as 
a nation, are seeking to impose their particular national form 
on the other nations. The imposition by any nation of its 
national form on another nation attacks directly the natural 
or normal line of development of that nation and undermines 
its natural virtues, which are the foundation and the bulwark 
of the Supernatural virtues. Thus in two ways the Jews, as a 
nation, are objectively aiming at giving society a direction which 
is in complete opposition to the order proclaimed by God be- 
come man. This does not mean that every individual member 
of the Jewish Nation is consciously working for the elimination 
from society of membership of Christ and of the organization 
based thereon. It does mean, however, that all Jews, in pro- 
portion as they are one with the leaders and rulers of their race , 
will oppose the influence of the Supernatural Life of the Mystical 
Body in society and will be an active ferment of Naturalism 
by their striving for the Messianic domination of their race. 


The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jewish Nation 


In Chapter VI, we have seen the correct meaning of Anti- 
Semitism, that is, its meaning for the Catholic Church, Let 
us now see its meaning for the members of the Jewish nation. 

Given the naturalistic Messianic ambition of the Jewish 
Nation to impose its rule on the other nations, Anti-Semitism 
for the Jews logically means whatever is in opposition to that 
ambition. The situation since the Second World War is being 
cleverly exploited to prevent anyone from opposing Jewish 
aims, through fear of being dubbed an “Anti-Semite/* In 
my book, The Mystical Body of Christ and the Reorganization 
of Society, I pointed out that the disordered National-Socialist 
reaction against the corroding influence of Jewish Naturalism 
on German national life led not only to measures of repression 
against the Jews, with regrettable violations of their personal 
rights, but also to persecution of the Catholic Church. Com- 
paratively little information concerning the anti-Catholic 
measures ever reached the great newspaper-reading, cinema- 
going public, while hardly anyone could fail to be aware of 
what was done to the Jews . 1 The term “ Anti-Semitism/* 
with all its war-connotation of Nazi cruelty, is now having its 
comprehension widened to include every form of opposition 

1 In Gothic Ripples of Jan. 14, 1953, Arnold Leese writes about the six 
million Jews, alleged to have been killed by Hitler, as follows : 
“The World Almanac, 1947, quoted the American Jewish Com- 
mittee as estimating the world's Jewish population in 1939 as 
about 15£ million ... In 1948, the New York Times (Jew-owned) 
said that the world Jew population was between 15,700,000 and 
18,600,000. So here is the simple subtraction sum : — 

Jews in 1939 15,500,000 

Less J ews killed by Hitler ... 6,000,000 

Surviving Jews in 1948 ... 15,700,000 

(or make it 18,600,000) . . . no wonder that Aufbau t a Jewish 
weekly of New York, 24th Dec., 1948, described the whole 1 six 
million ' story as a pure fabrication." 

In Far and Wide (pp. 307-312) Douglas Reed examines, the 
available figures at some length and states : “ No proof can be 
given that six million Jews * perished ' : proof can be adduced 
that so many could not have perished." 


The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jewish Nation 

to the Jewish nation’s Naturalistic programme. Forgetfulness 
of the disorder of Jewish Naturalism is keeping Catholics blind 
to the consequences of accepting the term with its Jewish com- 
prehension. According to the leaders of the Jewish nation, 
to stand for the rights of Christ the King is to be an Anti-Semite. 

Of all the countries in the world, the United States is the country 
in which can best be observed this process of enlarging the 
comprehension of ” Anti-Semitism ” to include any and every 
form of opposition to what the Jewish leaders are aiming at. 
The United States, since its inception, has acted as if the Jewish 
Naturalistic ambition of world-wide domination in opposition 
to the order of the world under Christ the King did not exist. 
Americans are now learning that a new anti-Christian organiza- 
tion of the world is being brought about and that members of 
the Jewish nation are everywhere active in that work. On 
the one hand, the Anti-Defamation. League of B’nai B’rith, 
the American Jewish Congress, the American Jewish Committee, 
the Jewish War Veterans, and the well-known Communist 
Front, the American Civil Liberties Union, etc., are striving 
to prevent instruction of the New York public school children 
under the released time programme . 1 On the other hand, there 
are powerful members of the Jewish nation like M.M. Warburg 

1 The above list of organizations is taken from The Tablet (Brooklyn), 
an excellent Catholic weekly (issues of July 14 and July 21, 1951). 

In a fine pamphlet entitled Christ Losing His World, by Lon 
Francis, we read : “ The American Jewish Congress, headed by 
Rabbi Stephen Wise of New York City, has built up a nation- 
wide net -work of espionage agents to ferret out individuals and 
organizations suspected of being anti-Semitic. Their findings 
are printed in a confidential publication .... In the January 7, 
1944, issue of this Congress Weekly, the question was asked : 
* Where is Anti-Semitism spawned ? * It then answered its 
question by saying : ‘ In a denomination other than Protestant.’ 
The implication is clear. In that same issue, the Congress Weekly 
quoted with approbation the charge that * Anti-Semitism,’ as 
we know it in the western world, is an element which has been 
for two thousand years part and parcel of the Christian tradition. 
Then the editor remarked : ‘ It can only be dealt with as such,* 
— which means nothing else than that Christianity must be 
destroyed.” Christ Losing His World was published by Our 
Sunday Visitor Press, Indiana, U.S.A., in 1946. 


The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jewish Nation 

and J. P. Warburg of Kuhn, Loeb & Co., etc., etc., behind 
the movement for a naturalistic (or anti-Supematural) One 
World Government. 1 The chief agency in the work of crushing, 
by the smear of smears, “ Anti-Semitic,” whatever is opposed 
to Jewish plans, is the Anti-Defamation League of the B'nai 
B'rith. For an accurate account of the activities of that body, 
the two pamphlets, The Anti- Defamation League and its use in 
the World Communist Offensive and Know Your Enemy , by 
an honourable and courageous American, Robert H. Williams, 
are strongly recommended. 

In Know Your Enemy , Robert H. Williams classifies the work 
of the Anti-Defamation League under four headings. Firstly, 
it “ builds up liberal candidates, those tolerant of Communists 
and Zionists, to great reputations, in preparation for political 
office. Among its proteges are Dewey, Warren, Harold Stassen 

Truman, the Roosevelt sons, Chester Bowles and a 

motley horde of lesser New Dealers. General Eisenhower was 
put into his job as figurehead of Columbia University by a 

group of internationalists the League's Walter Winchell 

for months boosted the Eisenhower candidacy. Eisenhower 

is a tool in the hands of the Zionists.” Secondly, while 

building up its selected candidates, 44 it pours a stream of money 
and smear propaganda into an election against a chosen enemy.” 
Senator Burton K. Wheeler was thus defeated in Montana in 
1941. Thirdly, it maintains " a nation-wide investigative 
agency. By its own statement, it has 200 keymen in 1200 
cities. From many sources we know that this staff of'G.P.U. 
agents spies on the private living and businesses of scores of 
thousands of Americans.” Fourthly, it carries on censorship, 
including character-defamation to suppress criticism. ” By 
the use of information gathered by its spies, or by distorting 

1 Cf. We Must Abolish the United States : The Hidden Facts Behind the 
Crusade for World Government , by Joseph P. Kamp (published 
by the Constitutional Educational League, 342, Madison Avenue, 
New York, 17). James P. Warburg told the U.S. Senate that 
we were going to have world government, whether we liked it 
or not. According to Common Sense , Feb. 15, 1951, he is a 
Zionist and represents the real power behind the United World 


The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jewish Nation 

that information or by the mere threat of a malicious 

campaign the A.D.L. is able to keep the newspapers, 

magazines and book publishers and Congress from effectively 

opposing it That is why you may never have seen 

the name of the Anti-Defamation League in print 

This mighty machine promotes Communism and Zionism, 
protects the Frankfurter Communist-Zionist net inside the 
Government, subverts our children, dominates much of 

Major Williams then points out that the A.D.L’s book of 
smear against American Anti-Communist leaders, entitled 
A Measure of Freedom, was prepared by a man named Arnold 
Forster : " Joseph P. Kamp, one of the best informed investi- 
gators in Washington, told Congress : ‘ If you can get President 
Truman to let you look at the F.B.I. files, you will discover 
that Forster’s right name is Fastenberg, and that he was a 
member of the Communist spy ring / 1 Forster takes orders 
from the League’s national chairman, Meier Steinbrink, a Justice 
of the New York Supreme Court. Justice Steinbrink is on 
intimate terms with Justice Frankfurter of the U.S. Supreme 
Court. We have been digging down to find Communists : 
those below are only the party members, the gangsters. We 
must look up to find the really big ones, those who would not 
stoop to join the party, but who create its policies, Frankfurter, 
Steinbrink, Lehman, Morgenthau and their consorts — these are 
the real Communists in America. They are the Zionist power 
behind Communism. The Zionists aim to dominate the West ; 
the Communists the East, both producing the same revolution, 
both promoting the same world government, police backed 
— a world dictatorship.” 

Even to mention Jewish naturalistic Messianism, that is, 
Zionism, except favourably, is Anti-Semitism in the Jewish 
sense. In Somewhere South of Suez, Douglas Reed points out 
that, in the vital matter of Zionist Nationalism, the freedom of 

1 Congressional Record, June, 1950. This statement is also published 
in Kamp’s booklet. It Isn't Safe to he an American (Constitutional 
Educational League, 342, Madison Ave., New York, 17). 


The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jemsh Nation 

the Press has become a fallacy during the two decades preceding 
the publication of his book in 1951. “ Newspaper- writers," 

he continues, “ have become less and less free to express any 
criticism of, or report any fact unfavourable to, this new ambition 
of the Twentieth Century. When I eventually went to America 
I found that this ban, for such it is in practice, prevailed even 

more rigidly there than in my own country In the 

matter of Zionist Nationalism, which I hold to be allied in its 
roots to Soviet Communism, the ban is much more severe. In 
my own adult lifetime as a journalist, now covering thirty years, 
I have seen this secret ban grow from nothing into something 
approaching a law of Use-majesty at some absolute court. In 
daily usage, no American or British newspaper, apparently, 
now dares to print a line of news or comment unfavourable to 
the Zionist ambition ; and under this thrall matters are reported 
favourably or non-committally, if they are reported at all, 
which if they occurred elsewhere would be denounced with the 
most piteous cries of outraged morality. The inference to me 
is plain : the Zionist Nationalists are powerful enough to govern 
governments in the great countries of the remaining West 

“ Zionist Nationalism ! To-day American Presidents and 
British Prime Ministers, and all their colleagues, watch it as 
anxiously as Muslim priests watch for the crescent moon on 
the eve of Ramadan, and bow to it as humbly as the faithful 

prostrating themselves in the Mosque at Mecca If 

a third war followed the course of the second one, when military 
victories were used to bring about political defeats, it would 
be directed to bring about a further spread of the Communist 

Empire and of the Zionist state or else, the first would be 

overthrown merely to aggrandize the second." 1 

Before proceding to examine a little more in detail the mater- 
ialism of Zionist plans, it will be well to point out the sad effects 
on the Jewish people of their continued opposition to the Divine 
Plan for order. 

1 Somewhere South of Suez, pp. 7 - 10 , passim. Somewhere South of 
Suez is published by the Devin -Ad air Company, New York. 


The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jewish Nation 


We have seen the disordered choice that the Jewish Nation, 
under the guidance of its leaders, made in regard to our Divine 
Lord Jesus Christ. Their opposition has not only had sad 
consequences in retarding the world's acceptance of Him, but 
is having mournful effects on themselves. The persistent 
rejection of the one Mediator, Christ Jesus, in spite of abundant 
light and grace, is having the inevitable consequences so strikingly 
indicated by Popes Leo XIII and Pius XI. “ The case of 
governments/* wrote Pope Leo XIII, ** is much the same as 
that of individuals : they also must run into fatal issues, if 

they depart from the way Let Jesus be excluded, and 

human reason is left without its greatest protection and illum- 
ination : the very notion is easily lost of the end for which God 
created human society Their minds busy with a hun- 

dred confused projects, rulers and subjects alike travel a devious 
road, bereft as they are of safe guidance and fixed principles. 
Just as it is pitiable and calamitous to wander out of the way, 
so it is to desert the truth. But the first absolute and essential 
truth is Christ, the Word of God, who with the Father is one/* 1 

Pope Pius XI enters into greater detail than Leo XIII. 
“ No belief in God/* he writes, “will in the long run be pre- 
served pure and genuine, if it is not supported by belief in 

Christ Belief in Christ will not be preserved pure and 

genuine, if not supported and protected by belief in the Church, 
the pillar and ground of truth (Timothy, II, 15). Christ 
Himself, God praised forever, has erected this pillar of faith. 
His command to hear the Church (St. Matthew, XVIII, 17), 
to hear His words and commandments (St. Luke, X, 16) in the 
words and commandments of the Church, is meant for the men 

of all times and of all places The moral conduct of 

mankind is grounded on faith in God kept pure and true. Every 
attempt to dislodge moral teaching and moral conduct from 
the rock of faith, and to erect them on the shifting sands of 

1 Encyclical Letter, Tametsi , On Christ our Redeemer ( 1900 ). 


The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jewish Nation 

human regulations, sooner or later leads the individual and the 
community to moral destruction .” 1 

These principles of Pope Leo XIII and Pope Pius XI apply 
with greater force to the Jewish nation and its leaders than 
to others, for they have rejected greater graces and turned 
against God with direr ingratitude. They are our Lord’s own 
people according to the flesh. It is no wonder, then, that we 
find terrible divagations from order in the books or codes which 
their leaders have compiled to guide and direct their relations 
with God and with their fellow-men . 2 We need not be sur- 
prised that, as their power in the world increases, the Jews 
are, on the one hand, ceasing to believe in the God of Israel 
and are falling a prey to Pantheism, especially in its materialistic 
Marxian form, and that, on the other hand, they are utilizing 
methods opposed to natural and Supernatural law, in order 
to achieve their ends. Their propagation of atheistic Com- 
munism, their treatment of the Arabs in Palestine and the 
methods of the Anti-Defamation League in the U.S.A are striking 
examples of that moral decay which, according to Popes Leo 
XIII and Pius XI, is the inevitable consequence of opposition 
to the Divine Plan for order. 


In this Chapter, two particularly important points have 
been emphasized. The first is that the rejection of our Divine 
Lord’s Supernatural and supranational Kingdom by the Jewish 
Nation has had for inevitable consequence the naturalistic 
ambition to impose the rule of their nation on the world. In- 
stead of the lofty ideal of aiding all nations to live in harmony 
as members of the Mystical Body of Christ, the Catholic Church, 
the Jews have made the disordered choice to strive to weaken 
all the other nations and thus bring them into subjection to 
themselves. That is the aim of their anti-Supernatural Mess- 

1 Encyclical Letter On the Condition of the Church in Germany , 14th 
March, 1937. 

* Cf. The Mystical Body of Christ in the Modern World , pp. 75, 76. 

The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jewish Nation 

ianism. The second is that persistent opposition to the True 
Supernatural Messias on the part of the Jewish nation is leading 
to materialism and moral decay. Let us now see something 
of the realization of these points in the Jewish State in Palestine. 

In Chapter V, we saw that the Jews claim to Pales- 
tine either by Divine right or according to natural law. Never- 
theless, in consequence of persistent propaganda, many believe 
that the reason of the Zionist claims is that Palestine is " the 
Jewish homeland ” and that rich Jews throughout the world 
wish to see realized the fervent religious desire of their co- 
religionists to return to the Holy Land. This may seem plausible, 
but “ it is not consistent with the conspicuously irreligious 
character of the Jewish settlements already in existence. There 
are no synagogues in the settlement except for a very few which 
are entered only by the aged. At Tel Aviv, with a Jewish 
population approaching a quarter of a million, there was only 
one synagogue at the time of the outbreak of the war in 1939. ” x 

Of course, the pretext of a fervent religious desire on the 
part of the Jews to return to the Holy Land seems plausible 
only to those who do not grasp what we saw in Chapter V. The 
Jewish- claim to Palestine is implicitly a denial that they have 
disobeyed God and missed their vocation by the rejection of 
the Supernatural Messias. It is the assertion in action that 
the promised Messias has not yet come and that the day of 
their national domination over the world will yet dawn. 

What are the real, as distinct from the alleged, motives be- 
hind the Jewish conquest of Palestine and the erection of the 
Jewish State ? Years ago A. Homer, M.A., D.Sc., drew up 
a Memorandum on the development of Palestinian Industries, 
in which, amongst other interesting things, she said : “ Long 

ago I came to the conclusion that Financial Jewry (both Zionist 
and non-Zionist) was furthering the aspiration of fanatical 
Zionism for its own ends, namely, in order to gain possession 
of the colossal oil and mineral resources of Palestine and 'Greater 

1 The Palestine Mystery, by Captain Arthur Rogers, p, 9. (The 
Sterling Press, 50, Old Brompton Road, London, S.W.7). 
Palestine 1950, a French publication, says that “ at Tel- Aviv 
thirty synagogues are open.” 


The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jewish Nation 

Palestine * and that they would be kept fallow until 

such time as they could be developed for the aggrandisement 
of Financial Jewry, preferably under the aegis of a Jewish 
State/' 1 An article entitled “ Zionists Misleading World with 
Untruths for Palestine Conquest/' which appeared in The New 
York Herald Tribune of January 14, 1947, gives more detailed 
information as follows : “ Since 1916, Zionists have preceded 

on the theory that their plan for creating an independent Jewish 
State in Palestine was the only certain method by which Zion- 
ists could acquire complete control and outright ownership 
of the proven Five Trillion Dollar ($5,000,000,000,000), chemical 
and mineral wealth of the Dead Sea. A Jewish State possessing 
this fabulous wealth would, by virtue of its financial power, 
soon become a nation with greater international importance 

than any nation in the history of the world Twenty 

years before the arrival on the scene of Adolph Hitler . 

Zionists were using less impressive alibis to justify their ' high- 
jacking ’ of the Five Trillion Dollar chemical and mineral wealth 
of the Dead Sea, which has always rightfully belonged to the 

native Palestinians Ironically, Zionists are using the 

profits from this operation to finance the conquest of the country 
from the natives/' 2 

Some more details are given concerning Palestine’s mineral 
resources in a publication entitled Production of Minerals from 
the Waters of the Dead Sea, issued on behalf of the Government 
of Palestine by the Crown Agents for the Colonies in 1925. On 
page two of this document we read : “ From the foregoing 

figures the quantities 
approximately : 

of salts in 

the Dead Sea 

are therefore 

Potassium Chloride 

« • * • 

2,000 million metric tons 

Magnesium Bromide 

« • • • 


>> > > 

Sodium Chloride 

« ♦ • « 


) y y 9 

Magnesium Chloride 

• • 

22,000 ,, 

y > 3 r 

Calcium Chloride 

• • • • 

6,000 ,, 

> » > > 

1 Quoted in The “ Palestine ” Plot , p. 24 , by B. Jensen (Published 

by W. L. Richardson, Lawers, by Aberfeldy, Scotland). This 
little book is an excellent summary of the whole question. 

2 Quoted in The “ Palestine ** Plot , p. 5. 


The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jewish Nation 

For practical purposes the supply of potash may be con- 
sidered inexhaustible.” 1 

Capt. Rogers then continues : ” There is no doubt that there 
are other minerals in the Dead Sea not mentioned in this official 
publication. For example, some years ago a prominent French 
Scientist estimated that there was gold to an extent worth over 
/5, 000,000,000. However this may be, the value of the chem- 
icals actually mentioned in the official estimate is nothing less 

than astronomical the total being about ^240,000,000,000 

Since 1925, when the publication was issued, the 

market prices have increased greatly, in some cases to more 
than double the prices of that time It is certain, there- 

fore, that any persons concerned in controlling or promoting a 
chemical ring must have a great interest in the Dead Sea chem- 
icals Any grant of a concession for the exploitation 

of chemical resources of such magnitude and importance must 
be a matter of particular public concern. Chemicals are now 
used to a greater or less extent in almost all forms of manu- 
facture and in enormous quantities in the making of munitions 
and other war-time requirements. It should, therefore, be a 
cardinal point of public policy to avoid any action which might 
cause chemicals to fall under the control of inter-connected 
groups of financiers. Any closed ring, or cartel, of chemical 
producers and wholesale merchants is bound to acquire undue 
influence over the costs of manufacture and the availability 
of supplies, and thus over economic and political affairs in general 

It is no exaggeration to say that an influence of this 

nature has already reached menacing proportions in the United 
Kingdom. Apart from the evidence of such influence over 
general manufacture and the production of munitions, its ten- 
tacles have been noticeable for some years in agricultural policy, 
which has promoted and actually enforced the use of synthetic 

1 The Palestine Mystery, by Capt. A. Rogers, p. 12 . Capt. Rogers 
adds in a note that ” the book from which this extract is taken 
ceased to be available for purchase soon after its publication . . . 
The British Museum authorities have courteously consented to 
provide photostat copies of certain important passages, but the 
publishers, who hold the copyright, although public servants, 
have refused permission for their reproduction.” 


The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jewish Nation 

plant-stimulants, called fertilizers, to the serious detriment of 

the public health and the productivity of the soil In 

the same way, successive Administrations have promoted the 
use of synthetic drugs by those who are ill — possibly in con- 
sequence of the agricultural policy.” 1 

Further on in his book, which is strongly recommended to 
all readers, Capt. Rogers relates how Great Britain, the 
Mandatory power in Palestine, granted “ the concession for the 
Dead Sea’s chemicals to a group, or syndicate, which the Zionists 
call their own.” The Mandatory Power also expropriated 
a Greek subject, named Mavromatis, and made an agreement 
with a Zionist named Pinhas Rutenberg concerning hydro- 
electrification. The latter agreement was condemned in strong 
language by the International Court of Justice at the Hague, 
the British member, Viscount Finlay, concurring. The Court 

ruled that “ the agreement was not in conformity with 

the international obligations accepted by the Mandatory for 
Palestine.” That was in 1925. The British Government 
has had reason to regret its action since, but Capt. Rogers 
points out that no public explanation has ever been given of 
either proceeding. 2 


Only an outline of the conquest of Palestine can be given 
in the space at my disposal. For full information readers 
are recommended to consult the works to which I refer. Plans 
for the conquest and for further developments were drawn up 
long in advance. Weigh well the statements made in the follow- 
ing quotations ; " Let me tell you,” said Max Nordau at the 

sixth Zionist Congress in 1903, “ as if I were showing you the 

rungs of a ladder leading upward and upward : — Herzl, the 
Zionist Congress, the English Uganda proposition, the future 
world war, the peace conference where, with the help of England, 
a free and Jewish Palestine will be created.” 3 ** The Balfour 

1 The Palestine Mystery , pp. 12-15. 

2 The Palestine Mystery , pp. 33-34. 

•Quoted in The “ Palestine ” Plot , by B. Jensen, p, 45. 


The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jewish Nation 

Declaration,” wrote Louis Marshall, a leading American Zionist, 
4t with its acceptance by the Powers, is an act of the highest 
diplomacy. It means both more and less than appears on the 
surface. Zionism is but an incident of a far-reaching plan : 
it is merely a convenient peg on which to hang a powerful weapon. 
All the pretexts they (the opponents of the National Home 
project) may make would be futile. It would subject them 
individually to hateful and concrete examples of a most im- 
pressive nature.” 1 

Sir Alfred Mond, first Lord Melchett, was the founder of Impe- 
rial Chemicals, the Chemical cartel. ” He was also instrumental 
in founding the Extended Jewish Agency, of which Mr. Felix 
Warburg, of Kuhn, Loeb and Co., became the non-Zionist head. 
The present Lord Melchett, managing director of I.C.I., is, 
or was till recently, Chairman of the British Section of the Jew- 
ish Agency We recall that the selection of working- 

class ‘ colonists/ from whose ranks the terrorists in Palestine 
come, was left entirely in the hands of the Jewish Agency.” 2 
In 1928, the first Lord Melchett said : “ This movement (the 

Jewish National Home) is to me the most important, not merely 

for us, but for the whole world Let me take you back 

to 1913. If I had stood here in 1913 and said to you * Come to 
a conference to discuss the reconstruction of a National Home 
in Palestine, * you would have looked upon me as an idle dreamer : 
even if I had told you in 1913 that the Austrian Archduke would 
be killed and that out of all that followed would come the chance, 
the opportunity, the occasion for establishing a National Home 
for the Jews in Palestine. Has it ever occurred to you how 
remarkable it is that out of the welter of world blood there 
has arisen this opportunity ? Do you really believe that this 
is an accident ? Do you really in your hearts believe that we 

1 Quoted in The “ Palestine ” Plot , by B. Jensen, p. 57 . ” Louis 

Marshall, legal representative of Kuhn, Loeb and Co. of New 
York, wrote the above in a letter to Max Senior, dated New 
York, Sept. 26 , 1917 .” 

2 B. Jensen in The “ Palestine ” Plot, p. 15 . 


The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jewish Nation 

have been led back to Israel by nothing but a fluke ? 

''Of the labyrinth of Jewish organizations/' writes Ladislas 
Fargo from the Jewish side, “ the Jewish Agency was the one 
whose aims and significance I understood most clearly 
The Jewish Agency was already provided for in the Mandate 
Treaty : it was to stand at the side of the Government and 

advise upon all questions touching upon the Jewish National 
Home. Therefore it soon became the Alpha and the Omega 

of the Jews in Palestine For Jewish immigration the 

Jewish Agency has a still more special significance : it suggests 
the number of immigration certificates each year (usually too 
many in the opinion of the government), and receives them 
(usually less than the number demanded) for distribution. 
The Jewish Agency has developed into a kind of Jewish Govern- 
ment/' 2 The Jewish Agency seems to have been able to get 
in Jewish immigrants in spite of the government, for in Jan- 
uary, 1946 , Mr. Lehman recalled General Sir Frederick Morgan, 
the chief British UNRRA official in Germany, and reprimanded 
him for having openly stated his belief that European Jews 
had a positive plan for a second exodus, and that there was 
an unknown Jewish organization behind it/' 3 General Morgan 

1 Quoted in The “ Palestine ” Plot, p. 47, from the report in the Jewish 

Chronicle, 9th November, 1928, of a conference given in New 

It is interesting to note that during the trial at Sarajevo, after 
the murder of the Archduke Franz Ferdinand in 1914, it was 
revealed that he had been condemned to death by Freemasonry 
two years before. The Revue Internationale des Societes Secretes 
of Sept. 15th, 1912, published the statement of an important 
Swiss Freemason to the effect that " the Archduke will die 
on the steps of the throne.” The actual assassin of the Arch- 
duke, Gabriel Princip, was a Jew. When asked at the trial 
if he were a Freemason, he hesitated and protested, and then 
denied. Cf. Weltfreimaurerei, Weltr evolution, Weltrepublik, by 
Dr. M. Wichtl, pp. 119-125 and La Dictature des Puissances 
occultes, by L6on de Poncins (pp. 185-196). 

2 Palestine on the Eve, p. 134. 

8 The 1 UNRRA ’ Inftltra(i)tors , by B. Jensen, p. 2. This pamphlet, 
which can be procured from W. L. Richardson, Lawers, by Aber- 
feldy, Scotland, is strongly recommended on this aspect of the 


The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jewish Nation 

was vindicated in the Official Report of the British Govern- 
ment on Expenditure in Austria A In that document we read : 
“ Very large numbers of Jews, almost amounting to a second 
Exodus, have been migrating from Eastern Europe to the 
American zones in Germany and Austria, with the intention 
in the majority of cases, of finally making their way to Palestine. 
It is clear that it is a highly organized movement, with ample 
funds and great influence behind it, but the Sub-Committee 
were unable to obtain any evidence who are the real instigators.” 
“ The publication of the British Government's White Paper 
on Palestinian terrorism,” writes B. Jensen, “conclusively 
proved that there was a central direction of all Jewish military 
organizations in Palestine, and that several campaigns of terror- 
ism had been launched at the word of command of the London 
section of the Jewish Agency. Mr. Attlee confirmed the rev- 
elations (for the utterance of which General Morgan had been 
dismissed) concerning the Zionist direction of the Jewish trek 
from Eastern Europe to Palestine.” 1 2 As a matter of fact, in 
the News Review, London, August 22, 1946, the Rt. Hon. C. 
Attlee was reported as saying : “ Identity and ration cards and 
travel documents are forged on a large scale. Food, clothing, 
medical supplies and transport provided by UNRRA for the 
relief of suffering in Europe are diverted for the maintenance 
of the underground railway to Palestine. There is evidence 
that the terrorist elements among the Jews have been reinforced 
from the ranks of illegal immigrants.” 3 

In an article in The Daily Telegraph , 5th Feb., 1947, on The 
Underground Route 4o Palestine via Italy, that paper's special 
correspondent, Leonard Bertin, wrote : “ UNRRA in Italy 

exists to assist emigration Jews to the best of its ability, and that 
help is unconditional There are also camps adminis- 

tered by the American Joint distribution Committee co-ordin- 
ating the work of all American Jewish relief organizations, 

and collaborating with UNRRA. This second group 

of camps, known as Hachsharot are training camps, 

1 Ordered by the House of Commons to be printed 5th Nov., 1946. 

2 The “ Palestine ” Plot , p. 26. The White Paper was published in 

July, 1946. 

* Quoted in The * UNRRA ' Infiltra(i)tors, p. 4. 


The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jewish Nation 

and are entirely under Jewish supervision, but benefit from 

XJNRRA supplies Hachsharot are carefully classified 

according to their objects and the persons in them. There are 
the Machlehot, or political centres. Of these some are re- 
served for the Somer, or Jewish Communist Party. Many of 
the men and women in these have come from the Russian Zone, 
and some of them say that they have served in the Russian 
Army after Poland was overrun at the beginning of the war. 
Many of them declare that they were very content under the 

Russian rule, but preferred to go to Palestine Opposite 

numbers to the Somer party are the Betar, totalitarian in out- 
look, very belligerent and nationalistic. They, in particular, 

engage in extensive militaristic training In Hachsharot 

there is violent anti-British propaganda. Obviously, whatever 
else these camps may be used for, they form an admirable base 
and sanctuary for the rank and file of any terrorist movement. 
The organisers, however, find it convenient to live in more lux- 
urious surroundings There are to be found men who 

operate under six different names, fully supported by different 
sets of documents, with four more names in reserve. ” 1 

In view of all these facts concerning UNRRA, it is amusing 
to read in Hansard , May, 1947, the replies given by Dr. Dalton, 
the then Chancellor of the Exchequer, to Sir W. Smithers who 
asked what was the total cost of UNRRA to the British tax- 
payers. Dr. Dalton said : 4< £155 million.’ ' Sir W. Smithers 

then continued : “ Will the Chancellor of the Exchequer set 

up an inquiry to find out if the money given by the British 
tax-payers was used for the purpose for which it was intended ? 
Was it used for Communist propaganda and how much of it 
was used for victualling illegal ships to Palestine ? ” Dr. 
Dalton : “I cannot imagine where the Hon. Gentleman has got 

1 The Daily Mail, Jan. 17, 1947, reported from Rome that the north 
Italian headquarters of Irgun Zvai Leumi, the Zionist -terrorist 
organization which had been killing British officials and soldiers 
in Palestine, had been discovered in the UNRRA offices in Milan. 
So we read in The UNRRA Infiltra(i)tors, p. 5. 


The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jewish Nation 

these fantastic ideas. So fantastic are they that I do not pro 
pose to inquire into them /* 1 


“Readers of the Intelligence Summary and the booklet Know 
Your Enemy,” writes Robert H. Williams, “ doubtless will 
recall that, just after the war. General Mark Clark was moved 
from Italy to command the U.S. Occupation Zone in Austria, 
and immediately there came a great flood of Jews from Marxist 
indoctrinated Eastern Europe, pouring through the Clark Com- 
jinand into our Displaced Persons camps, throwing themselves 
on the American government and taxpayer. The Jews were 
running from no danger ; the Nazis were crushed ; they were 
protected by the ( J ewish-dominated) Red Army east of the iron 
curtain and by the (Jewish-commanded) U.S. Army in Austria 

You doubtless will recall that the Zionists had British 

General Morgan removed from his position, when he had the 
courage to state publicly that the migration was part of a secret 
Jewish plot. The Zionist financiers and chemist Weizmann 
were using their own people to build the State of Israel and thus 
hold for them not only an important political and military 
beachhead, but also the mineral deposits of the Dead Sea (val- 
ued in some encyclopedias at three trillion dollars). The 
Jewish nationalists who principally dominated the Soviet Union 
did not object, for otherwise they would not have let their people 
leave the Red State. You have never known the Soviets to 
let a Gentile leave the USSR, except on some special mission. 
The Reds do not allow their enemies to escape from the Soviet 

Union ; they kill or enslave them And so General 

Clark rendered a great service to the Marxist world power cult 
in letting — and aiding — the Jews to come into the U.S. camps. 
At the same time. General Clark turned back to certain death 
or slave labour camps, the untold thousands of Gentiles — , 

*Mr. B. Jensen remarks that Dr. Dalton's offices as war-time chief 

of the Board of Trade were in the London headquarters of Imperial 

Chemical Industries, founded by the Mond-Melchetts. 


The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jewish Nation 

Christian men, women and children — running for their lives 
from the Red secret police.” 1 


The final stage of the conquest may be summed up in a few 
lines from The Iron Curtain over America , by John Beaty. 
” In 1948,” writes Mr. Beaty, ” strong with Soviet armor 
and basking in the sunshine of Soviet sympathy, * Israeli ' 
troups, mostly bom in Soviet-held lands, killed many Arabs 
and drove out some 880,000 others, Christian and Moslem. 
These wretched refugees apparently will long be a chief problem 

of the Arab League nations of the Middle East After 

the ' Israeli ' seizure of the Arab lands in Palestine, there foll- 
owed a long series of outrages including the bombings of the 
British Officers’ Club in Jerusalem, the Acre Prison, the Arab 
Higher Command Headquarters in Jaffa, the Semiramis Hotel, 

etc The climax of the brutality in f Israel 1 was the 

murder of Count Bemadotte of Sweden, the United Nations 
Mediator in Palestine (Sept. 17, 1948).” 2 The method of dealing 
with the Arabs had been arranged months before it took place. 
As long ago as February, 1948, an official of the Jewish Agency 
informed a British friend of his that the Jews could easily deal 
with the Arabs. They would begin with two or three mass- 
acres, he explained, and Arab resistance would collapse. 
‘Moreover/ he added, ‘when we massacre, we shall not only 
kill the men. We shall massacre the women and children, and 
even the cows, sheep and dogs.* ” 3 

1 Williams Intelligence Summary , November, 1951. 

1 Op. cit. pp. 126, 127. 

9 Quoted by B. Jensen in The Communist-Zionist Destroyers of the 
Holy Land from article by High official in the Middle East, 
writing in Everybody* s (London), June, 1948. 

“ A Zionist newspaper in July, 1942, reported that German- 
model fighter aircraft made in Soviet Czechoslovakia, were being 
flown from Prague to Palestine at the rate of two a day ” ( Some- 
where South of Suez , by Douglas Reed, p. 319). 

The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jewish Nation 

Through Count Beraadotte was a distinguished Freemason 
and belonged to the Swedish Royal Family, he was assassinated 
without the least compunction, after he had assigned the Negev 
to the Arabs. *' The Zionists were determined to keep the 
Negev/’ writes Douglas Reed, “ for to give that up ‘ would dep- 
rive Israel of the waters and minerals of the Dead Sea ’ (The 
American Zionist Emergency Council, in a full-page advertise- 
ment a few days after Count Bernadotte’s murder.)” 1 

There is oil also in the Negev. “ In August, 1951,” writes 
Arnold Leese, “ an American firm of petroleum geologists 
reported in the New York Herald Tribune , after completing its 
survey in Israel, that Israel may become a major oil-producing 
power, and that the Negev is one of the most promising areas.” 2 * 4 
The same writer had already pointed out in December, 1948, 
that oil had been discovered in Palestine as far back as July, 
1934, “that the High Commissioner had come down the follow- 
ing day with a retinue of experts and the well had been filled 
up. A decent interval was allowed to elapse between the 
murder of Count Bernadotte and the ” rediscovery ” of oil. 8 


" The lot of the Arab refugees,” writes Douglas Reed, " is 
more candidly, though pitilessly, presented in the Zionist press 
than in the great mass-circulation journals : * There is not a 

single Arab left in the whole of northern Palestine .... More 
than one-third of all Palestine Arabs have left or lost their homes, 
and there is little doubt that most of them have lost their dwell- 
ings for good . . . The International Refugee organization, 
which is mainly supported by the United States and Britain, 
announces that the Palestinian Arabs are not eligible for its 
assistance. The organization has allocated £1,500,000 for the 
Jewish Agency’s resettlement programme.’ The point of the 

1 Somewhere South of Suez , p. 317 (The Devin -Adair Company, New 


a Gothic Ripples , 27 th August, 1951 . 

4 Gothic Ripples , 27 th August, 1951 . 


The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jewish Nation 

jest came on December 19th, 1948, while the Arabs were being 
driven destitute from their native land. The Times then re- 
ported that : * The United Nations General Assembly tonight 

unanimously decided upon a draft convention on genocide, 
which is now declared a crime in International law. Genocide 
is defined as acts intended to destroy in whole or in part national, 
ethnical, racial or religious groups ; and rulers, officials or in- 
dividuals are made punishable by state or international penal 
tribunals not only for the crime but for the conspiracy, incite- 
ment or attempt to commit it . . . .' Hypocrisy on this scale 
assumes a grandeur of its own, beyond criticism. The Assembly 
which drafted the convention was the same which at the same 
moment genocided a completely inoffensive (though weak) 
national, ethnical, racial and religious group. Every member 
of the unanimous Assembly was indictable under every count 
.... The word * genocide ’ was first invented for the Nuremberg 
trial and applied especially to the case of the Jews. The draft 
convention, if that origin and the genocidal act in Palestine 
are borne in mind, appears to mean only that any opposition 
to Zionism is to be declared genocide, while anything done by 
Zionism is exempt.” 1 

His Holiness, Pope Pius XII, made a moving appeal for the 
return of these poor refugees in his Encyclical Letter of Good 
Friday, 15th April, 1949, On the Holy Places in Palestine : 
** Although fighting has ceased, none the less we are still far 
from the restoration of calm and order in Palestine. Complaints 
are still reaching Us from those who rightly and justly grieve 
over the desecration of churches and images, and homes of 
beneficence and charity, or the destruction of the houses of 
cloistered communities. Very many fugitives of all ages and 
every state of life, driven abroad by the disastrous war, cry 
pitifully to Us. They live in exile, under guard and exposed 

to infection and all manner of dangers We most earnestly 

implore those to whom it belongs to do justice to all who have 
been driven far away from their homes by the tempest of war 
and who long above all to live in quiet once more.” 2 

1 Somewhere South of Suez, by Douglas Reed, pp. 321 , 322 . 

* Translation as given in Catholic Documents, Epiphany, 1950 . 


The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jewish Nation 

In this Encylical Letter and in that of October 24, 1948, the 
Holy Father also pleaded for the internationalization of Jer- 
usalem. In spite of that, Israel, according to The Tablet 
(Brooklyn) , August 9, 1952, has already moved all government 
offices from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem with the exception of the 
Foreign Office, and it is now preparing to move that also. That 
shows Israel’s contempt for the Holy Father’s plea and the 
conviction that whatever it does will not be seriously questioned 
by the United Nations Organization. 



In the Foreword to the Third Edition of The Rulers of Russia 
I have summarized a ff lecture ” given by a Jewish banker of 
New York, as outlined in Count de St. Aulaire's interesting 
book, Gen&ve contre la Paix (pp. 83-92). This " lecture ” on 
the Mission of Israel amongst the Nations was “ delivered ” 
at an international dinner at Buda-Pesth in 1919, only a few 
days after the collapse of the Judaeo-Bolshevik domination of 
Bela-Kuhn over Catholic Hungary. 1 The Count explains, by 
way of introduction, that a number of Jewish revolutionaries, 
who had been expelled from Hungary, had returned there in 
American uniforms after the armistice, and that their reports 
guided President Wilson in his attitude towards all that con- 
cerned the interests of Israel. This is the reason, adds the 
Count, for the President’s scandalous partiality towards the 
Bolsheviks. 2 In reply to the question how it was possible for 
high finance to favour Bolshevism, which is hostile to property, 
movable and immovable, the Jewish banker began by explaining 
that those who are astonished at the alliance between Israel 
and the Soviets forget that the Jewish Nation is the most in- 

1 For a moving picture of Hungary prior to and during that revolution, 
read An Outlaw's Diary , by Cecile Tormay (Philip Allan & Co., 
London, 1923 ), 

8 Hie fact that the President was a Freemason must be also taken 
into account. 


The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jewish Nation 

tensely national of all peoples and that Marxism is simply one 
of the weapons of Jewish Nationalism. Capitalism, he added, 
is equally sacred to Israel, which makes use of both Bolshevism 
and Capitalism to remould the world for its ends. The process 
of renovation of the world is thus carried on from above by the 
Jewish control of the riches of the world and from below by 
Jewish guidance of revolution. Israel has a divine mission, in 
fact, Israel, become its own Messiah, is God. Israel is thus 
purifying the idea of God and at the same time preparing the 
definitive triumph of the chosen race. In this way, the banker 
concluded, Jewish power of organization is manifested at one 
and the same time by Bolshevism with its delirium of destruction 
and by the League of Nations in the sphere of reconstruction. 

Accepting this description of the Jewish Nation’s method of 
advancing towards its naturalistic Messianic goal of world 
domination, we can readily apply it to the recent history of 
the world. Mr. H. Belloc points out in his book, The Jews , 
published in 1922, that from the end of the 17th century, that 
is, as I would express it, from the arrival of King William III 
and the foundation of the Bank of England, there was an 
alliance between England and the Jews. The fact that England 
was the leading commercial State “ led to something like identity 
between the interests of Israel and the interests of England, an 
identity which has lasted so long that now, when divergence is 
beginning to appear, it still seems odd and novel to the older 
generation that there should be any Jewish action which is not 
favourable to England/' 1 A little further on, Mr. Belloc re- 
marks that " the establishment of a Jewish State in Palestine 

was at once the term and the turning-point of a process 

which had reached its conclusion." 2 Already at the time of 
the Balfour Declaration in 1917, that financial supremacy which 
had been transferred from Amsterdam to London had passed 
from London to New York. The 1914-1918 War had been 
used for that as well as for the downfall of Russia. England 

1 The Jews , p. 220 . Mr. Belloc’s book was published by Constable and 
Company, London, but it has been long out of print. 

1 The Jews , p. 228 . 


The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jezoisk Nation 

had served its turn. 1 The decline of the British Empire had 
already begun and continues. 2 Be it remarked in passing that 
Freemasonry has been used in several ways to bring about 
this decline, 3 while, at the same time, it is being used in Ireland 
to sap and undermine the rule of Christ the King, under the 
plea of attachment to the Empire. 

When the United States became the “ most favoured ** 
country, it was quickly employed to crush the two countries, 
Germany and Japan, that stood in the way of the Communist 
instrument, Russia. That was accomplished in the war that 
began in 1939. Having served its turn the United States is 
being weakened, externally , for example, by its being hood- 
winked into handing over China to Communism and into build- 
ing up the armed might of Russia, and internally , by the en- 
croachments of the United Nations on its National sovereignty 

1 “ From the first moment I entered the (Zionist) movement, my 
eyes were directed towards England, because I saw by reason 
of the general conditions there, the Archimedean point where 
the lever could be applied ” (Theodor Herzl, Founder of the 
official Zionist movement). Quoted by B. Jensen in The “ Pal- 
estine ” Plot. 

8 “ In 1917/* writes Douglas Reed, “ the Zionists in London and 
New York were rejoicing in the defeat of allied Russia ; in 1938 
they were organizing a boycott of Germany in London ; in 1948 
they were organizing a boycott of Great Britain in New York 

The intimidation of death (of officials), in Palestine, was 

coupled with the intimidation of political pressure in London. 
No British Government, in thirty years, dared take up the 
challenge.” (Somewhere South of Suez, p. 324). 

8 " I have often been told by Freemasons that British Masonry played 
no part in politics at all, and made a point of disassociating itself 
from the continental organizations, which are openly political. 
This statement is quite untrue and only goes to show the ignorance 
that prevails in the lower ranks of Masonry . . . There is one 
subtle difference between the two partners in the firm of Judmas 
(Judaeo -Masonry). The members of the Junior branch — Liberals 
Progressives, Planners, or whatever they call themselves, think 
that they are making use of International Jewry to further their 
aims for an earthly Elysium. On the other hand, the Jews know 
that they are making use of the Planners to help them in estab- 
lishing their dream of world domination ” ( From Admiral to 
Cabin Boy , by Admiral Sir Barry Domvile, pp. 90, 91). 

14 6 

The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jewish Nation 

in preparation for the setting-up of a definitely anti-Supematural 
World Government, under Jewish control. The whole process of 
the rise and growth of the secret Jewish power over the United 
States can be studied in the Williams Intelligence Summary 
and in the books, Know Your Enemy and The Anti-Defamation 
League of B’nai B’rith, by Robert H. Williams, and The 
Iron Curtain over America , by John Beaty. Additional 
information can be obtained in the News-Bulletins of the Cinema 
Educational Guild by Myron C. Fagan, Reds in the Anti-Defam- 
ation League , What is this thing called Anti-Semitism ?, Docu- 
mentation of the Reds Behind World- Federalism, The “ Smear ” 
to destroy Mac Arthur, etc., etc., in the books by Joseph P. Kamp, 
America Betrayed and We must Abolish the United States, in the 
Report to the American People on Unesco, by the Hon. John T. 
Wood of Idaho, in the House of Representatives, October 18, 
1951, and in The Constitution and the United Nations , by the 
Hon. Frank E. Holman of the American Bar association. 1 

Myron C. Fagan aptly sums up the internal situation in the 
United States, in a few phrases of What is this thing called Anti- 
Semitism ? “The Anti-Defamation League,*’ he writes, “is 
using the United States .... to create a 'One World* govern- 
ment to be controlled and dominated by their Internationalist 
creatures — the destruction of the United States as a sovereign 
nation means triumphant life for the Anti-Defamation League 
.... The Politburo of the Anti-Defamation League dictates 
the policies, the activities and the acts of the League. And 
for 20 and more years they have held all our 145 million Amer- 
icans in trembling fear of the wrath of the Anti-Defamation 
League .... The Anti-Defamation League destroys by means 

1 The News -Bulletins by Myron C. Fagan are published by The Cinema 
Educational Guild, Inc., P.O. Box 8655, Cole Branch, Hollywood 
46, California. Joseph P. Kamp’s books are published by the 
Constitutional Educational League, Inc., 342 Madison Ave., 
New York City 17. The Constitution and the United Nations 
is published by Americans for MacArthur, Inc., 1714 N. Orange 
Grove Avenue, Los Angeles 46, California. The Williams In 
telligence Summary and the books mentioned can be obtained 
from the author, P.O. Box 868, Santa Ana, California. 


The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jewish Nation 

of the * smear ' all those who fight against Communism, and 
provides honour wealth and grandeur for those who fight for 
Communism, as witness Anna M. Rosenberg — among many 
others .... What they (the ADL ) have done to me or to a 
Jack Tenney, or to a John T. Flynn, or to a JoeMcCarthy, or to 
a Herbert Hoover, or even what they may have in store for a 
Douglas MacArthur, is of infinitesimal importance compared to 
what they can — and will — do to the American People .... 
unless they are unmasked and shorn of all their secret weapons 
and illicit powers.” 1 

The Williams Intelligence Summary (July, 1952), paints a 
sad picture of the external situation of the United States and of 
the countries of Europe and America. " Christianity and the 
white race,” writes Mr. Williams, .... are the central object of 
hatred and destruction of all the Marxist allies : the Communists, 
the Zionists, the Socialists, the false Liberals, the New Dealers, 
the Internationalists. These people are inciting all the coloured 

races in Asia, Africa and our own country against us 

Recent issues of the Roumanian Bulletin, published largely by 
escapees in New York City, report that three to five million 
Hungarians and Roumanians, the property-owning class, are 
in process of deportation to slave labour camps in Russia ; while 
an equal number of Chinese are being moved into the homes 
thus vacated. In many cases the Chinese have forcibly detained 
the wives of the deported white men. This is the picture of 
the white race melting away under the bludgeoning and race- 
mixing strategy of the Marxists .... But note the direction 
in which the Communist and Zionist forces are moving the 
world : they are making the white race destroy itself, making 
all the non- Jewish peoples blend into a formless, confused and 
leaderless mass — while the masters of the * new world order ' 
weld their own people into a fighting hard core .... In two 
world wars the white race was made to bleed itself anaemic, 
leaving Europe in ruins, Britain reduced to hunger, in the chains 

1 1 n The Tenney Committee (Standard Publications, Tujunga, Cali- 
fornia), Mr. J. B. Tenney sets forth at some length the efforts 
of the ADL to prevent the exposure of Communism in California. 

The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jewish Nation 

of Jewish-fostered Socialism. Meanwhile, ‘ lendlease ' and the 
U. S. State Department and Jewish spies elevated the Soviet 
Union to a major threat .... By wars and internal strife and 
enslaving Socialism and taxation, the white race is being induced 
to destroy itself. The Jewish masters who steer the policies 
of the Soviet Union and those who have so much influence over 
the Western Nations have set the stage for a third world war. 
In this one, white youths from America, Britain and Western 
Europe are to be thrown against white youths from Eastern 
Europe and Russia, backed by the equally befuddled and driven 
hordes of Asia. Surely such a war is designed to devastate 
and enchain the white nations (and all nations) .... What 
is the solution ? Not war. Not further appeasement, either 
of the Soviet Union or of the Marxist organised minorities in 
America or elsewhere. Neither race hatred nor further racial 
compromises can straighten out this appalling mess/* 

Lest any of my readers may think that I am exaggerating 
when I speak of the planned weakening and disintegration of 
the United States, I shall quote a few sentences from John T. 
Flynn’s latest book. While You Slept . This book tells the 
story of how China was delivered over to the Communists through 
the combined action of American State Department officials 
and clever propaganda. " In these last twenty years,” writes 
Mr. Flynn, “ .this country has been a laboratory for the dark 
and insidious science of modern revolutionary propaganda. 
It is difficult for the American to realize that the ideas, the 
prejudices, the convictions he holds may have been deliberately 
— though slyly — planted in his mind by men who have a settled 
purpose in performing the operation, who possess the instru- 
ments of thought control and understand how to operate them 
. . . never has there been so large ... a population so defenceless 
against such an enterprise as the people of America.” 1 While 
You Slept was published in the second half of 1951. 

Already in 1950, Joseph P. Kamp had written a book, en- 
titled America Betrayed , to show that “ traitors in our own 

1 Op. cit., pp. 10, 11. While You Slept is published by the Devin- 
Adair Company, 23, East 26th Street, New York 10. 


The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jewish Nation 

State Department were permitted to betray American security 
and to jeopardize the safety of the American people, by helping 
to assure a Communist conquest of China/* 1 Now at last in 
The Tablet (Brooklyn) of December 20, 1952, we read that 
** No one can recall when any United States Senator ever scored 
three victories such as did Senator Patrick McCarran of Nevada, 
chairman of the Senate Internal Security Sub-Committee, 
within twenty-four hours this week. For the welfare of the 
nation, each one accomplished by the Nevada Senator and 
his colleagues is considered a high achievement. They are 
in order : 

First, the recall of John Carter Vincent, U.S. Minister to 
Tangiers and key consultant of the State Department for many 
years, following the finding of the President’s Loyalty Review 
Board that his loyalty to the country is in ‘ reasonable doubt/ 
The State Department had previously cleared Mr. Vincent, 
but the McCarran Committee tied him with the pro -Red In- 
stitute of Pacific Relations. 2 Second, the Federal indictment 
of Owen Lattimore, close State Department advisor, and the 
man who read to President Truman the programme Vhich, 
it is said, led to the downfall of Chiang Kai-Shek, the loss of 

China to the Communists and the present war in Korea 

Senator McCarran and his group conducted a complete re- 
investigation and, in its findings, recommended the Department 
of Justice proceed against the former State Department con- 
sultant on five grounds of perjury. The Federal Grand Jury 
indicted him on seven grounds. Third, in response to the revel- 
ation by the McCarran Sub-Committee of the presence of Amer- 
ican Communists and pro-Communists in the United Nations, 
President Truman has directed three branches of the Govern- 
ment to collaborate on a plan to bring ‘ a maximum of security * 
among American employees of the United Nations. While 
this belated action should have been inaugurated years ago, 
it would not have been introduced, even as this late date, if 

1 Op. cit., p. 5. 

2 There is plenty of information about John C. Vincent and the pro- 

Red Institute of Pacific Relations in Joseph P. Kamp's book. 

State Dept, is the American equivalent of Foreign Office. 


The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jewish Nation 

the Nevada Statesman's Committee had not aroused the country 
to the peril from within .... One question on the minds 
of many officials in Washington was brought forth to-day. 
Senator Karl E. Mundt, of South Dakota, stated that the 
McCarran Committee .... should now find the answer to the 
question : Who were the sponsors of Lattimore, Vincent and 
their colleagues in the Government ? " 

An editorial in the same issue of The Tablet draws the follow- 
ing conclusions from the above : ” This we do know. That 
the United States Government, particularly the State Depart- 
ment, gives evidence of having been poisoned within and of 
having sold out not only China and other nations, but our own 

flesh and blood Finally, we do know that the findings 

now coming out in Washington are a superb justification of 
the charges made by Senator Joseph McCarthy .... Senator 
McCarthy has had tough going. Blocked and denounced by 
Government agencies and officials ; viciously attacked by the 
Communist party, by such newspapers as the New York Post 
and those who follow its f liberal * line and by a group of broad- 
casters and columnists ... he is being vindicated by the present 

It may be useful to add that in his fine book, McCarthyism. 
The Fight for America , Senator McCarthy says : “ I ‘ exposed * 
Time magazine for gross, deliberate lying .... I have no per- 
sonal fight with Henry Luce, owner of Time .... There is 
nothing personal about my exposing the depth to which this 
magazine will sink in using deliberate falsehoods to destroy 
anyone who is hurting the Communist cause." 1 The state- 
ment has been made to me that Time is read by many Catholic 

What makes matters sadder still for those who understand 
the meaning of Naturalism (or Anti-Supernaturalism) is that, 
in all the American books and pamphlets I have mentioned, 
there is no warning about the danger to which the country’s 

1 Op. cit., p. 91. Senator McCarthy rightly remarks that it is more 
important to expose a liar who has a newspaper or a magazine 
at his disposal to disseminate his poison than one who has not. 

The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jewish Nation 

interests are exposed through Freemasonry. In England there 
is at least the beginning of an awakening to that danger. 
From Admiral to Cabin Boy, by Admiral Sir Barry Domvile, 
and The Nameless War , by Captain A. H. M. Ramsay, should 
be studied by every Englishman. 1 


Unesco is the abbreviated form used for the United Nations 
Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. Unesco *s 
function in great part seems to be to eliminate whatever remains 
of the traditional respect and love of family and country in the 
minds of children. " Unesco ’s scheme to perfect public educat- 
ion,” writes the Hon. John T. Wood, " appears in a series of 
nine volumes entitled * Towards World Understanding, 1 which 
presume to instruct kindergarten and elementary grade teachers 
in the fine art of preparing our youngsters for the day when 
their first loyalty will be to a world government of which the 
United States will form but an administrative part .... These 
booklets are cheaply priced for maximum distribution and are 
printed by Columbia University Press, New York .... This 
institution has become well known as a hotbed of British Fabian- 
ism, that peculiar type of creeping socialism which sired the 
present Labour government which has reduced England to a 
fourth-rate power and a star boarder in the European section 
of America’s world charity ward 2 .... The programme is 
quite specific. The teacher is to begin by eliminating any and 
all words, phrases, descriptions, pictures, maps, classroom 
material or teaching methods of a sort causing his pupils to feel 
or express a particular love for, or loyalty to, the United States 
of America. Children exhibiting such prejudice as a result of 
prior home influences — Unesco calls it the outgrowth of the 

1 Both can be procured from The Britons Publishing Society, 46-48* 
Princedale Road, London, W.ll. 

* With regard to Fabianism in England and New-Dealism in the 
United States, see The Road Ahead by John T. Flynn and The 
Church and Farming by the present writer. 


The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jewish Nation 

narrow family spirit — are to be dealt an abundant measure of 
counter propaganda at the earliest possible age .... 

“ Booklet VI contains a series of research suggestions which 
indicate an intention to stimulate ultimate classroom expeditions 
into the field of detailed sex education. Here are a few samples 
of the type of questions which Unesco .... propounds for our 
public-school teachers : ' Are there devices .... for limiting the 
family ? * 

‘ Do parents undress before the child ? ' ' What is he (the 
child) told about where babies come from ? ’ A sense of pro- 
priety prohibits us from quoting the even less modest projects 
which appear with the above. 

“ One further word remains to be added. Several of the 
booklets discussed bear a preface which states that the views 
expressed are those of their authors, and that they do not re- 
present the official views of Unesco .... One who administers 
poison to a Nation’s Youth is guilty of a crime, whether the 
prescription is official or other.” 1 

In his Bulletin, The ' Smear * to destroy Mac Arthur, Myron 
C. Fagan gives some excellent supplementary information : 
“ Unesco ’s (which means the U.N.) two major goals are : (i) 
Propaganda attacks designed to force ‘ adoption ’by all member 
Nations of the ‘ Universal Declaration of Human Rights ' . . . . 
(2) The revision, or rewriting, of every text book now in use in 
American schools, with first and particular emphasis upon 
American History Books .... A Unesco pamphlet (‘Towards 
World Understanding,’ Vol. V.) gives this advice to teachers : 
* When the child begins the study of national geography, he 
should be immunized against an exaggerated sense of the importance 
of his own country .... It is most frequently in the family that 
the children are infected with Nationalism .... The school can 
do little if Parents infect the child with sclerosis of the mind .... 
only during the last years of school is it possible to discuss some 
of the problems that will bring home to boys and girls the decisive 
influence for good or evil that parents can exert * . . . . 600,000 

1 The alternative title to the Hon. Wood’s Report is “ The Greatest 
Subversive Plot in History .” 


The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jewish Nation 

dollars have been given by the United Nations for the writing 
of A History of Mankind, the Development of Peoples. Four 
men who have been publicly branded as Atheists head the edit- 
orial committee : Dr. Ralph E. Turner, Prof. Julian S. Huxley, 
Earl Bertrand Russell and Dr. A. L. Krocher. Of nine ‘ Cor- 
responding Members ' from America, not a single one is Catholic.” 
The Hon. J. T. Wood, as quoted above, said that there were 
" even less modest projects ” in Booklet VI. In The Tablet 
(Brooklyn), April 12, 1952, there was cited an extract from that 
Booklet recommending masturbation, for “ no physical pleasure 
of which the child is capable is in itself forbidden.” The writer 
in The Tablet adds by way of comment : " The foregoing is a 
sample of world government in action.” 

A fitting conclusion to this Chapter will be a list of the members 
of the Jewish Nation holding important positions in the United 
Nations, including those in Unesco. It will go far to show that 
the Jewish Nation has advanced to a very favourable position 
for the establishment of an anti-Christian World Government. 


In his book, This Terrorism and You , and in his paper Pravda, 
(English Edition), Mr. Vladimir Lezak-Borin maintains that 
Lenin seized control of the Russian revolutionary movement 
and used the Jews for his purposes in 191 7-192 1, as Stalin, who 
succeeded him, deceived them and used them on a much larger 
scale in I939~i947- He holds that there is a gigantic struggle 
going on in the world, between Jewish nationalistic bourgeoisie 
(Political Zionists) and Russian Bolsheviks, for world domination, 
and that Russian Bolsheviks were and are much cleverer than 
the Jews, so that instead of Russian Bolshevism being an in- 
strument employed by the Jews, as the Jewish banker boasted 
at Buda-Pesth, the Jews are simply tools in the hands of the 
Bolsheviks. Such he insists, is the whole truth about Zionist- 
Bolshevik unity. In his opinion, because the Jews who are 
ruling in the United States are not American Nationalists but 
Jewish Nationalists, the whole U. S. policy against Russian 


The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jewish Nation 

Bolshevism is muddled and is in fact turning to the advantage 
of Russian Bolshevism. Jewish Nationalists are guiding U. S. 
policy along lines calculated to bring about world domination 
for Russian Bolshevism. 

Much as I admire Mr. Lezak-Borin’s forceful style and splendid 
courage, I fear that he is leaving important factors out of account. 
1 can here mention only a few of these factors, which, in my 
opinion, make his thesis untenable. According to him, patriotic 
Germans who wished to weaken one of the enemies of their 
Fatherland at war were the exclusive sources of the money 
and the sealed train for Lenin to return to Russia ; no assistance 
was forthcoming for him from Jews. Now, in my book, The 
Mystical Body of Christ and the Reorganization of Society (pp. 
296-328), I have outlined the respective roles of England, Ger- 
many and the Jewish Nation in the Bolshevik Revolution. It 
is an extraordinary fact that the English and the Germans, 
though at war at the time, collaborated in the work of the Bol- 
shevik Revolution of 1917. The Germans dispatched Lenin 
and his followers from Switzerland to Russia, and the English 
liberated Trotsky from Halifax (Nova Scotia), after he and his 
band of East-side Jewish desperadoes had been arrested on the 
high seas by the British Fleet, on their way from New York to 
Russia. The interest of Germany in the collapse of Russia is 
quite clear, but not so that of England. In the pages indicated 
above, I have pointed out the action of the Jewish nation, “ the 
most formidable sect in the world ” — to use the words of Mr. 
Winston Churchill in the House of Commons, November 5th, 
1919 — behind the other two, utilizing them for its own ends. 
I beg to refer my readers to those pages, and to mention here 
only a few points in connexion with Germany. 

The first point is that it was a wealthy Jew named Parvus 
or Helpfand, also noted as a Freemason, who acted as the inter- 
mediary between the German Government and Lenin. The 
second point is that, at the meeting in Stockholm in 1916, between 
the former Russian Minister of the Interior, Protopopoff, and 
the German agents, the German Foreign Office was represented 
by Mr. Max Warburg, whose two brothers (Paul and Felix), 
were members of the International banking firm of Kuhn, Loeb 


The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jewish Nation 

and Co. The third point is the role of the Jewish banker, 
Aschberg or Ashberg of the Nya Ban ken, Stockholm. He 
figures in the famous document concerning the financing of the 
Bolshevik Revolution, quoted on pages 89-91 of The Mystical 
Body of Christ in the Modern World , as furnishing, funds to 
Trotsky and Co. in 1917. Now Mr. Ashberg or Aschberg is still 
to the fore, and it is very hard to suppose, as Mr. Lezak-Borin 
seems to imply, that a Jewish financier is being fooled all this 
time. In Know Your Enemy , by R. H. Williams, we read : 
“ Mr. Ashberg, who was known throughout the banking world 
as a Jewish financier at the Nia Banken in Sweden before the 
Bolshevik Revolution, and who was reported by Edgar Sisson 
as having arrived in Russia two months after the successful 
‘ October Revolution,’ is still in Russia and is the banker for 
the U.S.S.R. 

” The London Evening Star , Sept. 6, 1948, reported a visit 
by Ashberg to Switzerland * for secret meetings with Swiss 
government officials and banking executives. Diplomatic circles 
describe Mr. Ashberg as the Soviet banker who advanced large 
sums to Lenin and Trosky in 1917. At the time of the revolution, 
Mr. Ashberg gave Trotsky money to form and equip the first 
unit of the Red army. The financial attach^ of the Soviet 
Legation described Mr. Ashberg as * the most unusual man the 
Kremlin has ever sent to the West. He bears no official title, 
is attached to no Government department, is not in the Soviet 
Foreign Service and is not a member of the Cominform.’ 

In addition, if Lenin’s October Revolution had upset Jewish 
financial — and other — plans, why was Jacob Schiff of Kuhn, 
Loeb and Co. so anxious to secure recognition for the Bolsheviks ? 
“ The well-known Jewish banker, Mr. Jacob Schiff,” writes 
Wickham Steed, former editor of “ The Times,” ** was known 
to be anxious to secure recognition for the Bolshevists, among 
whom Jewish influence was predominant ... I insisted . . . . 
that the prime movers (to make Wilson acknowledge the Bol- 

l Op cit. p. 33 . 


The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jewish Nation 

shevists), were Jacob Schiff, Warburg and other international 
financiers.” 1 

The main argument, however, against Mr. Lezak-Borin’s 
thesis is that if the Jews were to set out to give the Russians 
and the rest of the world the truth, the plain, unvarnished truth, 
about Communism and its “ achievements/’ in concentration 
camps, starvation and human misery generally, in a very short 
time. Communist propagandists would be received with hostility 
everywhere. Let us suppose for a moment that the " heat ” 
were turned on Stalin, the MVD and the Siberian concentration 
camps, as it was on Hitler, the Gestapo, Buchenwald and Dachau. 
What reception would Communist organizers get after six months 
of it ? “ The Balfour Declaration,” wrote Mr. Louis Marshall, 

the Jewish legal officer of Kuhn, Loeb and Co., “is an act of 
the highest diplomacy .... Zionism is but an incident of a 
far-reaching plan.” 2 If the Communist agitation in every 
country for the Land-for-the-People had ceased to be another 
“ incident ” in that far-reaching plan and were being utilized 
instead to fool the Planners, then the Cinema, the Press and the 
Radio would soon make it known to the world, in the appropriate 
manner. It is true that frank expressions of enthusiasm for Soviet 
Russia, on the part of Jews, are relatively rare, because of Jewish 
caution, but they are to be met with. For example, in The 
American Hebrew , Sept. 10, 1920, we read : “ What Jewish 
idealism and Jewish discontent hhve so powerfully contributed 
to accomplish in Russia, the same historic qualities of the Jewish 
mind and heart are tending to promote in other countries.” 
Then there is the following : “ The Soviet Union contained far 
the largest and most significant Jewish European community — 
again, as before the last w y ar, over one-third of Jewry, which 
though it had largely abandoned traditional observance, was 
consciously proud of its Jewish achievement for humanity in 
the Socialist State. British Jewry was now the second in Europe. 

1 Through 30 Years, Vol. II, pp. 301, 302 (London, 1924). Quoted 

by B. Jensen in The " Palestine ” Plot. 

2 Quoted by B. Jensen in The World Food Shortage p. 30. 


The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jewish Nation 

And British and Soviet Jewry had links through Palestine.” 1 
To these might be added a passage from the pen of Louis Levine, 
National Chairman of the Jewish Council of Russian Relief. 
This outstanding leader of American Jewry wrote : “ Special 

concern for the Jewish people has characterized the Soviet 
Union since its birth in the 1917 Revolution.” 2 


Mr. Lezak-Borin is quite correct in insisting upon the logical 
opposition between the principles of Marx’s materialism and 
Jewish Nationalism. In my book The Mystical Body of Christ 
in the Modern World , I have outlined Marx’s principles and drawn 
from them some of the conclusions concerning nationality as 
follows : “ The Marxian ' idea ’ is that the mass of the material 
world produces or evolves men who are pure matter, but who in 
turn modify and change the matter of which future men are 
composed by changes in the method of production. Therefore 
all the matter of the world belongs to all the men equally 
and can belong to no one in particular. As there is no such 
thing as personality in our sense, owing to the possession 
of an immaterial, rational soul, there can be no such thing 
as a right to own permanently any of the means of production. 
Man may have things which parish in the use of them, like the 
animals, but mere animal as he is, he has not the right to own 
land and productive goods in stable possession, He is simply 
brute matter evolving from the common earth and returning 

1 Wanderer in War, by Norman Bentwich, p. 175 (Quoted by B. Jensen 

in The “ World Food-Shortage ”). Mr. Bentwich is a professor 
in the Univ. of Jerusalem. There is an even more striking quota- 
tion from the pen of Mr. Norman Bentwich iri The Mystical 
Body of Christ in the Modern World (pp. 294, 295). 

2 Soviet Russia To-day (November, 1946). Levine had returned to 

U.S.A. from an extended visit to Russia and was most lavish 
in his praise of the Soviet Regime’s treatment of the Jews. Cf. 
The Anti-Defamation League , by R. H. Williams, pp. 22, 23. 

The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jewish Nation 

completely thereto . 1 For Marxists, then, private property 
in the means of production is always exploitation. Human 
labour, being the labour not of a person, differing specifically 
from the animals, but of a mere individual, belonging completely 
to the society, creates value for the society. Private ownership 
thus means the confiscation of the labour of others to one’s own 

" There cannot of course, be any question of a native land 
(patria) in the Catholic sense. Material man works and modifies 
by his labour the particular portion of matter assigned to him 
by the State-God, but all our language about continuing 
the tradition of our ancestors is simply meaningless, bourgeois 
cant. Man is purely material and in due time, given the correct 
Marxian education, he will be exclusively concerned with matter 
and its modifications as he should be. According to The Com- 
munist Manifesto of Marx ‘ the supremacy of the proletariat will 
efface all national distinctions/ Communists, therefore, will 
take part in a national struggle only as a matter of tactics. 
Logically, nationality can be for them only a pretence, for nation- 
ality supposes the possession of an immaterial soul. If the 
Communist State grants entire lingual autonomy it emphatically 
does not recognize cultural autonomy and liberty. The national 
cultures are allowed to remain national in form, but they must 
be proletarian (that is, materialistic), in content. Little by 

1 The inevitable consequence of materialism is brutality and savagery 
in social relations. “ Even the sphere of economics needs some 
morality, some sense of moral responsibility, which can find no 
place in a system so thoroughly materialistic as Communism. 
Terrorism is the only possible substitute, and it is terrorism 
that reigns in Russia to-day ” (Pope Pius XI On Atheistic Com- 

This is the truth contained in the satirical work, Animal Farm , 
by George Orwell (Penguin Books). George Orwell, whose real 
name was Eric Hugh Blair, fought for the Reds in Spain and 
hated the Catholic Church, yet it is only the doctrine of member- 
ship of Christ, taught by the Catholic Church, that can prevent 
the diffusion of that savagery which compelled him to flee from 
Spain to escape being “ purged ” by bis “ comrades / 1 the Com- 
munist Commissars. Cf. Orwell’s book, Homage to Catalonia . 

The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jewish Nation 

little the logic of materialism will tend to wipe out national 
ideas.” 1 

Accordingly, any claim to superiority on the part of the 
Jewish Nation is against the principles of Marxism. This is 
still more strongly the case when the superiority is set forth in 
accordance with Talmudic tradition. ” The Jewish people,” 
writes the Jew, Bernard Lazare, “ is the people chosen by God 
.... the only one with which the Divinity has entered into an 
agreement .... When the serpent tempted Eve, says the 
Talmud, he corrupted her with his poison. By the reception of 
the revelation on Mount Sinai, the Jews were delivered from that 
evil : The other nations remained subject to it ... . other men 
are thus inferior to the Jews.” 2 

Mr. Lezak-Borin is of opinion that every manifestation of 
Jewish Nationalism in Russia is ruthlessly suppressed and that 
the Jews in that country and the satellite countries are pliant 
instruments of the Politburo and the Communist Party. Others 
hold that the Jews who are one the world over refrain from openly 
manifesting their nationalistic designs until the Russians have 
served their turn in a war against the Catholic Church and the 
remnants of the once Christian nations. 3 He points to the 
“ purges ” of the Jews. The others retort by asking how is it 
that the Jews continue to allow themselves to be ” purged ” 
without raising the cry of the " Holy War,” as they did against 
Hitler and Germany. In Far and Wide , Douglas Reed points 
out that the Zionist newspapers quietly instructed their better- 
informed readers not to take the statements of the big Gentile 
sheets about " Anti-Semitism ” in Russia in 1948 and 1949 too 
seriously as the Soviet remained the Jews* best friend in the world. 4 

It may be objected, however, that the purge trials inaugurated 

1 Op. cit., pp. 228-232. Cf. The Tragedy of James Connolly, pp. 

* & Antisdmitisme, p. 9. 

5 Unity in Dispersion is the title of a book published in 1948 by the 
Institute of Jewish Affairs, New York. 

4 " A Franciscan friar from Palestine gave us the news that those 
parts of that country occupied by Jews are thick with Russians ” 
(Editorial in Sicut Parvuli, October, 1948). 

The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jemsh Nation 

towards the end of 1952 are indicative of real anti-Semitism. 
Let us see. In the Williams Intelligence Summary (December, 
1952), Robert H. Williams comments on these trials as follows : — 

** For four years or more we have been warning that a gradual 
and extremely dangerous shift of propaganda was shaping up 
behind the iron curtain. As the West became increasingly 
aware that Communism was a Jewish power movement and 
related to Zionism, the men in the Kremlin, still Jewish dom- 
inated, had to find some way to take the heat off the Jewish 
nationalists the world over, so that their agents and friends 
in both Communism and Zionism could have a clean bill of 
health and dig deeper into positions of power in the Western 
Governments. Many readers will recall that the Intelligence 
Summary and my booklets have warned that, as war app- 
roached, the Kremlin would have to make the world believe 
that Communism had turned anti- Jewish ; the Kremlin would 
have to appear to persecute Jews. The fact that the Kremlin 
jiow is staging the ‘ persecution * trials means that they expect 
to make war on the West or fear that war will come, within a 
few years or a few months. Briefly the so-called purge trials are 
designed to accomplish — or at least are accomplishing — a mul- 
titude of things helpful to the world revolution. Observe that 
the trials — far from hurting the Jewish nationalists or the 
Jews- — help their position in every respect, especially in those 
nations yet to be captured by the revolutionaries. 

“ Observe also that (as the Associated Press and the I.N.S. 
reported) not a single Western newspaper man was in Prague 
during the trials. Thus we are taking the handouts of the 
official Communist news service ; our editors are running these 
handouts as if they were factual news. America seems to be 
rather generally accepting just what the official Communist 
propaganda service in Prague wants us to accept. And what 
is it the Communists want us to accept ? That they now are 
no longer Jewish or pro- Jewish ; that they are in fact perse- 
cuting Jews ; that some Jewish officials high in the Communist 
apparatus have been secretly working with Zionists and Amer- 
ican imperialists and capitalists, and thus the Zionists in America 
must be considered anti-Communist and therefore trustworthy ! 


The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jetoish Nation 

This is especially for American consumption. This is what 
the Communists want us to believe. Think that through. 
Why would the Communists thus be so good to the Zionists 
in the West ? If the Communists didn’t want to render this 
stupendous aid to the Zionists they could easily hold the trials 
in secret. Instead, they make a world drama of them. This 
is the give away. The trials also make the non- Jews 
behind the iron curtain feel that maybe at last the terrorist 
Jewish dictatorship over them has got back into Gentile (though 
certainly not Christian) hands ; maybe now the dictatorship 
will favour Gentiles. This possibility makes the Gentiles, 
the slaves, less violently anti-Communist, more likely to be 
loyal to the Kremlin in case of war. 

“ The new line has a strong appeal to the 300,000,000 Moslems 
who hold so much of the world’s oil territory and so much 
strategic geography. It makes the Moslems hate America 
more than ever, reminding them that the U.S. administration 
has helped the Zionists to power over the Arabs. 

" Above all, the purge trials and the new propaganda line 
are making the kindly, gullible American think that * Com- 
munism is persecuting the Jews just as Hitler persecuted them/ 
and thus we are once more being ribbed up to fight a world 
war to * rescue 1 the Jews from * persecution ’ — and if this war 
comes, God help America. The Zionists (or Communists 
hiding behind the front of Zionism) already have set up the 
machinery inside the U.S. Department of Defence for seizing 
absolute power, if they can hold their now dominant position 
over the White House. I have fully documented this threat 
in the new booklet. Can the Police Protect Us ? ” 

A few supplementary remarks on a couple of points 
will be useful. Russians who have been nurtured on Communist 
doctrine know well that Lenin insisted that “ whoever directly 
or otherwise puts forward the slogan of Jewish national culture 
(however well intentioned he may be) is the enemy of the 
proletariat, the defender of the old and caste element in Jewry/* 1 
Now, it is well-known that, in the last war, Russian soldiers 

1 Lenin on the Jewish Question, p. 13 (International Publishers, New 


The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jewish Nation 

surrendered in thousands to the German armies and were ready 
to welcome the Germans as liberators till Hitler's treatment 
of them showed them that there was no hope that way. These 
" trials *' may help to keep the Russians under the impression 
that they are not being used as tools for Jewish aims, as R. H. 
Williams has remarked. 

Again — and this is most important — no reliance can be placed 
on news from Russia or the satellite countries. An article 
by John J. Griffin in The Tablet (Brooklyn) of Nov. 13, 1952, 
deals with a study of News From Russia just published in Zurich, 
Switzerland, by the International Press Institute. " In the 
introduction to its truly sensational study, the International 
Press Institute states that it is reporting on the problem of 
news from Russia * after direct and indirect inquiry in sixteen 
countries of newspaper editors, correspondents who have served 
in Moscow, other journalists and experts who have made the 
U.S.S.R. their special study.* After a judicial review of the 
evidence, certain findings are inescapable, the agency declares. 
First of all, it becomes obvious that : ‘ By any traditional stan- 
dard the newspaper editor and his readers have no real picture 
of the Soviet Union.' This fact, described as ‘ equally disturb- 
ing as it is amazing,' makes plain that American journalists 
who receive and relay news from the capital of the Communist 
Empire in the same uncritical fashion as dispatches from other 
centres are guilty of the most unreasonable naivetA The 
very source-springs of such ' news * are so vitiated that American 
editors who pass it on indiscriminately, without warning their 
readers, are simply being utilized as instruments of Bolshevik 
propaganda .... 

“ The International Press Institute points out that : 4 In 
Russia's eyes the press is not a vehicle for information and 
entertainment, but an instrument for the attainment of the 
Government's aims.' To his disciples, as to Lenin, a newspaper 
is ' not only a collective propagandist and collective agitator ; 
it is a collective organizer.' Consequently, acting with in- 
exorable logic the Red revolutionaries see to it that 4 the Moscow 
correspondent can send (only) what the rulers of the U.S.S.R. 
are willing to let him send.' While all journalists realize that 


The Kittgskip of Christ and the Conversion of the Jewish Nation 

news from Moscow is censored, neither they nor their readers 
are aware of the gruesome details of the compulsory press sub- 
servience. While this condition has long prevailed, since 1946 
the restrictions have become absolute. So tight are the controls 
that the correspondents neither get to see or know the censors, 
the character and extent of deletions are not disclosed, and fre- 
quently their revised and retyped reports are sent along to 

the foreign press as original copy 

“ The ultimate result of these frightful circumstances is the 
perpetual imposition of a triple-pressure censorship of all * news * 
emanating from the Soviet Socialist Utopia. First, since news- 
gathering in the customary sense is out of the question, ' the 
correspondents in Moscow are thrown back on the Russian 
press for the substance of their dispatches/ But as the Inter- 
national Press Institute study emphasizes ' the Russian press 
is itself prefabricated.* It is wholly prostituted, to the propa- 
ganda designs of the despotic government.** Secondly, the 
article goes on to point out that the correspondent will try 
to write only what the censor will pass. Finally, of course, 
the already twice censored material will have to pass the official 
Soviet examiner, who will not allow through even what appears 
in the Russian press. 

“ Certain truths emerge conspicuously in the full light of 
the International Press Institute’s exposure. The principal 
of these, for practical purposes, is that there is no such thing 
as authentic news from the citadel of Mongolian materialism.** 
The same, of course, applies to the satellite States. 1 

One is forcibly reminded of the statement which appeared 
in the Parisian newspaper, Le Matin , of 25th May, 1939. Accord- 
ing to that paper, M. Pierre Laval, the French Minister, after 
his return from Moscow in 1935, said to his colleagues in the 
French Cabinet : " Have I really seen Stalin ? I am not sure 
about it. Perhaps they showed me someone else.** 

There is an interesting testimony to the emergency of Jewish 

1 My copy of the International Press Instituted report is in French. 
It is entitled U Information sur l’ USSR. 


The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jewish Nation 

Nationalism in the Communist party outside of Russia in one 
country at least. In his book, Confessions of Stalin's Agent , 
Kenneth Goff writes as follows : " We were called before Fred 
Bassett Blair, the Milwaukee County Party organizer, and 
subjected to some pretty rough treatment. We were accused of 
anti-Semitism for failing, as Blair said, to 'beat up* Mrs. Goff's 
father. 1 We were given to understand that Jewish interests 
were to be put above everything else without any questions being 
asked. I was comparatively new in the Party at that time and 
had a lot to learn. So then and there I took a stand on a most 
sensitive question, where the logic was most definitely on my 
side .... I asked plainly why it was that Jewish comrades were 
allowed to hold secret caucuses, with no Gentile being permitted 
to attend. I wanted to know what went on behind those closed 
doors. I inquired why negroes and other races were not per- 
mitted to hold such caucuses. The only answer I could get .... 
was that it had always been done. 

“ Just as Jewish groups within the Party are granted this 
special privilege for the purpose of controlling local situations, 
so also, the same racial power predominates throughout the Red 
movement — from top to bottom. Every student of Communism, 
who goes to the heart of the issue, eventually makes the discovery. 
It is a fact which cannot be sidestepped. I have no way of 
knowing how Major R. H. Williams of the Army Intelligence 
gained access to the secret documents quoted in his amazing 
report on the Jewish Anti-Defamation League, but I am in a 
position to know that he is on solid ground. When he is re- 
ferring to this Gestapo as promoting ‘ The World Communist 
Offensive,* he is not engaging in a mere play upon words. He 
is dealing with something that every man and woman inside 
the Party thoroughly understands.** 2 

1 Mrs. Goff’s father had had a row with a Jewish Communist. 

2 Op. cit., pp. 62, 63. Kenneth Goff was a member of the Communist 

Party for three years. He came to the conclusion that joining 
the Party “ was the greatest mistake of his life ” (Op. cit., p. 61). 

The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jewish Nation 


A pamphlet entitled Karl Marx and Jewish Messianism t by 
a Jewish writer, Jeremiah Ben- Jacob, is characterized by a 
seemingly studied vagueness of expression. Nevertheless we 
can deduce clearly from it that Marxian Co mm unism has ac- 
complished much but requires to be completed, and that the 
perfecting of what has been achieved will be the work of Israel. 
" Marxist and Hebraic paths diverge,,** writes the author, 44 but 
the goal is identical. It is to put an end to the exploitation of 
man by man and of nation by nation, to bring about the unity 
of mankind and to ensure that the resources of the earth are 
utilized, hot for the benefit of the few, but for the enjoyment of 
all human beings and all nations . . . . The Russian Revolution 
has only half fulfilled its promise. Immense progress has been 
made in the Soviet Union to secure for the common people 
freedom from poverty and enforced idleness, freedom from the 
vulgarities of commercialism and freedom from superstition 
and decaying institutions. On the other hand, little progress 
has been made in securing for the ordinary citizen relief from the 
omnipotence of the State, freedom of movement and access to 
information from the outside world. The contempt for the 
conscience and rights of the individual is still profound .... 
The great reconciliation with the outside world is yet to come. 
The summing up of the era is yet to be rendered/* 1 Needless 
to say, the 44 summing up ” will take place, according to Mr. 
Ben- Jacob, in the Jewish Messianic era. 44 Marxism/* he informs 
us, 44 is in essence inverted Messianism.** 

Mr. Ben-Jacob must certainly have great contempt for the 
intelligence of his readers, when he ventures to assert that 44 im- 
mense progress has been made in the Soviet Union to secure 
for the common people freedom from poverty and forced idle- 
ness.** The Real Soviet Russia , by his fellow-national, D.J. 
Dallzn, to take one of the many reliable works quoted in my book, 
The Rulers of Russia and the Russian Farmers , shows the terrible 
misery and the enforced slavery of the ordinary Russian people. 

1 The pamphlet is one of a series entitled The Jew in a Changing 
World (A. P. C. Book Service, 43, Great Windmill Street, Lon- 
don. W.I.). 

1 66 

The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jewish Nation 


Where I am happy to be able to declare myself in complete 
agreement with Mr. Lezak-Borin is where he advocates the wider 
diffusion of ownership, thus helping to combat Bolshevism by 
the deproletarianization of the bulk of the people. To succeed 
in this, however, it is necessary to undo the disordered domin- 
ation of money, which has so largely contributed to bring about 
the proletarian or propertyless condition of the workers which 
he deplores. The art of manipulating money is an auxiliary 
art, destined by its nature to be at the service of production, which 
in turn is meant to be at the service of members of Christ in 
contented families. The disorder prevailing at present in the 
world is precisely the reversal of this order . 1 

The courage and strength required to undo the disordered 
domination of money and to diffuse ownership of productive 
property demand the restoration of the doctrines of our solidarity 
in Christ both in theory and in pracice. It is only from Our 
Lord, Head of the Mystical Body, that that courage and strength 
can come. 

It was the sense of their oneness with their co-offerers and 
co-victims with Christ in the Mass that strengthened the Catholics 
of the early centuries for the long struggle for the recognition of 
the Rights of God and of the Kingship of Christ in their integrity. 
For the return of social justice in the modem world, the same 
great truth must be insisted upon unceasingly. If we define 
social justice in the members of a society as the virtue by which 
the members are enabled to direct all their actions towards the 
Common Good of the society, we can hope for its triumph over 
the cold, calculating Naturalism of Individualistic Liberalism 
and over the harsh, brutal Naturalism of Materialistic Collect- 
ivism, only when Christ's members have again grown accust- 
omed to their solidarity in Him. When once men realize that 
what is done for their fellow-men is done for Christ and to Christ 
they will readily see that social life must be so organized that 

1 For the treatment of this question I beg to refer the reader to my 
books : The Mystical Body of Christ and the Reorganization of 
Society, Money Manipulation and Social Order, and The Church 
and Farming . 


The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jewish Nation 

each member of Christ may have a just and fair opportunity 
of living in accordance with his sublime dignity. 

It was the realization of the great truth of the slaves' member- 
ship of Christ that gradually brought about the abolition of 
slavery in the ancient world. 1 * * * The practical living of the same 
great truth of our membership of Christ, will be required, in 
order to avert the return of a worse form of slavery in the modem 
world. 8 All Catholics are, by the fact of their membership of 
Christ, whole-time Christians. Their attitude, when leaving 
the Church after Mass, is not intended to be merely the negative 
one of trying to keep themselves from being drawn into the 
anti-supematural camp by mortal sin, while allowing social 
life to be moulded by the enemies of Our Divine Lord. It is 
intended to be the positive one of striving to organize the whole 
framework of society under Christ the King so as to favour the 
Supernatural Life. The Second , Person of the Blessed Trinity 
came down on earth to propose the Divine Plan for Order. We 
are meant to accept that programme in its entirety and strive to 
impregnate the State, family-life, education and economic 
organization with the great truth of human solidarity in Christ’s 
Mystical Body. The early Christians accepted all that our Divine 
Lord stood for and did not whittle down His claims. So must 
we stand for His programme in its entirety as set forth by the 
Sovereign Pontiffs in their Encyclicals and thus combat positively 
for the organization of society based on membership of Christ. 
Rerum Novarum and Quadragesimo Anno must not be sectioned 
off from Immortale Dei and Quas Primas, otherwise we shall 
fail to achieve lasting results. 

1 “ Not bloody revolution, but the inner force of the Church’s teaching 

made the proud Roman matron see in her slave a sister in Christ " 

(Pope Pius XI, Encyclical On Atheistic Communism ). 

* The Mystical Body of Christ and the Reorganization of Society, p. 118. 





Extract from The Canadian Intelligence Service , May, 1952) 

“ It has been estimated that one tiny group, constituting less 
than one per cent, of the world’s population, hold no less than 
sixty per cent, of the permanent posts in the U.N. Organization. 
As of last year (1951) this tiny but powerful group of Zionist 
nationalists held the following key posts : 


Dr. H.S. Bloc . . 

Antoine Goldet 

Ansgar Rosenborg 

David Weintraub 

Karl Lachman 
Henri Langier 

Dr. Leon Steinig 
Dr. E. Schwelb 

H. A. Wieschoff 

Benjamin Cohen 
J. Benoit-Levy 
Dr. Ivan Kerao 
Abraham H. Felle 
Marc Schreiber 

. Chief of Armaments and Enforcement 

. Principal Director, Dept, of Economic 

. Special Adviser, Dept, of Economic 

. Director, Division of Economic Stab- 
ility and Development. 

. Chief Fiscal Division. 

. Asst. General Secretary in charge, 
Dept, of Social Affairs. 

. Director of Narcotics Division. 

. Assistant Director, Human Rights 

. Chief, Analysis and Research Section, 
Dept, of Trusteeship of Non -self- 
governing Territories. 

. Asst. General Secretary in charge of 
Department of Public Information. 

. Director, Film and Visual Information 

. Asst. Secretary General in charge of 
Legal Department. 

. General Counsel and Principal Dir- 
ector, Legal Department. 

. Legal Counsellor. 



G. Sandberg . . . . Legal Counsellor, Division for Develop- 

ment and Codification of Inter- 
national Law. 

David Zablodowsky . . Director, Printing Division. 

George Rabinovitch Director, Interpreters Division. 

Max Abramovitz . , Deputy Director of Planning Office. 

P. C. J. Kien . . . . Chief, General Accounts Section. 

Mercedes Bergmann . . Executive Officer, Bureau of Personnel. 

Paul Radzianko . . Secretary of Appeals Board. 

Dr. A. Signer . . Medical Officer in charge of Health 



Jerzy Shapiro . . . . Director U. N. Information Centre, 


B. Leitgeber . . . . Director U. N. Information Centre, 

New Delhi, India. 

Henri Fast . . . . Director U. N. Information Centre, 

Shangai, China. 

Dr. Julius Stawinski . . Director U. N. Information Centre, 



David A. Morse . . Director General ILO (Geneva). 


V. Gabriel-Garces . . Correspondent for Ecuador attached 

to ILO office. 

Jan Rosner . . . . Correspondent for Poland attached to 

ILO office. 


Andre Mayer . . . . First Vice-Chairman. 

A. P. Jacobsen . . Representative for Denmark to F. A. O. 

E. De Vries . . . . Representative for Netherlands. 

M. M. Libman . . . . Economist, Fertilizer Section. 

Gerda Kardos . . Chief, Fibres Section. 



B. K&rdos . * 

M. Ezekiel 
M. A. Hubermann 

J. P. Kagan 

J. Mayer 
F. Weisel 

* . Economist, Miscellaneous Commod- 
ities Section. 

. . Chief, Economic Analysis Branch. 

. . Technical Officer, Law, Policy and 
Organization Section of Forestry 
and Forest Products Division, 

. . Technical Officer, Logging and Equip- 
ment Section. 

. . Nutrition Officer, Nutrition Division. 

. . Director, Administrative Division. 


Alf. Sommerfelt 
J. Eisenhardt . . . 

Miss Luffman . . 

Dr. O. Klineberg 
H. Kaplan 

C. H. Wei tz 

S. Samuel Selksy 
B. Abramski . . 

B. Wermiel 

Dr. A. Welsky 

. . Chairman, Committee for External 

. . Director, Division of Temporary Inti. 
Council for Education Recon- 

Head of Division of Education for 
International Understanding. 

. . Head of Division of Tensions. 

. . Head of Bureau of Public Information 

. . Head of Bureau of Administrative 
Management and Budget. 

. . Head of the Bureau of Personnel. 

. . Head of the Division of Housing and 

. . Head of the Division of Recruitment 
i and Pla6ement. 

. . Director, South Asia, Field Science 
Co-operation Offices. 


M. M. Mendels 
Leonard B. Rist 

• • 

Economic Director. 


Leopold Chmela 
E. Polak 

P. Mendes-France 
A. M. De Jong 

C. M, Bernales 

D. Abramovic 

Member, Board of Governors, Rep. 

of Czechoslovakia. 

Member, Board of Governors, Rep. 

of Czecholsovakia. 

Member, Board of Governors, Rep. 

of France. 

Member, Board of Governors, Rep. 

of Netherlands. 

Member, Board of Governors, Rep. 

of Peru. 

Member, Board of Governors, Rep. 

of Yugoslavia. 


Josef Goldmann 
P. Mendes-France 
Camile Gutt 

Louis Rasminsky 
W. Raster 
Louis Altman 
E. M. Bernstein 
Joseph Gold 
Leo Levanthal 

Member, Board of Governors, Rep. 
of Czechoslovakia. 

Member, Board of Governors, Rep. 
of France. 

Chairman of the Executive Directors 
and Managing Director of International 
Monetary Fund. 

Executive Director for Canada. 
Alternate, Director for Netherlands. 
Assistant to Managing' Director. 
Director of Research. 

Senior Counsellor. 

Senior Counsellor. 


Mayer Cohen 
Pierre Jacobsen 
R. J. Youdin . . 

Director General, Department of 

Health, Care and Maintenance. 
Director, Dept, of Repatriation and 

Director, Repatriation Division. 




Z. Deutschmann 
G. Mayer 
Dr. N. Goodman 

M. Siegel 
A. Zarb 

Chief, Technological Section. 

Chief, Translation Section. 

Director General, Department of Op- 

Director, Administration and Finance. 
Director, Legal Section. 


Max Sue tens . . . . Chairman, Interim Commission of ITO. 


F. C. De Wolfe . . USA member on Administrative 


Gerry C. Gross . . Assistant Secretary General, Sec- 

retariat of ITU. 

H. B. Rantzen . . Director, Telecommunications Services 

for UNO. 


A. G. Berg . . . . Chief, Airworthiness Section. 


Col. A. G. Katzin 
George Movshon 
Ernest A. Gross 
Isador Lubin . . 

Julius Katz-Sochy 
Dr. Alex Bebler 

UNO Representative in Korea. 

UNO Information Officer in Korea. 
US Deputy Representative. 

Economic and Employment Commiss- 

Permanent Delegate from Poland. 
Permanent Delegate from Yugoslavia, 



“It is obvious that not only Israeli, but ail other countries, 
are represented by the Jews at the U. N. The same group 
supplies the representatives for both the Communist and West- 
ern Nations. Under this set-up Communism has expanded on 
all fronts without effective opposition from the U.N., and the 
Middle East U. N. policy has cost the West the friendship of the 
Moslem world and the oil of Iran. 

“ Students of international affairs have long warned, and events 
now confirm, that the real purpose of the U. N. is to pave the 
way for a ‘ World Government ' to which all nations (but one ?) 
surrender their sovereignty and independence/' 



The Coming of Antichrist 

TN Chapter VII, we saw that there was a connection between 
^ that apostasy of the non- Jewish nations and the conversion of 
the Jewish nation. In Chapter VIII, we have seen something 
of the grandiose plans of the Jewish nation for an anti-super- 
natural organization of the world, that is, for a design which is 
the very opposite of humble submission to the Divine Plan for 
Order proclaimed by Christ the King. In this Chapter I propose 
to say something about the Man of Sin, whose coming is mentioned 
by St. Paul, in the Second Epistle to the Thessalonians, immed- 
iately after having spoken of the apostasy or revolt of the nations. 
False teachers had spread confusion in the Church of Thessal- 
onica by affirming that the end of the world was at hand. St. 
Paul wrote this Epistle to restore calm by the assurance that 
two events are to take place before the end of the world, namely, 
the apostasy or revolt of the nations and the appearance of 
Antichrist. A little work, written by Father Augustine L6mann 
and entitled L* Antichrist, makes my task an easy one. 1 


Father L6mann mentions several warnings given by the 
Vicars of Christ concerning the revolt of human reason against 
the Divine Plan for Order. In the Secret Consistory of Dec- 
ember 30, 1889, Pope Leo XIII said : " We desire the preservation 
of the Catholic Faith in its integrity, for that integrity is en- 
dangered when governments assign to the State the rdle of 
claiming for human reason measureless and limitless sovereignty. 
In plain language, this is nothing else than the rejection of all that 
God has revealed and complete separation from the Church.* * 
Pope Leo again spoke of apostasy in a Protestation addressed 
to his Secretary of State, Cardinal Rampolla del Tindaro, Oct- 

1 V Antichrist was published in 1905 by the Librarie Catholiquc 
Emmanuel Vitte of Lyons and Paris. 


The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jewish Nation 

ober 8, 1895 • ‘ The ultimate aim of the occupation of Rome 

was not attained, at least completely, by the conquest of political 
unity. We are speaking now, not of the intentions of all those 
who co-operated therein, but of the plans of the Sectaries who 
were the Prime Movers in the affair. No : that act of violence 
.... was intended by the Freemasons to be simply a step towards 
the accomplishment of a deeper, darker design .... In order 
to attack the spiritual power of the Holy See, a beginning was 
made by overthrowing its earthly rampart .... Is all this the 
triumph of Italy ? Is it not rather the advent of apostasy ? ” 
Twice in the course of the year 1901, the Venerable Pontiff 
repeated the same warnings, first in the Letter addressed to the 
Superiors of Religious Orders and Congregations, on June 29, 
and then in the Consistorial Allocution of August 15. In the 
Letter of June 29, he said : “ It is only too true that in the 

designs of the [Masonic] Sect, the disorganization and extinction 
of the Religious Orders constitute a clever manoeuvre destined 
to prepare the way for the apostasy of the Catholic nations.” 
A fifth time. Pope Leo returned to the subject in his Allocution 
to the Sacred College of December 23, 1902, in which he insisted 
that “ what is aimed at and what is intended is the overthrow 
of Christian institutions and the reconstruction of States on the 
basis of Pagan Naturalism.” 

The warnings of Blessed Pius X are just as solemn as those 
of Leo XIII. In his first Encyclical, he addresses the Hierarchy 
of the world as follows : “ Who can be unaware of the grave 

and deep-seated malady which, at the present time far more 
than in the past, is undermining human society, and which 
growing daily worse .... is dragging it to ruin ? You know this 
malady. Venerable Brethren : it is the rejection of God and apos- 
tasy .... In our times, it is only too true that ' the Gentiles 
have raged and the peoples devised vain things/ 1 against their 
Creator. The cry of the enemies of God has become almost 
common : ‘ Depart from us.’ 2 .... Whosoever weighs these 
things has certainly reason to fear that such perversion of minds 

1 Psalm II, 1 . 

8 Job, XXI, 14 . 


The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jewish Nation 

may herald the evils announced for the end of time and, as it 
were, be the beginning of those calamities, and that the son of 
perdition of whom the Apostle speaks 1 may have already made 
his appearance here below. So great are the fury and hatred 
with which religion is everywhere assailed, that it seems to be 
a determined effort to destroy every vestige of the relation be- 
tween God and man. On the other hand, — and this is, according 
to the same Apostle, the special characteristic of Antichrist — 
with frightful presumption man is attempting to usurp the place 
of his Creator and is lifting himself above all that is called God . 
Thus, powerless to extinguish completely in himself the notion 
of God, he is attempting to shake off the yoke of His Majesty 
and is dedicating the visible world to himself as a temple, in 
which he has the pretension to receive the adoration of his 
fellow-men. * So that he sitteth in the temple of God showing 
himself as if he were God.' (II Thess., II, 4).” 2 

Both Pontiffs, namely, Leo XIII, and Blessed Pius X, with 
apostolic clear-sightedness and firmness, insist upon the steady 
advance of apostasy. And the apostasy they speak of is that 
prophesied by St. Paul. “ For neither in the language of the 
Apostle nor in that of the Sovereign Pontiffs/ 1 writes Fr. Augus- 
tine L&nann, “ is it a question of an apostasy , that is, of a partial 
and limited falling-away, but of the apostasy , according to the 
forceful Greek expression with the definite article, that is to say, 
of the falling-away of the nations and of a great number of 
Catholics from Jesus Christ and the Church .... 

“ Do the words of Pope Pius X mean that Antichrist has 
already made his appearance in the world ? That cannot be 
affirmed with any degree of certitude. These words must in all 
probability be interpreted in accordance with the following 
texts of St. John : ‘ As you have heard that Antichrist cometh, 

even now there are become many Antichrists/ 3 * And every 

ill Thess., II, 3. 

* Encyclical Letter, E Supremi Apostolatus Cathedra , Oct. 4, 1903. 

The translation has been made from the original text as published 
by the Bonne Presse , Paris. 

* I St. John , II, 18. 


The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jewish Nation 

spirit that dissolveth Jesus is not of God ; and this is Antichrist 
of whom you have heard that he cometh, and he is now already 
in the world.' 1 ‘ For many seducers are gone out into the 
world, who confess not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh : 
this is a seducer and an Antichrist/ 2 Just as in the past, the 
true Christ, Our Divine Lord Jesus had forerunners or precursors, 
who were types and prophetical figures of Him : Abel, Isaac, 
Joseph, David, Jonas, etc. so, by the. permission of God, Anti- 
christ has his types and figures : Antiochus, Epiphanius, Nero, 
Diocletian, Galerius, Julian the Apostate, Mahomet, etc. To 
the names of those forerunners from the past, others could be 
added from the present. But what is especially sad and de- 
plorable is that human social organisation, having become 
hostile [to our Divine Lord and the Supernatural Life], and 
unwilling to recognize either His royal dignity or the existence 
of that Life, is transforming itself, as Pope Pius X has remarked, 
.into a veritable Antichrist. 1 So great are the fury and hatred 
with which religion is everywhere assailed/ writes Pope Pius X, 
* that it seems to be a determined effort to destroy every vestige 
of the relation between God and man. On the other hand, — 
and this is, according to the same Apostle, the special character- 
istic of Antichrist — with frightful presumption man is attempting 
to usurp the place of his creator and is lifting himself above all 
that is called God. Thus, powerless to extinguish completely in 
himself the notion of God, he is attempting to shake off the yoke 
of His Majesty and is dedicating the visible world to himself as 
a temple, in which he has the pretention to receive the adoration 
of his fellow-men. ‘ So that he sitteth in the temple of God , showing 
himself as if he were God** 

"-In past ages, only evil men or impious sects were figures of 
Antichrist. In our day, it is man in general, the human race 
in revolt against God, which ranges itself along with the Anti- 
christs of old, preparing the way for the outstanding Antichrist, 
Antichrist properly so called. This Antichrist properly so called 

1 1 St. John , IV, 3. 

* II St. John, I, 7. 

•Encyclical Letter, E Supremi Apostolaius Cathedra . Oct. 4, 1903. 


The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jewish Nation 

is clearly foretold. If, in the texts cited above, St, John speaks 
only of wicked men who, animated with the spirit of Antichrist, 
can be considered as his fore-runners and deserve to be called by 
his name, he allows it to be understood, as does Pius X, that, 
towards the end of the world, somebody will appear who will 
be the furious adversary of our Lord, as the word Antichrist 
indicates .” 1 


Let us now see what can be known about Antichrist from 
Scripture and Tradition. 

Three portraits of Antichrist are to be found in the Bible. 
The first is the “ little horn that grows ” in Daniel VII : “ After 
this I beheld in the vision of the night, and lo, a fourth beast, 
terrible and wonderful and exceeding strong. It. had great 
iron teeth eating and breaking in pieces, .... it had ten horns. 
I considered the horns, and behold another little horn sprung 
out of the midst of them ; and three of the first horns were plucked 
up at the presence thereof : and behold eyes like the eyes of a 
man were in this horn, and a mouth speaking great things .... 
My spirit trembled, I, Daniel, was affrighted at these things, and 
the visions of my head troubled me. I went near to one of them 
that stood by, and asked the truth of him concerning all these 
things .... and after this I would diligently learn concerning 
.... the ten horns that he had on his head ; and concerning the 
other that came up before which three horns fell : and of that 
horn that had eyes, and a mouth speaking great things, and was 
greater than the rest. I beheld, and lo, that horn made war 
against the saints, and prevailed over them .... And thus he 
said .... the ten horns of the same kingdom shall be ten kings : 
and another shall rise up after them, and he shall be mightier 
than the former, and he shall bring down three kings. And he 
shall speak words against the High One, and shall crush the 

1 L’ Antichrist, by Father Augustine L6mann, pp. 11-15. 


The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jewish Nation 

saints of the Most High : and he shall think himself able to change 
times and laws, and they shall be delivered into his hand until 
a time and times, and half a time. And judgment shall sit, 
that his power may be taken away, and be broken in pieces, 
and perish even to the end ” ( Daniel , VII, 7, 8, 15, 16, 19, 20, 
21, 23, 24, 25, 26). “ In this little horn that grows, the Fathers, 

notably Saint Irenaeus, Theodoret, Lactantius, St. Jerome, 
the modem Commentators, Maldonatus, Cornelius a Lapide, 
Calmet, etc., and many contemporary Exegetes, have rightly 
seen a figure of Antichrist. The hom is the symbol of strength 
and power. It is the great offensive and defensive arm of cer- 
tain animals. Before the Assyrian discoveries it was rather 
difficult to explain why Daniel had chosen this symbol to re- 
present Antichrist. To-day it seems quite natural. In Chaldaea 
where the prophet was then living, the statues of the Babylonian 
gods and kings had horns on their tiaras/' 1 

The second portrait is that of the Beast in the Apocalypse. 
" And I saw a beast coming up out of the sea, having seven 
heads and ten horns, and upon his horns ten diadems, and upon 
his heads names of blasphemy. And the beast, which I saw, 
was like a leopard, and his feet were as the feet of a bear, and 
his mouth as the mouth of a lion. And the dragon gave him his 
own strength, and great power .... And all the earth was in 
admiration after the beast. And they adored the dragon, which 
gave power to the beast : and they adored the beast, saying : 
Who is like to the beast ? and who shall be able to fight with 
him ? And there was given to him a mouth speaking great 
things, and blasphemies : and power was given to him to do two 
and forty months. And he opened his mouth unto blasphemies 
against God, and to blaspheme His name, and his tabernacle, 
and them that dwell in heaven. And it was given unto him to 
make war with the saints, and to overcome them. And power 
was given him over every tribe, and people, and tongue, and 
nation. And all that dwell upon the earth adored him, whose 
names are not written in the book of life of the Lamb, which 
was slain from the beginning of the world/' 2 

1 V Antichrist, by Father A. Lemann, pp, 18 , 19 . 

•Apocalypse, XIII, 1 - 8 . 


The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jewish Nation 

“ That the Beast is the figure of Antichrist has been the common 
opinion of Catholic Commentators from ancient times to the 
present day. The use of the expression, ' the Beast, ’ shows 
that in the being in question, the bestial character will dominate 
instead of human feelings and sentiments. The coat of a leopard, 
the feet of a bear and the mouth of a lion indicate also that he 
will combine cunning, ferocity and strength.” 1 

The third portrait of Antichrist is that of the man of sin in 
the Second Epistle to the Thessalonians. ' Unless there come 
a revolt first, and the man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition. 
Who opposeth, and is lifted up above all that is called God, or 
that is worshipped, so that he sitteth in the temple of God, 
shewing himself as if he were God .... And then that wicked 
one shall be revealed whom the Lord Jesus shall kill with the 
spirit of his mouth ; and shall destroy with the brightness of 
his coming, him, whose coming is according to the working of 
Satan, in all power, signs, and lying wonders, and in all seduction 
of iniquity to them that perish ; because they receive not the 
love of the truth, that they might be saved. Therefore God shall 
send them the operation of error, to believe lying : that they 
all may be judged who have not believed the truth, but have 
consented to iniquity,” 2 

“ There is no doubt,” writes St. Augustine, ” that the Apostle 
is here speaking of Antichrist.” 8 

" From these three portraits,” continues Father L&nann, 
“Jt is possible to deduce a number of conclusions with regard 
to the person, the reign, the persecution and the end of Anti- 
christ. These conclusions can be classified under four headings 
as follows : 

A. Things that are certain. 

B. Things that are probable. 

C. Things that are undecided. 

D. Things that have not a solid foundation.” 4 

1 L* Antichrist , by Father A. L&nann, p. 20. 

* II Ep . to the Thessalonians , II, 3, 4, 8, 9, 10, 11. 

* The City of God, Bk. XX, n. 19. 

* L’ Antichrist, p. 22. 


The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jewish Nation 

Space will permit of only a brief outline of what is con- 
tained under A, B, and C. 

A. Things concerning Antichrist that are certain. 

I. Antichrist will be a trial for the good ( Apoc ., XIII, 7 ), and 
a chastisement for the impious and the apostates (II Thess ., 
II, 9-1 1). 

II. Antichrist will be a man, a human person. 

" Antichrist is not a myth or a fiction, as Renan, in his silly 
fashion, tried to show . 1 Neither must he be confused with a 
sect, a collection of impious men, an atheistic environment, or 
a period of persecution, as certain pious persons have imagined. 
Antichrist will be a human person, appearing in an epoch of 
atheism and of wicked sectaries ." 2 

III. Antichrist will not be Satan in human form, but a man 
and only a man . 3 

IV. Antichrist will have great powers of seduction, owing 
to certain personal qualities. 

“ Whose coming is according to the working of Satan, in all 
power, and signs, and lying wonders, and in all seduction of 
iniquity to them that perish." (II. Thess., II, 9 , 10 ). 

V. The beginnings of Antichrist’s career will be lowly and 
obscure . 4 

VI. Antichrist will increase in power and make conquests. 

VII. The rule of Antichrist will be world-wide. 

“ With the help which will be furnished him by the ailti- 
Christian societies, this enemy of Our Lord Jesus Christ will be 
able to form a gigantic empire in a short time ." 5 

1 Renan, V Antichrist, (Paris, 1873, pp. 478, 479). 

8 V Antichrist, by Father Lemann, p. 24. 

* Suarez, De Antichristo, Sect. 1, n. 4 and 5. 

4 " I considered the horns, and behold another little horn sprung 
out of the midst of them " (Dan., VII, 8 ). 

" The horn is called small, because it will grow little by little, 
and because it will arrive at dpmination, not by hereditary right, 
but by fraud " (Cornelius a Lapide, in Ep. ad Thess ., II, 11 ). 

* V Antichrist, by Father L 6 mann, p. 30. Father Lemann quotes 

a remarkable page from the great Spanish writer, Donoso Cortfcs, 
Oeuvres , t. II, pp. 229-230. 


The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jewish Nation 

VIII. Antichrist will wage a terrible war against God and the 

Father L&nann indicates some of the measures which, to judge 
by the experience of past persecutions, Antichrist will enforce 
more thoroughly and more cruelly than ever before. Two of 
them are : Proscription of Christian teaching and obligatory 
teaching of error. We can see them already in force in the 
countries behind the Iron Curtain. Father L£mann adds that 
“ the schools without God or rather against God are a preparaton 
for the second measure/ * In that he is perfectly correct, for the 
Declaration of the Rights of Man of the French Revolution, in 
the name of which these schools function in France, signified 
repudiation of membership of Christ, and was thus a declaration 
of war on the Divine Plan for Order. 1 

IX. Antichrist will claim to be God and will demand exclusive 

X. By means of diabolical prodigies, Antichrist will seek to 
prove that he is God: 

“ Whose coming is according to the working of Satan, in all 
power, and signs, and lying wonders/* (II. Thess., II, 9). 2 * 

" The question is often asked/' writes St. Augustine, " whether 
these expressions * signs and lying wonders’ are to be understood 
in the sense that the prodigies wrought by Antichrist will be 
only apparent, not real ; or as signifiying that the really ex- 
traordinary feats performed by him will draw on to error and 
falsehood those who accept them as proofs of a divine mission ? ” 
The great Doctor replies : " This will be known later.” 8 

” This hesitation has given rise to two currents of opinion. 
Some think that the prodigies wrought by Antichrist will be 
real prodigies and that they will lead to the acceptance of false- 
hood, that is, to belief in the divinity of Antichrist. 4 * * * Others 

1 V Antichrist, pp. 32-34. 

* ” He will come, when he comes, with all Satan’s influence to aid 

him : there will be no lack of power, of counterfeit signs and 

wonders” (The New Testament , by Mgr. R. A. Knox). 

* De Civitate Dei , Lib. XX, n. 20. 

♦Suarez, De Antichristo, sect. IV, n. 10. Suarez exposes the two 

opinions in excellent fashion. 


The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jewish Nation 

hold that all the miracles of Antichrist will be false and unreal 
and that they will be accepted as true thanks to the action of 
the demon on the senses of his followers.” 1 

XI. The domination and persecution of Antichrist will be 
merely temporary. The man of sin will be destroyed (Dan., 
VII, 26; Apoc., XIX, 20; II Thess., II, 8). 

B. Things concerning Antichrist that are probable. 

First Probability. 

The Jews will acclaim Antichrist as the Messias and will help 
to set up his kingdom. 

“ I am come in the name of my Father, and you receive me 
not : if another shall come in his own name, him you will receive ’ * 
(St. John , V, 43). 

" It is upon* this reproach addressed by Our Lord Jesus Christ 
to the Jews, his contemporaries and adversaries, that this belief 
is based, and it can be said that it is the common opinion of the 
Fathers of the Church, for example, St. Jerome, St. Ambrose, 
St. Gregory the Great, St. Ephraim, St. John Chrysostom, etc., 
etc., 2 .... When we see the enormous financial power of the 
Jews increasing daily, when we consider their intrigues, their 
successful occupancy of the chief places in the principal States, 
their mutual understanding from one end of the world to the 
other, then in presence of such a preponderance, we have no 
difficulty in realizing that they will be able to contribute to the 
establishment of the formidable empire of Antichrist. The 
joyous welcome the Jews will give to Antichrist and the 
aid they will furnish him are therefore probable. They are not 
certain. Why ? Because most of the texts of the Fathers 

1 Corn, a Lap., II Thess., II, 9. Bern, a Piconio, II Ep. ad Thess., 
c. 11, 9. 

* Father Lemann quotes from the writings of the above-mentioned 
Fathers and others. The text of St. Jerome wifi suffice for all : 
" The Lord speaking of Antichrist says to the Jews: ‘ I am come 
in the name of my Father and you receive me not ; if another 
shall come in his own name, him you will receive * . . . . The 
Jews, after having* despised the truth in the Person of Jesus 
Christ, will welcome falsehood by acclaiming Antichrist "(Epist. 
151, ad Algariam, quaest. II). 

The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jewish Nation 

refer to the words of St. John, V, 43 , addressed by Our Divine 
Lord to the Jews, and in connexion -with this text, St. Thomas 
remarks that, after the true Christ, a great number of false 
Messiahs had appeared and had been welcomed by the Jews. 
Accordingly, this text considered by itself might be held to refer, 
not to Antichrist, but to anyone of these false Christs. Never- 
theless, adds St. Thomas, this text can be held to refer to Anti- 
christ with probability, because of the authority of the holy 
Fathers who have so understood it .” 1 

Unfortunately, Father Lemarin is quoting from an opusculum 
attributed to St. Thomas, which, according to Pere Mandonnet, 
O.P., is not authentic . 2 The erudite Dominican historian de- 
finitely places it amongst the apocryphal writings attributed 
to the holy Doctor. On the same page, however, Father Lemann 
refers to Suarez, De Antichristo, which contains the same doctrine 
in practically identical terms. " This text probably refers to 
Antichrist,” writes the learned Jesuit theologian, " on account 
of the authority of the Saints whom I have quoted. Neverthe- 
less, taken by itself its doctrine is not compelling, because, since 
the time of Christ , several on their own authority have pretended 
to be the Messiah and have been welcomed by the Jews, as is 
evident from Josephus (De Bello Judaico, Lib. 2 , c. 6 ) . . . . And 
we read in Acts VIII, that Simon the Magician pretended to be 
the Messiah and that many Jews believed in him. The words 
of Christ can be applied not to one alone but to all those false 
Messiahs .... The former explanation, however, as I have 
said, is the better, for there is one whom the Jews expect and one 
whom they will all welcome. The others who pretended to be 
the Messiah were not received by all the Jews, but only by a 
certain few .” 3 

1 L’ Antichrist, pp. 44-47. 

2 Des Merits authentiques de St. Thomas d’Aquin, pp. HO, 155. 

3 De Antichristo , Disp. 54, Sect. 1, n. 7. 

In a note on page 47 of L‘ Antichrist, Father Lemann enumerates 
25 false Messiahs, who received a partial welcome from the members 
of the Jewish nation. In their joint work. La Question du Messie 
(pp. 22-24), the two Fathers L 6 mann enumerate with a greater 
wealth of detail the twenty-five false Messiahs, and conclude 
with the words : ” Not merely once, not merely ten times, but 
twenty-five times, our ancestors were led astray by this mirage. 
Because they failed to recognise the true Messiah, they were 
drawn to seek Him where He was not/' 


The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jewish Nation 

Second Probability. 

The Persecution of Antichrist will last three years and a 

And' they [the Saints] shall be delivered into his hand until 
a time, and times, and half a time ” {Dan., VII, 25). “And 
power was given him to do two and forty months ” (Apoc., 
XIII, 5). 

“ It has been pointed out previously (Eleventh Point that is 
certain), that the power and the persecution of Antichrist will 
be only temporary. That is certain. Is it possible to deter- 
mine their exact duration ? One can give only a probable, not 
a certain, answer, according to the two texts quoted/’ 1 

C. Things that are undecided. 

These are points that are not based upon the unanimous 
consent of the Fathers or upon precise texts of Holy Writ. 

First Undecided Point. 

The Nationality of Antichrist. 

“ According to several Fathers of the Church, followed by 
certain Exegetes, Antichrist will be a member of the Jewish 
race and even of the tribe of Dan. ‘ Here, however/ remarks 
Bossuet, f it is question not of dogma or of authority, but of 
conjecture/ 2 And it must be added that these conjectures do 
not rest on any solid foundation/’ 3 Father L6mann then takes 
the different arguments advanced in favour of the Jewish nation- 
ality of Antichrist and replies to them. To the objection, taken 
from Mai vanda, De Antichristo, that it is probable that the 
Jews will receive Antichrist as the Messias and that they would 

1 L' Antichrist, p. 48. “The supreme power and reign of Antichrist 
will last three years and a half. I speak of his supreme power 
and rule .... How long he will take to prepare and establish 
his rule is not clear to me .... It does not seem very likely 
that he will accomplish all these things in the short space of three 
years and a half. That alone is certain that at the most he 
will remain on his throne three years and a half ” (Suarez, De 
Antichristo , Sect. II, n. 3). 

a Apocalypse, Preface, n. 13. 

* L’ Antichrist, by Father L6mann, p. 49. 


The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jewish Nation 

not do this if he were not of the Jewish race, Father Lemann 
replies : “ Down the centuries, the Jews have welcomed all the 
enemies of Jesus Christ and His Church and have constituted 
themselves their auxiliaries. In the Great Sanhedrin, held at 
Paris in 1807, they applied the Biblical titles, exclusively reserved 
to the Messias, to Napoleon, though Napoleon was not of Jewish 
blood. 1 They even welcomed the principles of the French 
Revolution as the Messias : ‘ The Messias came for us on Feb. 

28, 1790, with the Declaration of the Rights of Man ’ " 2 He 
sums up as follows : “ The Jewish nationality of Antichrist 

remains an undecided question. It is neither certain, nor prob- 
able. It is merely possible , nothing more/' 3 

Second Undecided Point. 

The Name of Antichrist. 

“St. John has indicated it, but in an extremely mysterious 
manner, by giving merely the number of this name : " That 

no man might buy or sell, but he that hath the character, or the 
name of the beast, or the number of his name .... He that hath 
understanding, let him count the number of the beast. For 
it is the number of a man ; and the number of him is six hundred 
and sixty-six" (Apoc., XIII, 17, 18). 

Amongst the peoples of antiquity, and particularly amongst 
the Hebrews, the Greeks and the Latins, the letters of the al- 
phabet were used as numbers. Each letter had its numerical 
value. That gave rise to the following procedure : By adding 
together the numerical value of the letters used in a passage, a 
number was obtained, and with the letters which were represented 
by this total, a name was elaborated. As the number of the 
Beast was 666, the figures of this number were changed into 
letters and thus form the mysterious name of Antichrist. This 
was tried in Greek, in Hebrew and in Latin, but it was sheer 
waste of time. The results obtained were so different that no 
precise definitive conclusion could be drawn." 4 

1 Minutes of the Great Sanhedrin. 

2 At chives Israelites, 1847 , p. 801 . 

8 L’ AnUchfist, by Father Lemann, p. 49 . 

4 Z/ Antichrist, pp. 68 - 61 . 


The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jewish Nation 

Third Undecided Point. 

The Seat of Antichrist’s Empire. 

“ Here again there are two opinions. The first is that of St. 
Irenaeus who writes as follows : “At the time of his reign. 

Antichrist will transfer the seat of his empire to the earthly 
Jerusalem .’ 1 St. Hippolytus, Sulpidus Severus, Aretas, Rabanus , 
St. Robert Bellarmine, Lessius, Cornelius a Lapide and others, 
including Suarez, are of the same opinion. Here are the words 
of the last-named theologian : ‘ From what we have said about 

Antichrist being a Jew by race and finding his chief support 
among the Jews, it follows immediately that he will restore the 
city of their ancestors and its temple, in which they have always 
taken a special pride .’ 2 .... Besides, if Antichrist were to act 
otherwise, how could he get himself accepted as the Messias 
by the Jews who dream of earthly glory for Jerusalem and imagine 
that that city will become the capital of the future Messianic 
kingdom. This last argument seems to become stronger in our 
times thanks to the rise and growth of Zionism .... The second 
opinion designates the Rome of the Popes as the metropolis of 
Antichrist’s kingdom .” 3 

Fourth Undecided Point 

The Temple in which Antichrist will present himself for 

“ Who opposeth and is lifted up above all that is called God, 
or that is worshipped, so that he sitteth in the temple of God, 
shewing himself as if he were God ” (II. Thess., II, 4). 4 

” What temple will be the scene of this abomination ? 

“One opinion maintains that it will be the temple of Jerusalem, 

1 Irenaeus, Adv. haeveses, lib. V, c. 25. 

“Suarez, De Antic hristo, sect. V, n. 7. 

* L* Antichrist pp. 58-61. 

4 “ This is the rebel who is to lift up his head above every divine name, 
above all that men hold in reverence, till at last he enthrones 
himself in God’s temple, and proclaims himself as God” (7 he 
New Testament , by Mgr. R. A. Knox). 


The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jewish Nation 

which will be restored by Antichrist either in whole or in part. 
This opinion is held by St. Irenaeus, St. Hippolytus, St. Cyril of 
Jerusalem, St. John Damascene, and a certain number of Exeg- 
etes, ancient and modem. According to them the word temple 
must be taken in its strict, literal meaning. For, they argue, in 
the time of St. Paul, the author of the Epistles to the Thes- 
salonians, the Temple of Jerusalem was the Temple . The name 
was sufficient indication of the building that was meant, as is 
clear from St. Luke (Acts, III and V), and other texts. At 
that epoch, Christian temples did not yet exist, and the Temple 
of Jerusalem alone was called the Temple of God. Accordingly, 
‘it is more probable, ' writes Suarez, ‘that it is of it that St. Paul 
speaks.* 1 

“ Opposed to this view there is another, which affirms that it 
is not definitely proved that St. Paul, when speaking of the 
Temple of God , had in view the Temple of Jerusalem, St.Jer- 
ome, in his explanation of the Apostle's words writes : 1 He will 
enthrone himself in the Temple of God, that is to say, either in 
Jerusalem as some think, or in the Church, which seems to me 
most likely.’ 2 St. John Chrysostom also says : * Not in the 

Temple of Jerusalem, but in the Temple of the Church.’ 3 
Theodoretus explains clearly what is meant : ‘ What the Apostle 
calls the Temple of God are the churches in which this impious 
wretch will occupy the first rank, the first place, striving to get 
himself accepted as God.’ 4 * .... This is also the opinion of St. 
Hilary, Cajetan, Estius and others. In presence of the division 
of opinion in his day, St. Augustine held that the question was 
undecided.” 6 

1 Suarez, De Antichristo , Sect. V, n. 5. 

*St. Jerome, Ad Algariam, quaest. II. 

» In II ad Thessal ., II. 

4 In II ad Thessal ., II. 

■St. Augustine, De Civitate Dei t Lib. XX, n. 19. 


The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jewish Nation 


“ Nobody can indicate it, as Scripture and Tradition are both 
silent on the point. God alone knows the year and the hour, 

and it is His secret In Chapters XXIV-XXV of St. Matthew, 

Our Lord announces clearly the end of the world and outlines the 
signs that will precede it, but He does not fix a date. Following 
the example of his Master, St. Paul, in the Second Chapter of the 
Second Epistle to the Thessalonians, announces clearly the com- 
ing of Antichrist, but he does not assign a date for that event. 
He merely indicates the sign that will precede it, namely, the 
Apostasy of the Nations : ‘ Unless there come a revolt first, 

and the man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition.’ 1 


“ The Church, guided by the Holy Ghost and always prudent, 
has added nothing to the brief remarks of the Apostle . .. 
What is more, in order to prevent the recurrence of indiscretions 
which had taken place, she has forbidden under pain of excom- 
munication to assign a date for the coming of Antichrist or for 
the General Judgment. This decree was drawn up in 1516, at 
the Fifth Lateran Council, under Pope Leo X, and it runs as 
follows : ‘ We command all those who exercise the function of 

preaching or will do so in the future, not to presume, either in 
their sermons or in their affirmations, to fix a date for future evils, 
whether for the coming of Antichrist or for the Day of Judge- 
ment, seeing that the. Truth has said : It is not for you to know 
the times or the moments, which the Father hath put in his own 
power. 2 Those, therefore, who have had the audacity to make 
such statements in the past have lied, and it is well known that, 
on their account, the authority of those who preach wisely has 
greatly suffered.’ " 3 

1 II ad Thess., I], 3 . “ The Apostasy must come first ; the champion 
of wickedness must appear first, destined to inherit perdition " 
(The New Testament , Mgr. R. A. Knox). The Apostasy and 
Antichrist are to come before " the day of the Lord," spoken 
of just previously. 

2 Cf. Acts, 1 , 7 . 

3 Father Lemann quotes the original text in a footnote. 


The Kingship of Christ and the 

A P P E 

Programme of Christ the King 
through His Mystical Body , the 
Catholic Church . 


(I) The Catholic Church , Super- 
natural and Supranational , is 
the One Way established by 
God for the ordered return 
of human beings to Him. All 
States and Nations are bound 

.to acknowledge it as such and 
all men of all nations are called 
upon to enter it as Members 
of Christ. 


(II) The Catholic Church is the 
sole divinely-appointed Guardian 
of the whole moral law, natural 
and revealed. 


(III) Christian Marriage , the 
foundation of the Christian 
Family, as the Symbol of the 
union of Christ and His Mystical 
Body, is One and Indissoluble. 


(IV) Children must be educated 
as Members of Christ's Mystical 
Body , so that they may be able 
to look at everything, nationality 
included, from that standpoint. 

Conversion of the Jewish Nation 


Programme of the Jewish Nation 
since the rejection of Christ before 
Pilate and on Calvary . 


(I) The Jewish Nation under 
the Natural Messias will estab- 
lish union among the nations. 
That necessarily involves aim- 
ing at the elimination of every 
vestige of the Supernatural Life 
that comes from Christ. 


(II) The Jewish Nation under 

the Natural Messias will decide 

what is moral and what is 


(III) Divorce and Polygamy 
according to Jewish law will 
take the place of Christian 


(IV) As the doctrine of member- 
ship of Christ is a corruption 
of the true Jewish message to 
the world, all trace of member- 
ship of Christ and of the Super- 
natural Life of Grace must be 
eliminated from education. Non- 
Jews must be trained to accept 
submission to the Jewish Nation, 
and non-Jewish nationality must 
not conflict with Jewish world- 
wide supremacy. 

The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jewish Nation 


(V) Ownership of property should 
be widely diffused , in order to 
facilitate families in procuring 
a sufficiency of material goods 
for their members. Unions of 
owners and workers in Guilds 
will reflect the solidarity of the 
Mystical Body of Christ. 


(VI) The Monetary System of a 
country is meant to be at the 
service of production in view of 
the virtuous life of Members of 
Christ in contented families. 


(V) Complete Socialization of 
property , either in the form of 
ownership of everything by 
the State or by the relatively 
few financiers who control the 
State, must be aimed at. Owner- 
ship of property , especially in 
land, makes for independence, 
so it must he eliminated. 


(VI) Money is the instrument 
by which State-control or State- 
socialization is brought about. 
Instead of the correct order of 
finance for production and pro- 
duction for Members of Christ, 
men must he subservient to pro- 
duction and production to finance . 
State-control can be main- 
tained by means of financial